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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on GL
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Monday, February 14, 2005

The day of her trial, Harley awakens alone in her hotel room after a nightmare in which her family and Gus have left her in the courtroom to fend for herself. Across Springfield, preparations are made for the trial. Jeffrey addresses an invisible jury. Gus, chugging Pepto-Bismol straight from the bottle, prepares his opening statement. Lizzie repeats tearful apologies to a photo of her father while Alexandra watches from the doorway.

Alexandra interrupts Lizzie's wailing and offers to take her to visit her grandfather in jail. Lizzie refuses, saying Alan would not want her to see him like this. She becomes angry and tells her aunt everyone is always trying to hurt the Spauldings while Harley is walking free on the streets. Alexandra reminds Lizzie she used to love Harley. Lizzie responds Harley also used to love her father and that will give her something to think about until the day she dies in jail. Alexandra grabs her niece and yells at her to 'Stop it!' and forces Lizzie to look at the model of the new Springfield and tell her what she sees there. Lizzie glances at the miniature town and says she sees her father's dreams and unfinished work. Alexandra disagrees and tells her what is there is the result of Phillip's madness and the destructive path which led him to turn away from everyone who loved him. Lizzie won't listen and insists when people do bad things they have to pay for it - and Harley is definitely going to pay for what happened to her father.

At Company, Harley and family prepare for the trial. She is upset by the throng of reporters outside and worries for the safety of her children. Reva, Cassie and Jonathan arrive with a plan to throw off the press. Cassie, disguised as Harley, is ushered through the crowd by Reva and Jonathan. Mission complete, they arrive at Harley's room and Jonathan remarks to Cassie they work well together as a team. She looks uncomfortable but thanks him anyway and asks if she can be alone with her sister. Once he leaves, Reva asks Cassie to try to forgive her son. Cassie says she can't because of what he did to her daughter, and because no one has ever hurt their family the way Jonathan has. Reva reminds Cassie that is a title once held by Edmund.

Edmund finds Dinah alone in the barn and accuses her of attempting to start a fire. She denies it but says she understands why he doesn't trust her, but she would never hurt him, unlike his wife. Edmund is disgusted but listens as Dinah tells him to wake up where Cassie is concerned. She tells Edmund he was alone the night before his wedding but the same can't be said for Cassie. Dinah admits to seeing Jonathan enter Cassie's suite the eve of her wedding. Edmund, seething, leaves the barn in a rage. Later, he finds Jonathan alone in his hotel room. He pretends to be room service and bashes the door in Jonathan's nose when he answers. Once inside, Edmund delivers a punch in the gut to his nephew and says he is glad to have caught him at home. Jonathan looks at his uncle in terror.

Harley and Gus arrive at the courthouse and are greeted by a newlywed couple who asks them to take their picture. Harley and Gus realize they have been so busy with her case, they didn't notice it was Valentine's Day. When the newlyweds leave, Gus asks Harley to marry him. She is shocked and tells Gus his timing is way off. He disagrees and says it couldn't be better - in fact it's Fate. He reminds her they were thrown together by chance on Thanksgiving Day, on Christmas Day and now again on Valentine's Day. Harley is emotional as Gus tells her he does not love her 'a single millimeter' less than the first day he saw her. He goes to one knee before her but is interrupted by Jeffrey, who has come to offer Harley one last chance to accept a deal from the DA's office. Harley says no; her family never stopped believing in her and she is going through with the trial for their sake.

As the trial begins, Lizzie is alone in the study with her psychiatrist. At his prompting to 'go through it again', Lizzie says, "The gun went off, he was just lying there. I didn't want him to die."

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Josh and Reva are shocked when they approach Cross Creek and a security guard points a gun at them. They tell him who they are, but he wants to arrest them for trespassing. Reva tells him they have been coming there for years and that their names are carved in a tree on the property. The guard recognizes their names and is happy to finally meet them. He agrees to let them into the house -- providing they know the security code. Reva guesses accurately that Olivia has used her daughter's name as the code and they go inside. The surprises aren't over -- Josh and Reva find that Olivia has redecorated the living room to look like the Spaulding board room. Josh and Reva refuse to let Olivia's questionable taste in interior design to interfere with their Valentine's Day celebration. They enjoy a romantic evening -- after which Reva declares that they must get Cross Creek away from Olivia.

