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Passions Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on PS
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Monday, February 21, 2005

Eve and Julian come to the Bennett house and find out that Whitney has been feeling sick. Eve says that that's unusual for women in their second trimester, but not unheard of, and pulls Whitney in the kitchen to talk to her. Eve whips out the prenatal vitamins from her purse and says the nurse found them in the trash. Eve is horrified at what Whitney is doing, and tells her that by not taking care of herself she is making any defects the baby might have worse. Eve tries to cram the vitamin down Whitney's throat, and shouts that if Whitney won't take care of the baby, she will. In the other room, Fox makes a phone call that he says will solve all of Whitney's problems.

Sheridan promises Marty she'll find a way to get him back. Beth makes Luis nervous when she tells him she is worried that Sheridan might try to kill herself. Luis thinks he and Sheridan should leave, but Sheridan wants to spend a few more minutes with Marty. Beth learns from Mrs. Wallace that Sheridan is actually still convinced that Marty is her baby, even though she is acting like she knows Marty is Beth's, and Beth becomes more determined to off Sheridan. Ethan, Theresa and Pilar are about to leave for the airport when Ethan discovers he has two flat tires. Ethan calls Luis and Luis agrees to come and give them a ride. As soon as Luis has left, Beth puts Mrs. Wallace's sleeping pills in a cup of tea and offers it to Sheridan, planning to take Sheridan back to the cottage when she collapses and write a suicide note looking like it's from Sheridan using Sheridan's computer so it can't be traced back to Beth. Mrs. Wallace knocks the cup of tea out of Sheridan's hands before she can take a drink, but Beth is quick to produce another poisoned cup. Sheridan takes a sip and, to Beth's delight, begins feeling woozy.

Katherine and Alistair are on their way to the airport, presumably to ship Katherine off to another country-but what Katherine doesn't know is that Alistair is planning to blow up the Crane jet, just like he exploded the jet Antonio was on. On the jet, the pilot says he recognizes Gwen from the TV and accuses her of stealing the baby. Gwen and Rebecca assure him that "Ashley" is Gwen's baby, and the pilot changes the subject and says they'll take off as soon as he completes his pre-flight check. Rebecca says goodbye to Gwen and is getting off the plane when she spots Alistair and Katherine pulling up in his limo. Gwen and the baby hide in the bathroom. Alistair and Katherine board the plane and Alistair demands to know why Rebecca is there. Rebecca says she was looking for Gwen, and Alistair tells her to get out and wait for him outside. Katherine thanks Alistair for helping her disappear and Alistair plants a kiss on her and says goodbye. The plane is getting ready to take off when Luis, Ethan, Theresa and Pilar show up and start chasing it, sirens blaring.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

At Chad's studio, Valerie tried to keep Chad's attention, which had strayed again to Whitney and why she hadn't stayed to talk to him when she left her scarf at the door. He confessed to Valerie that he still had strong feelings for Whitney and even thought about her when he was making love to Valerie. She was disgusted and said it was gross for him to think that way. He replied that he knew he and Whitney couldn't have children, but he really loved her and knew some states where it would be legal for them to get married. He decided then that he had to talk to Whitney and suddenly abandoned Valerie.

At the Bennett house, Julian, Ivy and Fox waited in the living room while Eve and Whitney nearly came to blows in the kitchen as Eve confronted her daughter about not eating, not taking her prenatal vitamins and in fact throwing them away. While he waited, Fox had an inspiration and made some phone calls then drew his mother outside to help him set up a romantically festive spot with flowers and lights. As Whitney and Eve continued to argue, Julian walked in and told Whitney not to treat her mother so disrespectfully. He then told her that she needed to be truthful with his sons about Chad being her baby's father. This sent Whitney into another tirade against her mother for ratting her out to Julian when she promised to keep that information a secret. Eve swore it just slipped out. Julian reiterated to Whitney that she needed to tell the truth, whereupon she proceeded to tell them that as hard as she had tried to move on and forget that she'd loved him, she was still in love with Chad. Fox walked in at that point and wanted to know what truth was being discussed. Whitney covered with gibberish about her not being able to keep food down and that she was going to try really hard to eat better for herself and the baby. Fox asked them to all go outside and Whitney was overwhelmed by the decorations. Fox told her it was because he wanted everything to be beautiful for her when he popped the question. He then asked her if she would marry him and as she stood there silently, Chad walked up and told her he needed to talk to her.

At the B and B, Martin wondered where Katherine could be. He'd looked all over town and couldn't find her. Then he found her good bye note telling him that he should go back to his family and try to repair what she had hurt all those years ago. She also wrote that Sheridan and Luis were better off without her because they'd be able to draw closer and love each other without her there in the way.

