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Passions Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on PS
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Monday, February 14, 2005

Couples like Martin and Katherine, Chad and Valerie, TC and Liz, Julian and Eve, and Fox and Whitney gather at the Seascape restaurant for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Liz gloats to herself that her revenge on Eve is almost complete while Chad can't stop worrying about Whitney. Martin is grateful to have Katherine by his side and he decides that he wants to stay in Harmony after all and work on his relationships with his children. Whitney has to come up with another lie when Chad and Fox overhear her telling Eve that she didn't tell Fox the truth. Eve tries to make her see that the truth will eventually come out, but Whitney can't bring herself to reveal the baby's true paternity.

Rebecca finds Gwen hiding with baby Jane at the Crane cabin and is terrified that the police will find Gwen soon and throw her back in jail. A police officer doing a house-to-house search knocks on the door and says he needs to be let in to search for Jane. Rebecca quickly hides Gwen and the baby and manages to talk him out of searching the house.

Sheridan accuses Beth of kidnapping her and stealing her child and demands that they do a DNA test on Marty to prove once and for all that he is her son. Luis is worried that she might be having another breakdown and apologizes to Beth. He is able to make Sheridan believe that Marty couldn't possibly be her baby, and brings Sheridan back to the cottage to try to salvage the rest of their Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

At Tabitha's, Tabitha and Endora watched what is going on in the lives of Harmony using Tabitha's magic bowl of water. As they watched Alistair, Tabitha commented to Endora that her grandfather could use some more fiber in his diet so he'd be less grumpy, but then he did cause so much pain for the people of Harmony and that cheered Tabitha up immensely. She smugly quipped that she was the only one who could see more of Harmony than Alistair. She told Endora that if Alistair ever found out she was his granddaughter through Julian, he might try to take her away, but Tabitha wouldn't let him have her. She said that losing Endora would be like losing Timmy again. Then a golden glow from above entered their home.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Alistair and Tina watched Harmony via hidden camera and television screen from their love bed. He became particularly enraged when watching Martin and Katherine make love. Tina asked him why it mattered if he hated her so much and he told her it was because Katherine was still his property and he didn't want that peasant to get away with stealing her from him. Tina wanted to play in bed longer, but Alistair was up and dressed to do business.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan dreamed about Marty. When Luis woke her up, she was upset because Marty wasn't there. She told him she knew their baby must have drowned, but in her heart she still felt that Marty was their baby and that Beth had kidnapped him from her. She worried that she was losing her mind like Gwen had since losing her last hope for having her own baby. The phone interrupted Luis telling her that they'd have another baby. Sheridan wanted another just like Marty. The phone call was from Pilar who was worried about Theresa going off the deep end. Luis protested that he couldn't go because Sheridan needed him. Sheridan overheard and told him he had to go to his mother.

At the bed and breakfast, Martin and Katherine made love as if it were for the last time because Katherine planned it to be her last time. She had extracted a promise from Alistair to help her disappear from Harmony. Katherine encouraged Martin to go be with Pilar and help Theresa see that he loved her and cared about her. After Martin left she went to see Alistair. When she arrived at Alistair's bedroom, Tina was brushing his suit very seductively. He sent Tina away and then showed Katherine the TV screen with the direct view of her bed with Martin. She slapped him, but ended up thanking him for providing the Crane jet so that she could get away. Alistair instructed her to not go pack at the B and B because she'd weaken her resolve and find a reason to stay in Harmony. She agrees and as she walks through the Crane estate, she comes upon Sheridan who is crying for her lost baby. Sheridan implores her not to leave.

At Pilar's house, Theresa woke up unable to get up on her own. She woke up Ethan to have him check to see if the police left any messages on the phone. After Pilar got up, Theresa started getting agitated about Gwen. Ethan assured her that Gwen wouldn't hurt the baby and Theresa flipped out that he "defended" Gwen. Pilar called Luis to go over and calm her down. Luis arrived and after assuring Theresa that the police were doing everything they could to find the baby, joined Pilar making coffee in the kitchen. He picked up a mug and discovered that Pilar had creamed and sugared it in the way Martin liked it. Luis got angry that Pilar expected Martin to come over. He was angry that Martin had given Pilar divorce papers, but he was also angry that Pilar wasn't going to sign them. She told him that she was practicing forgiveness like a good Catholic and she'd never divorce Martin because she'd still be married to him in the eyes of God and the church anyway. Just then Martin showed up at the kitchen door wanting to get news of the missing baby. In the living room, Theresa dithered about how they could find the baby. She decided that Gwen might have called Rebecca. She told Ethan that he had to call Rebecca to see if she knew anything. He called Rebecca's cell phone and Gwen almost answered, but Rebecca kept her from it.

