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Why does everything lead back to murder with Gwen and Theresa? They are both going around spouting off about killing each other. Enough with the violence already.

For the past few weeks I've been claiming someone needs to slap Luis. Now I think its Sheridan that needs to be slapped. After all, it's her mother and her life, and if Sheridan wants to associate with her mother, then so be it. If she's going to let Luis boss her around like a schoolyard bully, then I can not feel any sympathy for her. I know she loves the guy, but come on.

It angers me that the writers are making her so gullible and helpless. Remember the feisty heroine that outsmarted the French drug dealers? Where is she? She would've distracted Beth, swiped some of Marty's hair, convinced Luis to bring Marty home with him (so he could spend some time with him), had the DNA test run quickly (she is a Crane after all), and had Beth's butt in jail before dinner. Now she's just a whimpering mess, who "knows" Marty is hers. I smell another round of electroshock therapy coming on. And you had to love Luis' comment that he thinks Marty looks like him. That child couldn't look more like Sheridan if he really were Mackenzie's biological child.

Luis never used to have these control issues. It's not just Sheridan he's causing grief for, it's his mother too. I keep waiting for him to tell Theresa "forget about that baby, you're never going to see her again." So what if Pilar put some sugar in the tea hoping Martin would drop by. That is none of Luis' business. And it's perfectly in character for Pilar. After all this is the same woman who lit a candle for this man for years. Sugar in the tea is nothing really. In fact I'd be surprised if Pilar wasn't putting Viagra in Martin's tea. Seriously, how long has it been for Pilar? And Marty and Kathy rolling around in bed was gross, but Alistair watching them was even grosser.

Why does everything lead back to murder with Gwen and Theresa? They are both going around spouting off about killing the other. Enough with the violence already. I thought Gwen was faking, but now I am not so sure. I think she really thinks Jane is hers and she, "Ashley", and Ethan will live happily ever after. Which could very well happen once Ethan learns that Jane was conceived out of rape. And I loved Rebecca thinking on her feet. When Ethan asked where Rebecca was, she replied, "In bed, where else?"

Now Theresa wants to tell Pilar what to do where Martin is concerned. I loved Pilar FINALLY telling Theresa to get a grip on her dreams with Ethan. It is totally the same thing. Love makes you see it wants you to see, not what is real. Theresa wants to believe that despite everything, Ethan loves her and will be with her one day. Pilar wants to believe Martin really loved her and will be a family with her one day. And if Luis calls Katherine a slut one more time, I will fast forward through all his scenes from now on. It's getting old and redundant.

So instead of having an abortion, Whitney is instead going to starve her poor baby. I like this whole eating disorder storyline right now, but I am very afraid of where it's going to go. And who is Chad to stick his nose in Fox and Whitney's business all the time. Every time he hears Whitney's name, Chad's neck practically snaps trying to get the details. I understand he is not over her, and yes it is gross, but this is how it is. But he needs to start trying to move on. And him telling Valerie that he is thinking about Whitney, but sleeping with her, shows she is only using him as well. If she had any self respect, she would've never jumped onto the couch with him.

High Point of the Week:: Rebecca. Who wouldn't want a mother to help them escape the country when they've committed a crime?

Low Point of the Week:: Luis. He just keeps sinking to new lows.

Some Random Thoughts:

Theresa frantically wakes Ethan up asking him to check the phone for messages. The phone was two feet from her ear. Did she honestly think she wouldn't have heard it ring?

How old was that cop that came up to the cabin to check for Gwen? He must've just passed the Academy that day. He couldn't have been older than 15.

"I wonder if in Beth's mind, she's only hanging onto him [Marty] because he's a part of Luis and if she can't have him at least she can have a piece of him. Twisted, I know, but this is Beth after all." Very good point. Thanks Becky!!!!

"How come Chief Bennett, didn't arrest Theresa when it came out that she drugged and raped Ethan? Does he think that is any less a crime since it happed to a man, not a woman? That it's justified because Theresa did it for a 'good reason,' to get back little Ethan?" I don't know if it's come out that Theresa drugged Ethan. So far, Ethan thinks he was drunk and confused Theresa with Gwen because of the wig. Thanks Cheryl!!!

"'She's my mother! And if I want to talk to her I am allowed to do that!' - Sheridan" I'd love to see this too. Thanks Ryan!!!

Quote of the week goes to Edna Wallace: "The more I think about it, it makes sense that you brought Marty here, to the serial killer doctor."

Quote of the week part two: "Pilar has a lot of nerve when she asked Martin, 'what kind of woman goes after a married man?' I guess Pilar's twisted offspring live by one set of rules and the rest of the world has another set." Thanks Katie!!!

Until next week friends,

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