Dinah warns Cassie that Edmund knows what happened between her and Jonathan. Cassie is upset and she has reason to worry -- Edmund has found Jonathan and is demanding he tell Edmund what happened with Cassie. The more Jonathan tells him, the more Edmund wants to kill him. Cassie arrives in time to break up the fight just as Edmund is about to beat Jonathan to death. When Jonathan leaves, Cassie tells Edmund that Jonathan was telling the truth. Edmund is devastated but surprises Cassie by forgiving her. Cassie is overwhelmed by his generosity -- but when they embrace, Edmund looks up to see his dark, angry reflection in the bedroom mirror.

Harley's murder trial is postponed when a man dressed as cupid breaks into the courtroom. Cupid provides some much needed comic relief, but when he pulls the fire alarm, everyone clears the room quickly. Gus and Harley escape into an office -- a judge's office! He mistakes them as a couple with an appointment to be married. Gus and Harley explain that they are not the happy couple, and when the happy couple finally arrives, they are not so happy -- and almost call of the wedding. However, Gus and Harley talk to them about forgiveness and true love. They convince the couple to go through with the wedding, and in so doing, realize how much they love each other. The bride tosses the bouquet to Harley, who happily catches it.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

While sitting alone at Towers, Holly is brought a gift from a waiter. Inside she finds the dress that had been given to her by Sebastian. Shaken, she goes to ask the bartender from where the package came. Unable to find out who sent the gift, she returns to the table only to find the dress missing. As Ross arrives at Towers, Holly attempts to tell him about the gift. Ross explains she has been traumatized by Sebastian, and suggests she seek help from a psychiatrist.

Dinah and Jonathan are together in Reva and Josh's bed. As they discuss teaming up against Cassie and Edmund, she tells him the truth about the barn fire. Jonathan gives Dinah a picture of Cassie with a mustache drawn on it. Dinah leaves Jonathan and goes to Towers where she runs into Ross and Holly. As Holly excuses herself, Dinah attempts to convince Ross that she has moved on and is there for a date with a doctor. As she opens her purse, the picture of Cassie falls out. Ross is unable to believe she has truly given up her grudge against Cassie. As Holly enters the elevator to leave, she is confronted by a blond Sebastian. Meanwhile, Reva and Josh return from Cross Creek only to find Jonathan in their bedroom. He admits he had spent the night there with a woman. As he limps out of the room, he tells Reva that after Edmund found out about him and Cassie, he re-injured his leg. Jonathan insinuates that Josh knew what Edmund planned, and took Reva to Cross Creek only to keep her out of the way. Reva admits to Josh that she does not believe this and tells Jonathan to leave the room.

Marina asks Coop to help her pick out a Valentine's Day card for Danny. They are interrupted when they hear Lizzie outside, speaking to reporters. In order to stop her from speaking badly about Harley, Coop picks Lizzie up and carries her away. Once they reach Harley's new house, Coop attempts to convince Lizzie that his sister is not guilty. This only leads to another argument, where Coop antagonizes Lizzie by saying she is as crazy as her father. She begins to scream upon hearing this, and begins to hit a rock against the wall. As Lizzie continues to scream the Coopers are getting what they deserve, Coop attempts to take the rock away from her. In the struggle, Lizzie slips and falls into wet cement. Coop at first refuses to help her out of the cement, until he realizes it is beginning to dry. As Coop leaves to get something to chisel the cement, Lizzie answers his cell phone and intercepts a message that the DNA results are back.

At Company, Marina tells Danny about Lizzie's statement to the reporters. She becomes more and more upset and ends up telling him she prefers a simpler Valentine's Day, rather than one involving over the top gestures and gifts. Danny goes outside to make a telephone call, where he attempts to cancel an order. Marina comes out and apologizes, saying she got carried away and she actually does appreciate Valentine's Day. He makes another telephone call, reordering his original order. Once Danny goes back inside, Marina again says she prefers for things to be subtle just as he sees balloons outside the window. As he attempts to go outside and get rid of the delivery man, Marina follows him out. She sees him with a man dressed in a costume, who is carrying balloons, candy and a stuffed animal. Marina accepts the gifts and hugs Danny. They return inside to exchange cards, only to find out they have both given the same card.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Olivia is turned on by running Spaulding and keeping Alan in jail. She is promptly turned off when Bill invites Harley to meet them in Olivia's office. Olivia worries that Bill will perjure himself for Harley at her trial. Harley agrees that Bill should only tell the truth. Bill leaves to pick up Chinese and Olivia tells Harley that her presence at Spaulding will antagonize Alan. Olivia cautions Harley to keep her distance from Bill. After Bill leaves, Olivia makes a phone call and inquires whether she is needed to testify against Harley. Bill asks Billy to help Harley finish building her new home.

