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Passions Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on PS
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Monday, February 7, 2005

Martin wants to help Theresa after hearing about Gwen taking Jane, but Theresa pushes him away. Sam has to break the news to Theresa that no one has been able to find Gwen yet -- she must have gotten away before they set up the roadblocks. He assures her, however, that finding Gwen and Jane is their highest priority right now. Theresa is terrified that Gwen is going to hurt Jane, even though Rebecca and Ethan are convinced she won't.

Hearing about Jane's kidnapping brings back painful memories for Sheridan. She remembers the baby that she lost, and she visits the hospital nursery. She thinks that if God helps Theresa find Jane, it might be a sign that Sheridan will also be reunited with her child. Chad tries to support Whitney, which bothers Fox. Eve approaches Whitney and says she knows exactly what Theresa is going through. Whitney says that she wishes her baby had been kidnapped instead of Theresa's, and Fox and Chad overhear Whitney say she hates her baby.

Paloma is feeling better, but is worried about her sister. Katherine pleads with Paloma to let Pilar help her and be a part of her life and Paloma finally agrees. Katherine speaks with Father Lonigan and tells him she doesn't know what else to do but leave and hope that Martin and his family can reconcile. She feels guilty that Martin saved her life at the cost of losing everything. She says that by the time Martin realizes she is gone, it will be too late.

Gwen goes to a convenience store to stock up on food and diapers for Jane/Ashley. When the clerk turns on the radio, he hears the Amber Alert that Sam put out for Jane!

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

At the country store near the Crane cabin, Gwen shopped for baby formula, diapers and supplies. A broadcast about the kidnapping alarmed the store clerk who feared for Gwen and Ashley's (Jane's) safety. While he helped Gwen load the groceries in her car, he missed a full "Amber Alert" with a description of Gwen, Jane and the car played over the airwaves. Gwen and Jane returned to the cabin. Gwen looked through a kitchen drawer for a can opener and found a framed photo of Theresa and Ethan. It enraged Gwen so much that she smashed it, cutting her hand on the broken glass in the process. Jane began crying and Gwen realized she had to keep herself together to take care of the baby.

In the hospital chapel, Father Lonigan counseled Katherine to not just run away from her problems. Even though Martin broke his vows to Pilar, it would be just as tragic for her to leave Martin and Sheridan before reconciling relationships. Katherine was determined to leave because she thought she had hurt enough people and maybe everyone will have a chance to heal without her there. In the nursery, Sheridan holds a baby as therapy. She felt saddened by Gwen taking baby Jane and it reminded her of when her baby was taken from her. Luis asked her to put the baby back and remember that their baby is not just missing, it's dead. Martin, Sam, Ethan, Luis, Rebecca, Theresa, Sheridan and Pilar reconnoitered in their search for Gwen and Jane. Paloma emerged from her hospital room offering to help and asking everybody to just get along and stop fighting while they conduct their search. Katherine joined them, pulling Sheridan aside to apologize, Sheridan told her that it sounded like she was getting to leave. Katherine wanted her to know how special the bond is between mother and child. She hoped that Luis and Sheridan will have more children so that Sheridan can experience that relationship. Martin, Luis, Paloma, Sam, Ethan, Rebecca and Ethan made plans for searching the Crane estate for Gwen and Jane. Theresa whined that she couldn't even help search for her own baby.

In his bedroom at the Crane mansion, Alistair and Tina made love and watched the exploits of all his subjects on "Crane cam" - a series of closed circuit televisions that are hooked up to a network of hidden cameras all over Harmony. In the front entry, the search party converged on the mansion after searching the grounds. After they finished going through all the rooms, Rebecca and Ethan remembered that Alistair had a hidden bedroom that he used when he was at the estate. Ethan pulled the hook and the false wall slid from in front of the secret door. Luis kicked the locked door open and surprised Tina and Alistair having an intimate moment. Several of the searchers turned away from Alistair's bed and gasped, apparently spying "Crane Cam."

