One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on OLTL

J.R. Chandler received custody of Ace. Jessica had no memory of partying all night but found another stalker note. Bo found Todd's wedding ring in the remains of the cabin. Kevin found Todd crawling in the roadway. Todd admitted to sleeping with Margaret in order to save Blair. Roxy had a lead on Blair as the car where she had been hidden was prepped to be crushed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, February 21, 2005

At the trial Bianca Montgomery testifies that she feels Babe should be awarded full custody of her son. After closing arguments, Judge Turner calls a recess and informs the court that she will have a decision when they return.

During the recess, Adam Chandler tells Riley Colson to arrest Kelly for helping Paul Cramer kidnap Ace, but the DA tells Adam to go to hell. Adam threatens to pull all his financial support, but Daniel reminds him that the custody decision is in the judge's hands.

Babe tells Kevin and Kelly she can give them Ace. If she gets custody, she explains, she will make sure that her son gets to spend time with both of them. JR overhears and vows "No way in hell!" Kevin and JR argue; after JR storms off Babe apologizes, but Kelly understands that Babe once loved her ex-husband. Kelly and Kevin exchange meaningful glances. When court resumes, everyone waits anxiously for the decision.

At the gym, John reads about Cristian Vega in the newspaper and remembers his promise to keep Cris' identity secret. Antonio arrives and wants to know what John is hiding from him as Evangeline watches on. Antonio tells John he's worried because he can't find Jessica, but declines any help and leaves to look for her. Evangeline approaches John and wants to know why he's not helping Antonio, and he makes excuses.

While Natalie is at Llanfair with Starr and Jack, a yawning Jessica arrives home and sneaks upstairs to her bedroom unseen. She removes her heavy makeup and sexy clothes and crawls into bed with a smile on her face. Antonio arrives, urgently searching for Jessica, who dreams about drinking and flirting in a bar. When Antonio wakes her and asks where she's been, she looks confused and doesn't feel well. She says she feels hung over even though she didn't drink the night before. When he steps out to make her some tea, she picks up several pieces of paper off the floor. She puts them together and is looking at them with a horrified expression when Antonio walks back in.

Natalie has a heart-to-heart talk to Starr, who is taking her fear out on her brother Jack.

Bo, an injured Viki and Dorian return to Mrs. Bigelow's cabin. Dorian balks at treating Viki. Bo tells them that he doesn't see how Todd could have survived the blast. He calls for a forensics team and an ambulance for Viki while Dorian treats her, then returns to the cabin. Dorian and Viki argue bitterly when Dorian says that Todd got what he deserves.

Dorian calls David to tell him that Todd is dead and as a result, it will be far harder to find Blair. David isn't convinced that Todd is dead. A worried Dorian asks him to stay on the phone with her. Bo returns and shows Viki what he found at the explosion site: Todd's wedding ring.

Blair dreams that she is rescued by her mother, who tells her that Todd is gone. In her dream, Addie shows her a vision of her own funeral - and Todd's. Blair then sees a vision of an 18-year old pregnant Starr and a delinquent teenager Jack. Blair realizes that she needs to live for the sake of her children. She wakes up resolving to get back to them.

Evangeline realizes she left some important work places at John's place and is amazed when he gives her his keys. Van realizes she has misinterpreted the gesture when he tells her to return them next time they hook up.

Dorian and Viki arrive back at Llanfair and tell Starr about the explosion. While Starr cries, Natalie quietly leaves. Starr insists to Viki and Dorian that her dad is still alive, and Viki tells her they are all praying for that. In the snowy woods, an injured Todd struggles, and then loses consciousness.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

In the wake of the custody hearing, J.R. Chandler shows up at the Buchanan mansion to take Ace/Adam Chandler III home to Pine Valley. As he confronts Kevin, the other Buchanan men enter the room to offer their support. Asa warns J.R. that the fight for custody is not over, but Kevin insists that it is. Duke also has words with J.R. and demands that he let the Buchanans say good-bye to the baby. J.R. says they can have fifteen minutes and goes outside to wait with the authorities. Nigel, Asa, Bo and Matthew take turns bidding farewell to Ace. Duke tells the boy that he will one day appreciate having Kevin as a father for the first year of his life, and then he prepares to leave Kevin and Ace alone. Kevin insists that Duke stay. As his older son looks on, Kevin bids a final, tearful good-bye to Ace. He tells the infant that he wanted nothing more than to protect him and hopes one day he will understand.