At Beth Wallace's house, Sheridan nodded off from the sleeping pill-laced tea Beth had given her. Beth thought she's be able to kill Sheridan and her mother despaired until Precious the orangutan confided in her that she'd switched Sheridan and Beth's tea mugs. Beth nodded off as well, and then both Sheridan and Beth awoke at the same time, though Beth must have gotten more of the drugs because she became violently sick to her stomach. As Sheridan fought off the wooziness, Martin phoned her and asked if she knew where Katherine was. He then told her what was in the letter and she suddenly understood why her mother had been so rude and mean to her. Katherine had wanted her to hate her so she could leave and cause Sheridan to draw close to Luis for comfort. Sheridan told Martin she didn't want Katherine to leave and that she'd have Luis put out an APB for her.

At the public airport, Luis, Theresa, Ethan and Pilar drove with police lights blazing and siren blaring alongside a jet that began to taxi. They were able to stop it and spilled out of the car with Theresa yelling to Ethan that they had to save her baby. An airport official stopped them and said they couldn't be on the runway. They told him they believed Gwen and kidnapped baby Jane were on board. He told them it was impossible because this flight had no passengers, just humanitarian emergency supplies. They told him the Crane jet could hold a dozen passengers and wanted to know why the Crane jet was taking aid. He told them it wasn't the Crane jet. It was the same kind of plane, but Alistair kept his jet at the corporate airport across town. They all piled back into the car for a cross-town chase through a horrible traffic jam. Ethan called the corporate airport for information along the way. Sheridan called to tell them about Katherine and Luis told her that Katherine had been seen boarding the Crane jet across town at the corporate airport. She called Martin with the change in plans. They all descend on the Crane plane as it begins to taxi away with Gwen, Jane, and Katherine aboard. Alistair lurked in the shadows with a remote control detonator for the bomb he placed on the plane. Luis grabbed Rebecca and accused her of helping Gwen get away. As the plane taxied, Katherine heard Jane crying in the restroom. Katherine argued that Gwen couldn't go with her. Gwen threatened Katherine in a very scary way. The plane picked up speed and with a glance at her father emerging from the shadows, Sheridan flashed back to Antonio's jet exploding and remembered Luis telling her that Alistair meant to kill her in that explosion.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The plane takes off and Gwen threatens Katherine with a knife when Katherine tries to tell the pilot to take them back to Harmony. Katherine gets the knife away from Gwen when "Ashley" starts crying, and in turn the pilot comes back and takes it from her. Katherine orders the pilot to take the plane back to Harmony, but he refuses to do it for fear of what Alistair will do to him. The pilot tells Katherine that Alistair told him she was to pick one of three envelopes and inside the envelope she chose would be their destination. Katherine won't, so Gwen picks one and the pilot reads the destination, tears it up and goes back into the cockpit.

Fox snaps when Chad interrupts his marriage proposal to Whitney and punches Chad in the face. Julian takes Fox's side and says it would be best if Chad left, but Chad says he won't until he talks to Whitney. Whitney agrees to talk to him and they go into the house, where Chad tells her he is still in love with her and can't stop thinking about her. Whitney is disgusted with the idea of being together with Chad. Fox gets impatient and tackles Chad when he walks in on Chad telling Whitney he still wants to be with her.

Everyone is frantic when Sheridan screams that Alistair is going to blow up the Crane jet, but it turns out that what he was holding wasn't a trigger for a bomb at all, but a new lighter. Alistair and Rebecca both insist they have no idea where the plane is headed. Theresa is hysterical and starts hitting Rebecca and screaming at her. Alistair says that the only person who knows where the plane is going is Katherine, and if she doesn't contact one of them, they'll never see them again. Luis remembers that every pilot has to file a flight plan before taking off, but the pilot hadn't finished his paperwork. When they check the radar, they find that the jet has disappeared from the radar.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

At the Bennett house, Jessica dressed for a night of clubbing on the town. She mused that Reese doesn't know what he missed. When Randy called her on her cellphone, she told him not to honk, that she'd meet him at the curb because she didn't want to let her family know she was going out. She put a condom in her purse because she didn't want to get a disease or pregnant. She just wanted to have a lot of fun. Meanwhile, downstairs in the kitchen, Chad told Whitney he wanted to be with her again. She told him it was disgusting. Just then Fox, Julian, Ivy and Eve walked in from outside where Fox had been waiting for an answer to his proposal to Whitney. Fox attacked Chad physically knocking him down. Julian separated his sons. Eve apologized to Chad for causing the situation that enabled Chad and Whitney to fall in love, and told him he'd have to put it behind him and move on without Whitney. Chad insisted that he still loved Whitney and was willing to have a life without intimacy with her if he could have her and help her raise her baby. Fox cried out that the baby was his and Chad couldn't have Whitney or the baby. He told Chad that what he wanted to do is illegal. Whitney told herself that she was sorry that she was intimate with Chad, having his baby and that she still loved her half-brother. Chad and Fox got into a shouting match about how sick Chad is for wanting to be with Whitney and once again it came to blows. Whitney had to step in and break it up. Whitney stormed out the kitchen door. Julian tried to talk sense into Chad and outside Eve tried to talk sense into Whitney. Eve could see by the set of Whitney's jaw that she was seriously considering Chad's proposal.

