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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on GL
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Monday, February 7, 2005

At Company, Harley tells Danny her chances don't look good if she goes to trial and she needs help from him. Danny listens as Harley asks him to 'fix' the jury for her. Danny tells her she has the wrong man - he's out of that business. Harley insists that he knows some people who would be willing to lean on certain jurors and she will pay for their trouble. Danny repeats that he has left that life far behind and tells Harley she is better than that. Marina arrives and wants to know what's going on and Harley tells her Danny just passed the test. Danny is surprised when Harley admits she was only testing Danny to see if he could be persuaded to resort to his old ways. Marina is embarrassed that Harley tried to set Danny up. Harley is apologetic but tells Marina that if she goes to jail, Marina will play an even bigger part of her children's lives and she had to be able to trust Danny. Once Harley leaves, Marina tells Danny she wants to end whatever it is they have going on between them, because she doesn't know where she stands with him and she doesn't want to be the rebound girl. Danny tells Marina she is not, but he likes the way he feels when he is with her. Marina says she feels the same. They agree to see where the new relationship will lead them and seal it with a kiss.

At Farley's Gus finds Lizzie at the bar and tells her he has been looking for her. Lizzie tries to leave, but Gus wants information about Lizzie's involvement in her father's death. Lizzie becomes angry and tells him he is either too stupid or too stubborn to see that Harley will soon be rotting behind bars for killing her father. Gus grabs Lizzie by the arm, screams that she is a snot-nosed brat and tells her he will get the information he needs if he has to beat it out of her. Coop arrives in time to hear Gus' threat and pulls Lizzie to him. Lizzie leaves to splash water on her face and Gus warns Coop that Lizzie is a master at committing crimes and covering them up. Gus prepares to leave but tells Coop to stay out of his way. Lizzie returns and thanks Coop for being the only one who understands her. She drops her purse on the floor and tenses when she notices her journal is missing. Coop asks if she's okay, but she calms and tells him she must have left it in her room. She invites Coop to dinner at Towers, but he declines saying he has something to take care of.

At the Spaulding mansion, Coop climbs into Lizzie's bedroom window in order to search for her journal. He hides in the closet when he hears Lizzie in the hallway giving orders to a maid. Lizzie enters her room, but dashes out again after forgetting to tell the maid something. Coop sees an opportunity to leave and begins to climb out of the window when Lizzie walks in and assumes he is entering. He tells her he needed to see her. They begin to kiss and Coop fakes a cough to get Lizzie to leave the room. Once Lizzie leaves the room for water, he pries open a box and finds a bloody shard of glass hidden in the bottom.

In the parking lot at Farley's, Reva is eyeing the damage done to the new car Jonathan bought her for her. Jonathan, breathing heavy after the beating he gave the car, tells Reva some rowdy bar customers must have done it. Reva asks if he wants to call a cab and go home, but Jonathan wants to stay and talk to a girl at the bar. Reva believes him and leaves alone. Once inside, Jonathan checks his phone and sees that Cassie has been trying to reach him.

At the farm, Edmund wants to make love to Cassie, but she sends him on an errand so she can get in touch with Jonathan. Edmund wants to know what is bothering her and she tells him Reva is coming over so they can mend their differences over Jonathan. Edmund finds Reva alone at Company and finds out that Cassie lied to him about Reva's visit. Reva confirms she had no plans to meet Cassie but asks Edmund to tell her sister to leave her son alone. Edmund, indignant, tells Reva that Cassie hates Jonathan and has every reason to do so. Reva calls Edmund a hypocrite and tells him he has been the recipient of more forgiveness than anyone in the universe deserves. Edmund blows this off and tells Reva he knows there is something going on and if she or Cassie won't tell him what is he will find out from Jonathan who seems to be in the middle of it all. Reva tells him to stay away from her son and asks Edmund to give her son a chance to prove himself.