Ross surprises Blake with Broadway tickets and a stay in New York City as an apology for being Holly's confidant. Ross reveals that he knows that Dinah is playing him for a fool.

Holly faints when a blonde Sebastian surprises her in an elevator. Holly awakens and is angry at Sebastian for gaslighting her. Sebastian proclaims that he doesn't blame Holly for pushing him out of the plane and that he wants to revel in the gift of life. Blake arrives and embraces Sebastian. Sebastian covers for Holly and tells Blake that he "fell" into a coma and awoke after Holly left the island. Sebastian says that he's a changed man and is moving to Springfield for a new start. He promises to steer clear of Holly. Holly books a flight out of Springfield.

Jonathan is irritated when Dinah tells him to "scram" because she is meeting her fertility specialist friend, Cory, at Towers. Jonathan says that he told Reva that Edmund roughed him up and that she headed straight for Edmund's house. Jonathan tells Dinah that she owes him one. Cory surprises Dinah with the news that he's invited his mother to join them. Cory's gruff mother grills Dinah about her past misdeeds in Springfield and warns that she won't get "her hooks" into her son.

Edmund vividly recalls his violent encounter with Jonathan. At Towers, Jonathan tries to make conversation and a sullen Edmund tells Jonathan to leave.

Edmund arrives at Dinah's table and tells Cory's mother that people really can change. Cory's mother leaves in a huff with Cory in tow.

Reva arrives at the farmhouse looking to tell Edmund to stay away from her son. Cassie tells Reva that Jonathan deserved to be beaten up by Edmund. Reva urges Cassie to admit that "big bad Edmund" is back. Cassie orders her out of her house and leaves when Reva won't.

Outside of Company, Jonathan asks Cassie if it's weird for her to sleep with Edmund knowing everything that he has done to Jonathan, Cassie, and Reva. Cassie encounters the man Ross hired to follow and protect her from Dinah.

Jonathan tells Reva that he thinks someone is following him and tells her that he's scared of Edmund. Cassie declares her love for Edmund. Edmund quietly vows that he will destroy anyone who tries to turn Cassie against him.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Olivia is doing a press conference at Towers concerning her running Spaulding while Alan is in jail. Suddenly, Sebastian makes an appearance and gets under Olivia's skin by questioning why it's taking Alan so long to get bailed out. When the conference ends, Bill asks Olivia how long she plans to have Alan sit in jail Olivia replies as long as she can. She then leaves for the office.

Meanwhile, someone has just bailed Alan out--Sebastian. Knowing who Sebastian is, Alan asks him what he wants for bailing him out. Sebastian maintains that he wants a job. He tries to sell himself by stating that his near death experience has left him fearless. He volunteers to help Alan get rid of the person who's undermining him--Olivia. Alan agrees to take the offer under advisement and then leaves for the office to confront Olivia. Olivia's shocked to see Alan and tries to make an excuse about being too busy and distracted to bail him out. He doesn't buy it. Olivia tries to get Alan to tell her who bailed him out, but he won't tell her. He then introduces her to some men in white outside the door--to take her to Ravenwood. Olivia insists that he's not locking her away and Alan relents. But he states that she owes him. He wants something from her: a piece of her business. Olivia refuses to give him a piece of Slingshot and so he settles for her accompanying him to the courthouse to support the family at Harley's trial.