Eve pulled an hysterical Whitney into her office. Fox wanted to know what was wrong and Whitney told him he could carry the baby, she was sick of it. Chad hung at the edge of the group. Julian was curious about what was Whitney's problem and Whitney told him that he and his father were her and her baby's problem. Whitney accused Julian and his family of being evil. Eve pulled Whitney aside and told her to get it together or she'd spill her own secret. Whitney said it didn't matter anymore. She was going to tell them all why she hated her baby. Fox comforted Whitney and Chad told her he'd be just like a dad for the baby too. Fox told Julian he should transfer Chad to the Philippines and Whitney stormed out saying she'd move there herself if she could get some peace and raise her baby herself. After Chad and Fox left, Julian and Eve discussed the news that Alistair purportedly didn't know who tried to kill him after all. Eve despaired that she wouldn't be there for Whitney if she had to go to jail. Chad and Fox found Whitney and asked her what the problem was. Fox told her they'd be great parents. Chad interjects that he'd help. Whitney ran off telling them to finish their fight on their own.

At Beth Wallace's house, her mother dressed up like Minnie Pearl while listening to the Amber Alert on the same country radio station that played in the country store near the Crane cabin. When Bath came home, Edna told her that she and Gwen could start a kidnappers' club in prison. Beth countered that she's Marty's mother and Edna corrected her that Sheridan is his real mommy. She accused Beth of being scared that she'd be found out. She told her not to run away when Sheridan brought the police to her door. Edna reminded her that Sheridan had a connection to Marty and she felt it. Then Edna compared photos of Sheridan and Marty. Sheridan arrived at the front door. She said she was there because of her baby.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Eve tells Julian that Chad is the father of Whitney's baby and not Fox, and she begs him not to let her go to prison so she can be there for them. Fox and Chad get into an argument over Whitney when Chad accuses Fox of neglecting her. Fox runs after Whitney and Valerie and Chad go back to the studio, where Valerie says that Chad can hurt Fox by destroying him at Crane Industries. Whitney goes to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, where Theresa is growing more and more frustrated that she is not able to go out and search for baby Jane. Fox comes after Whitney and she tells him to leave her alone and makes him stay behind with Theresa. Whitney decides to go to the studio and come clean to Chad about the baby's parentage. She is shocked when she walks in on Chad and Valerie making love!

Alistair isn't telling where Gwen has taken Jane, and when Ethan and Luis turn on the monitors in his room, all they find are news and stock reports. Luis threatens Alistair that if he doesn't tell them where Gwen took his niece, Alistair will be leaving in a body bag --- but Alistair tells him he doesn't know where Gwen is, and everyone but Martin, Katherine and Rebecca goes back out to help with the house-to-house search. Rebecca asks Alistair not to let anything happen to Gwen before she leaves. Martin blames Alistair for every bad thing that has happened to Theresa. Alistair provokes Martin, but Katherine stops Martin from attacking him. She kisses Martin, reminds him how much she loves him and sends him back down to join the search. Once she is alone with Alistair, she tells him she needs him to help her vanish without a trace.

At the Crane cabin, Gwen is worried because Ethan hasn't arrived yet. She tears the picture of Ethan and Theresa apart and becomes convinced that the picture of Ethan is really him.

Sheridan shows up at Beth's house and asks if she can see Marty. Sheridan asks why Beth is so reluctant to let her spend time with Marty. Beth gets nervous and says Sheridan really shouldn't because Marty is sleeping, and Beth is worried that being with Marty will upset Sheridan even more. Sheridan says that understands what Theresa is going through but she can also understand why Gwen took Jane. Marty wakes up, and while Beth goes to get him, Sheridan studies a picture of Marty and realizes that he is her baby!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Lopez-Fitzgerald house served as a base of operations for the search for Gwen and Jane. As Jane's grandfathers, Sam and Martin discussed their inability to help their children find baby Jane. Martin despaired of ever having a relationship with his children and Sam encouraged him to keep trying. He used the example of creating a relationship with Ethan when he found out he was really his son. Luis and Martin had a discussion about how sorry Martin was that he'd let down his family. Ethan and Luis discussed their feelings of loss with the baby missing. Luis didn't want Ethan to go through the same feelings he did when he and Sheridan lost their baby. Ethan worried that this would send Theresa over the edge. He tried to explain how Gwen felt and how she'd never hurt the baby. Luis said he couldn't care less about Gwen's feelings.

At Beth Wallace's house, Sheridan insisted to Beth and Edna that Marty is her son. She told them that she remembered her baby's eyes and that they are Marty's. Beth tried to convince Sheridan that if she keeps making these allegations, she'll wind up in the psych ward again. When Sheridan couldn't be dissuaded from her assertions, Beth became very angry and began to make plans for getting rid of Sheridan permanently. Sheridan held Marty on her lap and read one of her favorite books to him, "Are You My Mother?"