At the Crane cabin, Rebecca made plans for Gwen and baby Jane to escape out of the country. Gwen wanted to call Ethan to have him join them and Rebecca had to convince her not to call by telling her that Theresa had convinced Ethan that the baby was hers and sent the police out to find her, so Ethan couldn't be trusted. Gwen couldn't understand why Ethan would choose to believe Theresa over her. Rebecca attempted to mollify her with clucks and there-there's, but Gwen kept worrying at the puzzle without understanding. She truly believed that Jane is her baby Ashley and that she should have killed Theresa ages so none of this would have happened. Rebecca apologized and said that she should have done Theresa in herself. Gwen went off on a reverie about how nice it would be to kill Theresa and then Ashley could go to her first funeral.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fox and Whitney listen to the baby's heartbeat together. It is obvious how excited Fox is about being a father, which makes Whitney uncomfortable. Eve gives Whitney vitamins to take since she hasn't gained any weight, and Eve and Whitney learn how many defects the baby may be born with. Whitney decides not to take the vitamins and throws them away, thinking that there's no point.

Ethan calls Rebecca to see if she knows anything about Gwen's whereabouts, but she's not answering her phone. At the cabin, Gwen sees the phone and wants to talk to Ethan. Rebecca tries to take the phone away from her and it gets turned on in the process, causing Ethan to hear Gwen's voice. Ethan leaves the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, telling Theresa only that he has a hunch where Gwen might be. He goes to the cabin, where Rebecca hides Gwen and Jane. She lies that she hasn't found Gwen yet, but Ethan doesn't believe her.

Luis is enraged when Martin shows up at their house and insists that Martin got the wrong impression if he thought they had bonded last night. He demands that Martin get out immediately. Pilar sticks up for Martin and tells Luis to mind his own business; that she can make decisions for herself. Pilar thinks that Martin had to have had a reason-besides Katherine-to leave Harmony. Martin stops himself from telling her the truth about the gazebo. He says he wouldn't have left, but he was caught up in something and had to leave to protect his family. He reassures her that he did not fall in love with Katherine until after they left, and if it weren't for Katherine he and Pilar would still be happily married-but that doesn't mean he is about to leave Katherine.

Sheridan shares her concerns that she may be losing her mind with Katherine. Katherine comforts her and says Sheridan isn't crazy for thinking Marty is her son and she is right to hold onto the hope that her child might still be alive. Katherine tells Sheridan how much she loves her and missed her while she was in Mexico. She and Sheridan hug, and Luis finds them and pulls Sheridan away from her mother.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

At the Bennett house, Fox told Ivy how excited he and Whitney were because they had just heard the baby's heartbeat. He cooked up his special tacos in order to tempt Whitney to eat. He said Pilar taught him to cook when he returned to Harmony. Ivy apologized for ignoring and badly treating Fox and his sisters when they were young, but every time she looked at them, she saw Julian and since she hated Julian so much, she took it out on them. Ivy told Whitney that at least they wouldn't see Julian's face when they looked at her baby, they'd see Fox's cute face instead. Whitney couldn't handle all the gushing about babies and pregnancy and ran from the room to throw up. When she returned, Fox offered to get her a prenatal vitamin. She said she took one at her mother's office. Ivy reminded that she had probably just thrown it up. Whitney put her off by telling her that she was sure that they absorbed quickly into her system.

At Eve's hospital office, Julian and Eve discussed the problems their grandchild could have, from birth defects to the love triangle among Fox, Chad and Whitney. Eve reminded him that they couldn't do anything about it. Whitney is an adult and has the legal right to make her own decisions and to keep them private. A nurse walked in with Whitney's bottle of prenatal vitamins that she found in the trash. Eve covered for Whitney and then when the nurse left, she and Julian opined that Whitney might be trying to get rid of her baby by prenatal neglect.