Tammy visits Cassie at the farm. She notices how edgy Cassie seems and Cassie states that she's waiting to hear from her fertility doctor. Tammy then asks where Edmund is. She notices something in Cassie's expression and asks if everything's all right with her and Edmund. Cassie states that she's worried about Edmund and Jonathan. Tammy gets the feeling that Cassie is afraid that Edmund will hurt Jonathan and asks if he's done something. Cassie says no and then changes the subject by asking about her and Sandy. Tammy reports that everything's fine; she's even hoping that something will happen soon. Edmund approaches Jonathan at Towers on the balcony. Jonathan warns Edmund not to touch, since they are in a public place and there are eye witnesses. Edmund assures Jonathan that he just wants to talk. He reveals that he's been where Jonathan is now--on the outside looking in. He knows it's lonely. He apologizes to Jonathan and offers his hand in friendship. When Jonathan seems wary, Edmund states that he's sorry for everything he's done to him. He admits that the misery in Jonathan's life is his fault. Jonathan states that it's too late for "I'm sorry." He then tells Edmund that if he intends to buy his forgiveness, it won't work. Edmund maintains that he's not trying to buy him. Instead he gives Jonathan a family heirloom---his mother's amethyst statuette. Edmund then offers to help Jonathan become a part of the family. Jonathan is skeptical, but Edmund states that he knows what it means to have a second chance.

Edmund finally arrives home. Soon after, Cassie gets a call--the test went well. She can have an egg retrieval schedule tomorrow. The couple is ecstatic. Cassie starts talking about how no one can hurt them anyway. There are no more secrets between them. Meanwhile, Jonathan spies Edmund and Cassie at the farm and breaks the statuette and tosses it.

Reva awakens from a nightmare about Edmund killing Jonathan. Josh tires to reassure an upset Reva that Jonathan is in no danger from Edmund but she's not convinced. Reva then starts talking about how she can sympathize with Jonathan--she knows what it feels like to be the outcast. Josh tries to convince Reva that she's no longer the wild girl she once was, she's matured into the woman she was meant to be. He calls her a force of nature that no one looks down on, except herself. He then leaves. Suddenly, Jonathan enters and appears skittish. When Reva asks him what's wrong, he seems reluctant to tell her. After a little bit of coaxing, he tells her that Edmund wants him gone. He tells her that Edmund attacked him and then followed him to Towers. When Reva asks Jonathan if he things he's in danger, Jonathan says yes. He then tells her that Edmund tried to kill Cassie. Reva demands some answers for that comment. Again reluctantly, Jonathan tells her what he heard about the fire. He tells his mother that while the fire was accidental, Edmund made it happen.

Harley's trial has begun and the first witness is Frank. After some questioning about the arrest and the evidence found, Jeffrey asks Frank if he arrested his sister based on the evidence provided. Did the evidence lead him to conclude that Harley was guilty? Frank is forced to admit that at the time he arrested Harley, based on the evidence, he believed she was the one who shot Phillip. Gus then cross-exams Frank. He gets Frank to admit that Harley wasn't the first person Frank arrested---it was Buzz. And he arrested Buzz because the evidence pointed to him being guilty. Gus points out that Frank made a mistake in arresting his father. He then goes on the state that Frank has made errors in judgment and trends to jump to conclusions. The court is then called to recess. In the hall, Coop tries to call the guy about the DNA test and is shocked when he's told a woman already took that information. Coop then approaches Lizzie and asks her if his phone rang the other day, when she was encased in the cement. Lizzie refuses to answer the question. Court's called back into session and the next witness up is Lizzie. On the stand, Lizzie tells Jeffrey about Harley's attempts (as Ruth) to get her to incriminate her father for the car accident. She then talks about how Gus tried to get her to say anything to get Harley off. She tells the court that Gus wanted to get Harley off, it didn't matter to him if she was guilty or not. When Jeffrey asks what Gus did when Lizzie refused to lie on the stand, Lizzie shows her bruised arm. Coop suddenly whispers in Gus's ear and now it's Gus's turn to question Lizzie. Gus gets Lizzie to admit that her father was deeply disturbed the last days of his life. Then to downplay her credibility, Gus brings up her instances of mental disturbances. Such as the hit and run, causing Olivia to fall, the fire at her boarding school. A flustered Lizzie claims that all of those were accidents, but Gus isn't buying it. He then asks her point blank where she was when Phillip was shot. While Lizzie is getting more and more flustered, Gus tries to badger her into admitting that she shot Phillip.

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