At the motel, Gus and Harley meet in the hallway and discover they have been occupying rooms right next door to each other. Gus is embarrassed when the desk attendant inquires whether Gus will need help clearing his things from the room. Harley wants to know what that was about and Gus admits that Alan threw him out and cut off his credit cards. Harley is asking Gus if he has any money at all and Gus drags her into his room. Harley is stricken to see the mass of papers strewn all over the room. Gus tells her he has it under control. She tells him it doesn't matter - that even if he wins her case - they will never be a couple. Gus won't hear it. He pulls Harley to him and tells her to admit she needs him. Not as her attorney, but as the man she loves. Harley says no, she can't say that. It's not true. She walks to the door. Gus listens as the door slams, but embraces Harley as she flings herself into his arms and pleads with him to stay the night with her.

Alone at the farm, Cassie decides to look for Jonathan since he won't call her back. She opens the door to find him standing there. She demands to know what really happened between them night before her wedding. He agrees to tell her but only if she stays away from Reva. Cassie says that she wants to be free of that night more than anything, but the price is too high. She will never be out of her sister's life. Jonathan gives her the tape he claims is un-edited of the two of them in bed together. Edmund watches from a window.

Outside at Farley's, Reva gives money to a homeless man. She tells him she wishes she had more, but she needs to find her son. The man tells him 'he's no good.' Reva is shocked when the man tells her he watched Jonathan beat the car in a rage.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Edmund overhears Cassie and Jonathan talking about the night before the wedding. But when he confronts Cassie about the "tape" later, she lies to him, and tells him she doesn't want him to see how horribly she behaved at her bachelorette party. Edmund doesn't believe her and wonders what could possibly be on the tape. He has a lot of questions for her, but she doesn't change her story. After Edmund leaves to pick up their dinner from Company, Cassie cuts the tape into little pieces.

Reva admits to Josh that Jonathan vandalized her new car. Josh tries to convince his wife Jonathan is dangerous. But she insists he can be helped, there is a good person under the tough exterior. Josh leaves to talk to Cassie, leaving Reva at the restaurant alone. But she's not alone for long as Jonathan finds her there. Reva pretends she doesn't know who destroyed her car. She insists on contacting the police, and Jonathan snaps back at her in fury!

Josh has gone to talk to Cassie about the tape. He wants her to tell Edmund about what is really on the tape so Jonathan can no longer hold the family hostage to the truth. Cassie insists she cannot for fear of losing Edmund.

At long last, Harley has admitted to Gus that she needs him and they kiss. However, their first romantic evening together since their failed wedding day is cut short. A judge calls Gus and informs him the trial will begin later in the week. Coop, however, has not given up on helping Harley. He has broken into Lizzie's room at the Spaulding Mansion to try to find evidence she killed Phillip. Lizzie catches Coop in her room and he convinces her he is there to seduce her. When she leaves to get him some water, he finds a shard of glass with blood on it which was hidden in a locked memory box. Coop tries to escape when Lizzie comes back to the room, and Alan gives him the perfect excuse when he knocks on the door. Coop escapes out the window of Lizzie's room and takes the shard of glass to Buzz. They concoct a plan to discover whose blood is on the glass. Buzz tells Coop he must break into the Spaulding Mansion again to get a sample of Phillip's DNA.

Meanwhile, a very angry Alan insists Harley pay for Phillip's murder. He is absolutely adamant that his son Gus will not be Harley's defense attorney. He calls Ross and demands that he have Gus disbarred.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

With the trial looming, Harley and Gus each make a last ditch effort to prove her innocence. Harley calls in a hypnotist to help her find the truth while Gus makes a last stab at pulling information out of Lizzie.

Later, when Harley is close to a breakthrough with the hypnosis, Gus enters and immediately puts a stop to it before Harley says too much. Harley then realizes that he would only stop her from remembering if he thought she was in fact guilty.

While Lizzie uses Gus' visit to help further Alan's case for having Gus disbarred, Coop sends the bloody shard he found in Lizzie's room to the lab. Later, Lizzie calls Coop, determined to make him believe that Gus attacked her again but Coop remains suspicious. Later, Lizzie sticks Coop in the middle of the family feud when she demands he step up as a witness to Gus' first attack on her.