Outside at the Crane estate, Alistair watched Katherine, Sheridan and Luis from behind some bushes. Sheridan and Katherine had a tender moment and Sheridan told her mother not to leave. Then Luis pulled them apart and told Katherine not to touch Sheridan. He blamed Katherine for his family's downfall and couldn't understand that despite being abandoned by her mother, Sheridan was unwilling to let her mother go. Alistair cheered them on from the sidelines since Luis and Sheridan seemed to be falling apart. Katherine realized that she would have to make Sheridan hate her if she had any chance of leaving Harmony without Sheridan clinging to her. Katherine began saying that she understood why upper-class Sheridan would fall for low-class Luis. She said that servants had a certain animal magnetism. An angry Sheridan struck out at her, telling her to shut up. Luis took the fragile Sheridan back to the cottage and put her to bed, where Sheridan flashed back on her mother giving her Abigail, the stuffed animal. Abigail is the symbol of Katherine's love and Sheridan could not understand what made her mother turn into such a hurtful, mean woman. Alistair confronted Katherine about what she had done. He was very disappointed that Sheridan and Luis had become more strongly bonded because of Katherine's attempts to drive Sheridan from herself.

At the Crane cabin, Gwen and Jane hid outside while Ethan confronted Rebecca. He told her he had heard Gwen's voice over the phone when he called earlier. Rebecca swore Gwen and Jane weren't there and when she spied Jane's pink baby blanket, she tried to hide it. Ethan noticed it, so then Rebecca tried to tell him it was a haute couture wrap. He didn't believe it and went looking outside the cabin for Gwen. He found his car behind the boathouse and when he went back inside to call Sam to bring in a search team, his cell phone was out of the service area. He then attempted using the cabin's phone, but Rebecca unplugged it. He decided to drive all the way back to Harmony to tell Sam. After Ethan left, Gwen came back in and railed at her mother. She couldn't understand what pull Theresa had over Ethan that would make him want to give her baby to Theresa. Rebecca told her that they had to get moving if they were going to get out of the country before Sam showed up. Gwen told her that when they got to Morocco or wherever they ended up, she was going to call Ethan so he could join them. She didn't want Theresa to get either the baby or her husband.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Martin and Pilar talked in the kitchen about their relationship. He apologized again for leaving, saying that he didn't fall in love with Katherine until after they had left and that if Katherine weren't in his life, he would surely want to be with Pilar, but since Katherine is in his life, he won't return to Pilar. She was angry, but kept her feelings in check. Martin told her he wanted to take Theresa's tea out to her. Theresa was so distracted by her worry for Jane that she didn't fly into a rage when he came into the room. She told him she didn't want anything to do with him and he said he loved her and cared about her and her baby. Theresa told him if he loved her so much, he should be out looking for Jane. He told Theresa he'd be happy to help and that he's call Luis to find out what he could to do help. Theresa asked her mother how she could believe Martin cared about them. Pilar said it was just like Theresa's belief in true love. Pilar knew Theresa believed she and Ethan belonged together. Pilar said it was the same for her. Pilar would always love Martin and knew he loved them. Ethan returned with the news that Rebecca had lied about Gwen being at the cabin. He gave her Jane's blanket, and then called Sam to get a search party on the trail.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Beth tries to figure out a way to kill Sheridan without getting caught. She settles on murdering her and making it look like a suicide. She thinks no one will find it unusual that Sheridan killed herself because she has been so depressed lately. Although Luis protests, Sheridan goes to Beth's house to give Marty her teddy bear Abigail, and reveals to him that she still thinks he is her son. Beth tells Luis she read on the Internet that women who have lost a child are more likely to take their own lives.

Martin is confused and angry when he finds Katherine alone with Alistair. Alistair contemplates telling Martin why Katherine came to him, but instead walks away and eavesdrops on them. Katherine tells Martin she was asking Alistair to leave Sheridan and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds alone and not to follow Katherine and Martin when they leave Harmony-though Martin still wants to stay in town, Katherine makes him believe they have to leave before she sends him off to check on Pilar and Theresa and tells him how much she loves him.

Rebecca is able to get herself, Gwen and baby Jane to the Crane jet, but she hits a dead end when the pilot tells her they can't take off without Alistair's permission. Rebecca seduces the pilot and succeeds in making him agree to bend the rules. Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Ethan realizes that if Gwen or Rebecca had arranged for a car or plane, it would be posted on a Crane website. He gets onto the site and discovers that Rebecca had arranged for the Crane jet and it is fueled and ready to go. They head to the jet, hoping they'll be able to get there in time.

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