At the hospital, Julian and Eve discussed how it was their secret that enabled Whitney and Chad to meet and fall in love in the first place. Julian wanted to tell Fox and Chad the truth if Whitney wasn't going to tell them. Eve convinced him that Whitney expected and deserved doctor/patient confidentiality (even though she had broken it by telling him.)

At Chad's door, Whitney quietly walked in on Chad and Valerie in an intimate situation. It appeared to Whitney that Chad was moving on in his life and it wasn't fair for her to tell him that he is the baby's father and expect him to be a full-time father. As she walked out discreetly, she dropped her wool scarf. In the heat of their moment, Chad pulled away from Valerie. Even though he was enjoying his time with her, he couldn't keep his mind off Whitney.

At the church, Fox cried out to God for answers and Father Lonigan entered instead. Fox told him all his fears for Whitney and the baby. Father Lonigan struggled with the knowledge that Chad is the father and tried to comfort Fox with the idea that Whitney has had a lot of hardship lately in her family as well as with being an unwed mother-to-be.

At Julian's office, Fox walked in on him. He surprised him by asking for fatherly experience and advice. He explained that he was in a quandary as to how to help Whitney. He went so far as to share his fears that he isn't the father of Whitney's baby and that if Whitney hates the baby as much as she says she does, she may hurt the baby or herself.

At the waterfront, Whitney broke down crying. She told her baby that she really don't hate it, she just hated the situation she was in. As she stood there lost in herself, Eve saw her and went up to Whitney. They embraced and Whitney began crying uncontrollably.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Even though an Amber Alert and an ABP were put out, Gwen and baby Jane still haven't been found. Martin wants to help with the search, so Luis gives him his police radio and tells him to stay outside and monitor the transmissions. When Luis tries to convince Theresa that they will find Jane, Theresa reminds him that he said the same thing to Sheridan when their child was kidnapped. Theresa gets even more upset when she finds her mother and Martin fighting again outside and demands that he leave. Martin wants desperately to help his family and stays outside their house while Luis goes back out to join the search. Katherine finds Martin there and comforts him.

Gwen learns that they are searching for her and "Ashley." As she tells the baby that they should go to Europe, maybe New Zealand to live on a sheep farm, the door opens and Gwen says "It's you."

Fox doubts whether he is actually the father of Whitney's baby. He finds Julian at Crane Industries and asks him for advice, and Julian tells him to try talking to Whitney about it. Fox tells him that if he found out Whitney was lying to him, it would kill him. He says that his situation is like when Julian found out that Ethan wasn't really his son, but Julian points out that he never loved Ivy and Fox does love Whitney. Fox thanks him and goes back to work.

Alistair says he will help Katherine disappear, but only if she leaves tonight. Katherine blackmails him into letting her stay for tonight, saying that if he doesn't, she will go to the media and expose all of Crane Industries' dirty little secrets and press charges against him for rape. Alistair agrees to let her stay in Harmony another night, and says he'll contact her when the arrangements have been made.

When Sheridan keeps insisting that Marty is her son and Beth stole him, Beth plans to lure Sheridan to the basement, kill and bury her, and then cover the floor with new cement. Beth persuades Sheridan to come down into the basement by telling her she needs help getting a box of Marty's favorite books that she stored down there. While they are in the basement, Sheridan remembers her kidnapping and thinks that the rooms look familiar. Just as Beth is raising a shovel to hit Sheridan, Mrs. Wallace saves Sheridan's life by coming to the basement and interrupting. Sheridan goes back upstairs and Beth chases after her, ready to finish the job, when Luis comes over looking for Sheridan. Sheridan tells Luis that Marty is really their child.

Whitney is ready to accept Eve's help in dealing with her pregnancy. Eve even offers to be Whitney's OB-GYN. Whitney admits that she is still in love with Chad and Eve promises her that those feelings will go away with time. Eve tells her that she is not alone, and they can deal with this together, but Whitney needs to tell Fox and Chad who the real father is. At first Whitney is horrified at the thought of doing this, but soon agrees Eve is right. She finds Fox at Crane Industries and says she needs to tell him the truth.

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