Cassie summons Dinah to the barn to find out just how much she knows about what happened between her and Jonathan on the night before her wedding. But what begins as a run-of-the-mill confrontation ends in an all-out catfight as the two women wrestle each other to the ground. Unaware of the fight, Ross enters the barn, with Clarissa in hand and is shocked at what he sees. Cassie gives Ross the run down of all the treachery Dinah has been up to and tells him that if he can't get control of his daughter, she will handle the problem herself.

Olivia and Bill work the room at a Spaulding Enterprises breakfast but end up having to stage a fight when Alan arrives. Later, the couple scores yet another victory by convincing Alan that Olivia's loyalty lies with Spaulding.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Michelle can't hide her disappointment when Danny shows her a picture Robbie drew. It is of himself with Danny and Marina. Michelle wants to be in the picture in the future. She reveals that she had a memory about Rick warning her to stay away from Danny.

Marina panics about being a good parent to Zack and Jude if Harley goes to jail. Danny tells Marina that after everything he's been through, being with her could never be hard.

Michelle plans to take red cupcakes to Robbie's class for Valentine's Day so she can show Danny that she's a good Mommy. The cupcakes turn into a disaster but Michelle and Tony enjoy a little sexy fun with the icing.

A livid Edmund arrives at the Lewis home demanding to know where Jonathan is. Reva blocks his path. Edmunds wants to know why Cassie smashed a videotape Jonathan gave her. Edmund leaves after warning Reva that if she doesn't stop Jonathan's reign of terror, he will. Reva lashes out at Josh for encouraging Edmund to confront Jonathan. Frustrated, she gives Josh and Jonathan weapons, tells them to duke it out, and leaves. Josh throws a lamp at Jonathan and leaves.

Jonathan calls Dinah demanding to know what happened on the night of the fire. Josh catches Jonathan setting a fire in the barn and promises to take him somewhere that will be painful.

Edmund continues to hear the taunting voice of his former evil self. The voice urges him to finish off Jonathan.

Cassie asks Blake to cover for her about the tape. Cassie meets up with Edmund for a private evening together. They share a bath. Edmund wonders whether Cassie can trust him under any circumstances. Her silence gives Edmund his answer but she assures him she does trust him and they'll continue trying to have a baby. Edmund leaves to get wood for a fire and finds the burned out spot in the barn.

Holly sees liquor everywhere at J. Farley's Bar and gives in to a martini. She spills the martini and asks for a coffee. A Sebastian look-alike sends Holly a bottle of vintage wine. Blake finds her and Holly confesses to having feelings for Sebastian. Someone watches Holly when she is alone in the alley with the gold coin.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Reva barges into a restaurant looking for Billy. She asks him where Josh is. When Billy asks why she wants to know, she says it's because she thinks he's beating the crap out of Jonathan. Billy states that he hopes she's right and goes off to his dinner meeting. Unconvinced, Reva interrupts the meeting and creates a scene by demanding that he tell her where Josh is. Billy's upset when the client walks out, but not nearly upset as Reva who thinks Billy's lying. Billy's finally able to convince her that he has no idea where Josh is.

Where Josh is, is at the gym forcing Jonathan to work out for his physical therapy. Although Jonathan resists Josh's attempts to push him, Josh goads him into working out by comparing him to Shayne. Josh is ruthless and keeps forcing Jonathan to push himself harder and harder. Finally while spotting Jonathan, Josh gets to the root of the matter--he wants to know why Jonathan trashed Reva's car. Although Josh is pushing the weight onto Jonathan's chest and demanding that he answer, Jonathan refuses to answer. Finally, in pain and angry, Jonathan blurts out that it was a mistake. He should have never bought Reva that car to begin with. He angrily admits that he doesn't want to depend on her gratitude because when he depends on people they fail him. Josh then demands to know about the first time Jonathan was hurt. Just as it appears that Jonathan's about to answer, Reva rushes in and, seeing Josh forcing the weight onto Jonathan, demands to know what's going on. Josh merely states that he was spotting Jonathan. Despite Jonathan's cavalier attitude, Reva is angry and tells Jonathan she'll take him home and asks him to wait for her in the car. Reva and Josh then begin arguing over what she thinks she saw---him hurting Jonathan. Josh tells her she's wrong and is angry that she doesn't trust him. He tells her that he was hoping to get through to the kid, to make him open up. He then tells her that he's told Jonathan that she knows he wrecked her car. Reva is furious at that since she doesn't think it's the right time to tell him. Josh realizes that he can't win with Reva---he's the bad guy whether he tries to help Jonathan or not. Josh accuses her of not trusting anyone where Jonathan is concerned, and she admits it because the last time she trusted someone with Jonathan, Jonathan suffered. Josh then asks her point blank if she actually thinks he's like Jonathan's adoptive father, Alfred. Angry, Josh reminds Reva that he is a good father; his other kids wouldn't have turned out so well otherwise. Reva admits that she wants to trust Josh but Jonathan's a special case. Josh then accuses her of thinking she's the only one who knows what's good for her son. As they argue, a heartbroken Jonathan is outside hearing every word.