Randy picked Jessica up and took her to the bar where they'd been when the fight broke out. She told him she was surprised. Her father had gotten really upset about her being there. Randy said he was sorry about her friend and Jessica said she wasn't sure that Paloma was raped after all. She thought Paloma knew what she was doing with that guy. When the bartender came over to take their order he asked Jessica for identification and she said it must be in her other purse. He told her she could only have a soda, so Randy ordered two beers for "himself" and Jess ordered ginger ale. Jessica drank twice as much beer as Randy. Randy pulled her out on the dance floor.

From a dark corner at the Pilgrim Field Airport, Alistair watched everybody and their relationships crash and burn. Rebecca taunted Theresa with the fact that Gwen and the baby are on an airplane without a flight plan that has dropped off the radar screen. Gwen has Theresa's baby and is never coming back. Ethan called Sam and told him to call off the search by the cabin and get to the corporate airfield. When Sam got there, Ethan filled him in and he called the Coast Guard and FBI to help him. Rebecca told Sam he wasting his time because Gwen and the baby were never coming back. Theresa told Sam and Ethan she didn't know what she'd if she never got her baby back. Rebecca said she voted for Theresa dying of a broken heart so she could dance on her grave. She's glad Gwen stabbed Theresa in the back. She's only sad she'll never see her Gwen or the baby again. Rebecca pulled Ethan aside and berated him for loving Theresa instead of her Gwen. She accused him of spending a romantic night with Theresa. She told him Theresa was an itch that got under his skin and one other organ. She was angry that he wanted to bring Gwen back to put her in the loony bin and give the baby to Theresa. He swore he wanted them back because he loves his wife and baby. He wants Gwen to get the help she needs. Rebecca told him Gwen was better off without him. He didn't love her the way she deserved. He just treated her like a trophy wife and Theresa was the hot girl who would do any nasty thing men wanted her to do. He told her she was wrong. He loved his wife.

Pilar asked Martin what he'd do now that Katherine has gone. He told her that Katherine will come back. Pilar countered that Katherine went someplace where nobody could find her. Martin said he couldn't believe she'd just abandon him. Pilar reminded him that she didn't think he'd just abandon her and their children, but he did. She wanted to know if it was a lie if he that he told her he'd be with them if Katherine wasn't there. He said it wasn't a lie, but that Katherine would be back, so he couldn't abandon her.

Sheridan accused Luis of causing her mother to leave. She told him that he forced her to choose between him and her mother. Luis defended himself by saying he thought they'd agreed that her mother hurt her by leaving the first time and he just didn't want Katherine to hurt Sheridan again. Sheridan told him she should have objected the first time he insisted on her staying away from her mother. Katherine had been gone all those years and now she's gone again because of him. He said she had to know he loved her and Sheridan called him a liar. She couldn't understand how she'd loved a man who didn't love her understand her. Luis asked her to tell him how she felt. Sheridan talked about the hole she had in her heart from losing her baby and her mother. Luis told her he was sorry. Sheridan said she was sorry too-that she ever loved a man who could never forgive his mother. She was never going to forgive him. Luis swore he'd go find her mother and bring her back. Sheridan told him she couldn't trust him anymore and plead with Sam, as the only person she could trust, to help her find her mother.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Kay and Simone want to cheer Jessica up, but when they go to her room they find that she has snuck out again. Paloma and Jessica party at a sleazy nightclub, unaware that Jessica's friend Randy is planning to drug them. At the Bennett house, Ivy tells Kay and Simone what has been going on between Chad and Whitney. Simone is disgusted that her sister and half-brother are actually considering being together again and says she is relieved that Whitney stole Chad from her. Simone and Kay go to the nightclub looking for Jessica.

Whitney goes back to blaming Eve for all her problems. Like Simone, Eve and Julian are sickened by the thought of Whitney and Chad becoming a couple again. Fox brings Father Lonigan to try to talk some sense into Chad, though Chad insists he loves Whitney and no one can change his feelings towards her. Father Lonigan warns him that if he starts a life with Whitney and they start living together, there will always be temptations.

Theresa is frantic at the idea of losing her daughter and Sheridan is frantic at the thought of losing her mother while Rebecca is delighted that the plane has apparently disappeared form the radar. Pilar gets fed up with Rebecca's constant provocation and almost attacks her, but Sheridan stops them. Sheridan is still furious with Luis and Alistair provokes Martin, telling him that Martin stole Katherine away from him, and now Alistair is just returning the favor. When Sam confirms that it looks like the plane has vanished, Alistair is pleased with himself and says his revenge is complete.

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