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Whitney has to be the most annoying character on television. Her secret is tearing her apart, yet she doesn't seem to be very eager to come clean. Instead, she takes every opportunity to yell at her mother about the fact that Eve lied to her and ruined her life.

Whitney has got to be the most annoying character on television. This secret is tearing her apart, yet I don't see her coming clean. Not to mention the fact that she yells at her mother every chance she gets for lying to her and ruining her life. I don't recall Eve forcing Whitney to have sex with Chad a gazillion times, so how exactly is this her fault? And what is with Eve taking the blame? What was she to do, DNA test every man who wanted to sleep with her daughters to make sure they weren't her son? And I can show no love to someone who says they hate their baby. I do believe psycho Gwen will make a better mother than Whitney will.

I guess I have to apologize to Chad. He's grossed me out with his "I'm still in love with my sister" bit, but apparently Whitney is still in love with him too. She got VERY upset to see that skank Valerie in her place on Chad's couch? And now that Chad is making the big bucks at Crane Industries, can we please get him off that couch and into a bed? I think he can afford it.

Just when we thought the good doctor couldn't sink any lower, she goes and rats Whitney out to Julian. Now we know its only a matter of time before Julian blabs to Chad. The Eve has the nerve to swear Julian to secrecy because if the secret gets out, she's in trouble for violating doctor/patient confidentiality. I think they should've burned Eve's medical license the minute the frog pointed the finger at her and barred her from the hospital for life. She obviously can not be trusted.

So Sheridan has figured it out again. Marty is her son. Let's see how Beth worms her way out of this one, and rest assured she will. I don't understand Beth. She kidnapped the baby to get Luis. She has the baby, she doesn't have Luis. So why not let the baby go to Sheridan. It's not like it makes a big difference now.

In the meantime, I wish Sheridan would tell Luis to get over himself. Every time he catches her with Katherine he throws a fit. But then he started warming up to Martin. So please just let him come around already because it's going to happen and this hothead routine is old and boring.

Psycho Gwen is still roaming the woods with the baby. I'm a bit torn now. Last week I said I thought Gwen was faking the insanity, but I think she is flipping between having her moments of clarity and her moments of psychoticness. I don't think she will intentionally hurt the baby. I do think in a few months when some black curly hair begins sprouting on baby Jane's head and she begins to resemble Theresa, I think psycho Gwen will have some issues to deal with, as evidenced by that disturbing lullaby she sang to Jane.

Ethan is an idiot. How can he be supporting Theresa with this bull "she's my daughter too", then turn right around and work on Gwen's insanity defense. Ethan has always tried to walk the middle road where Theresa and Gwen were concerned, but now is not the time. He either is going to have to take his daughter's side or his wife's side.

High Point of the Week:: Justin Hartley. He was on almost every day this week and it was delicious to watch him.

Low Point of the Week:: Valerie. She used Chad's vulnerability to get what she wanted from him. And she's not through yet.

Some Random Thoughts:

Why did Beth tell Marty to stay with Auntie Edna? Why not call her "granny" or something of the such?

Is it not amazing that Jane is only a few weeks old, was born premature and lived on death's door for a while, yet Theresa still found the time to get a picture of her made?

"I don't know about you, but I was glad to see some Martin/Theresa interaction in Monday's episode. Even if Theresa did push Martin away, Richard and Lindsay have great father/daughter chemistry in portraying their characters, I must say." Thanks Jamison!

"Luis is the major fast forward part for me. He always acts so high and mighty and like he is perfect when in reality he is a pompous @$$." I totally agree Jordan!

"How could Ivy say anything to Sam about Kay being pregnant and not married, taking stabs at Grace's parenting abilities, when her son supposedly got Whitney pregnant and they aren't married? And Ethan couldn't be faithful even if his life depended on it. He's married, but has been caught in the act so many times!" You hit the nail on the head Chavonn!

Jenn wrote in with this clever observation about Gwen. "Even insane she must know that the Mansion is not safe. How many times has Theresa BROKE in to either kidnap Little Ethan or even stalk Ethan in the past. The mansion is not a safe place for the Terror! The Crane cabin makes perfect sense."

Quote of the week: "All these uptight citizens, complaining about the girls dressing like hookers...hmmm...Kay is of age, but who are they to talk? Luis was shagging his sister in law, and Pilar knew it, without saying a word, even when Sheridan was in the psych ward." Thanks Mary Jane!!!

Happy Valentine's Day,

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