Alan spots Gus on the street and implores him to come to his senses where Harley's concerned. Gus tries to argue that he's trying to prove Harley's innocent, but Alan thinks things are different now. Now, even Gus thinks Harley's guilty. Angry, Gus states that Harley's not going to prison. When Alan goads him by stating that he looks like a broken man, Gus maintains that he believes in Harley, she needs him. Alan doesn't think Gus is being very realistic though. How can he defend Harley effectively if he doesn't truly believe she's innocent? As a seething Gus is ready to lash out at Alan, Jeffrey approaches. When Gus walks off, Jeffrey tells Alan to leave the case to the professionals and stop bothering Gus. Perturbed, Alan informs Jeffrey that he won't tolerate a verdict other than guilty. Jeffrey tells Alan that he does expect Harley to be convicted; however he also believes that Harley is a good person, a lot better than Phillip. He goes on to say that the way Phillip was acting, he was a murder waiting to happen. Alan's not very happy to hear O'Neill denigrating his son and warns him that if O'Neill's personal opinion interferes with the outcome of the case, he'll be sorry. Jeffrey considers Alan's words to be a threat and has an officer nearby arrest him for threatening an officer of the court.

Gus is now at the site of Harley's new house daydreaming about day he shows Harley (acquitted in Phillip's murder) her new home. Suddenly, Alexandra comes and interrupts his thoughts. Seeing Alex is kind of bittersweet for Gus since he thinks she's where all his troubles began. If it wasn't for him covering for her, he would have married Harley and she wouldn't have had to face Phillip alone. Alex tells Gus that she's concerned for him since he's lost everything. Alex then surprises Gus by giving him a strand of pearls. She tells him to sell the pearls and use the money to give Harley the best possible defense. When Gus asks her whose side she's on, she replies that she's on love's side. Gus declines, but Alex states that he'll be doing her a favor by taking them. She states that she feels guilty about what happened to everyone, especially Phillip. She wants to make things better and implores him to sell the pearls to save the woman he loves. She then gives him a bit of advice by telling him to believe in Harley no matter what everyone else says. Before she leaves, Gus gives Alex another chance to change her mind by stating that she probably would rather give the pearls to an important family member. Alex states that she already did and walks off.

Lizzie arrives at Company. Coop greets her at the door though and tells her she can't go in. Lizzie realizes that they're having a special dinner for Harley on the eve of her trial and claims that it's hopeless since Harley's guilty of killing her father. When Lizzie starts to go in anyway, Coop physically carries her off to the Spaulding potting shed and locks her in. Locked in, a hysterical Lizzie tries desperately to get out. She breaks a window but only succeeds in cutting her hand. Seeing the blood on her hand, Lizzie imagines hearing screams and gunshots. Suddenly, she breaks down sobbing and asks her daddy to help her. Lizzie starts talking to herself. She says she's sorry, that she never meant to hurt anyone, she didn't mean to do it. Finally after the Cooper dinner is over, Coop returns and Lizzie practically runs out the door to get out. Coop can't understand why Lizzie is so upset and then notices her hand. Angry, she tells him that she panicked. She starts explaining that she's claustrophobic and being in the shed brought back painful memories. Seeing that she's visibly shaken, Coop tries to reach out to her.

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