Meanwhile, Kelly and David have stopped at Llanfair where they encounter Starr. Starr updates them on Todd and asks about the custody hearing outcome. She vows that the family will have a huge celebration once Todd and Blair return home. Bo and Matthew show up at Llanfair, and Starr later confides to Matthew that she is afraid her father might really be dead. Matthew reminds her that she said Todd was indestructible, and Starr looks hopeful once again.

Bo gives Dorian and Viki an update on Blair. They deduce that the car that nearly ran them off the road when they were searching for Blair was probably Margaret's. Dorian cannot believe they were so close to her missing niece. Bo asks if either Dorian or Viki can remember anything at all about the vehicle. The ladies get into a verbal sparring match, but Viki is able to offer a solid description of the car. Bo phones the description into headquarters and demands that every available unit be on the lookout for the vehicle. David tries to calm an emotional Dorian, and Viki joins Kelly by the fire. Kelly fears that Kevin will never forgive her for perjuring herself on the stand, but Viki tells her that Kevin is already starting the process of making peace with the situation.

In order to make peace, Kevin has decided to go to the lodge for a couple of days. While driving there in a minor snow storm, he discovers a body that has just rolled down a snowy embankment and landed at the side of the road. Kevin stops his car and runs to the man's aid; he is shocked to discover it's Todd, alive but weak after the explosion at the cabin.

Blair continues to make muffled cries for help from within the trunk. Two hooligans arrive in the parking garage and proceed to steal parts off of the car. Because of their racket, they are unable to hear Blair. When a parking garage attendant approaches in the elevator, the thieves run off. The attendant discovers the vandalized car and phones his supervisor, who tells him to have the car towed. Blair hears the attendant say that by this time tomorrow the car will be flat as a pancake, and she begins her muffled screaming once again.

Antonio sees the latest note that Jessica's stalker left in her bedroom; it is in the shape of a heart and reads 'Jessica and Antonio Forever,' with the 'forever' visibly crossed out and replaced with 'never.' Jessica can remember nothing but coming home and going straight to bed, so Antonio concludes that the stalker must have actually been in the room with her. He demands that she move out of Llanfair immediately. Jessica reminds him of all the turmoil her family is facing and insists that she can't move out. She then breaks into tears and asks Antonio how he can still care so much for her after she accused him of Tico's murder. Antonio comforts her, reassuring that his love never wavered.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

After Michael wonders how long it'll take John to screw up his relationship with Evangeline since all of their family members do the same, the talk becomes more serious. He's positive that he knows what Marcie wants and he's just not it. He can't be and do all of the things that she wants. At the same time Marcie talks to Jen as Jen packs up to move in with Riley. Marcie is also positive that she's not what Michael wants but she knows what she herself is after. It seems that really, they both have identical needs and desires.

Daniel informs Bo that the mayor is pushing for an arrest in the Paul Cramer case; Dorian arrives at the station to push for the search for Blair. Bo is pretty sure that Margaret dumped the car locally causing Dorian to feel some hope that Blair could be nearby. When Starr arrives to see what the police are doing to locate her parents, she makes it known that she believes her dad to be alive, her mom to be fine as long as she's not in the dark. She will not give up hope and she knows the adults found themselves in similar situations in the past.

As a cynical Natalie tries to drown her sorrows at Rodi's, Evangeline attempts to comfort her, even offering John as someone that Nat can lean on. If she were to lean on John, she'd want more than friendship, Natalie admits. She hastens to add that she said IF, and she certainly would never do that. Evangeline insists that she's no longer feeling threatened and really wants Nat and John to be friends. They have a lot in common and they've helped each other in the past. Daniel corners Rex and roughs him up a bit in his persistence to know who paid him the money to hide the gun. Rex insists he doesn't know but Daniel manages to trick him into revealing that he thinks Jen may have committed the murder. Accusing Daniel of deceit, he swears that he didn't mean what he said at all. When Riley happens upon them and learns that his father is still trying to accuse Jen of murder, he loses his temper and orders Daniel to stay away from him. He very happily tells Rex that he and Jen are moving in together. Rex gives Natalie all of the possible phone numbers and email addresses that she can reach him at and apologizes for not hanging out with her. Something has come up that he needs to take care of. An awkward Michael and Marcie run into each other but depart before saying what's on their minds.

Blair continues to hear the men talking about converting the car to scrap metal and fails in her attempt to attract their attention with the flashlight through the hole she spots from the trunk. She begins to panic when the flashlight goes out. Kevin miraculously spots Todd lying face down in the snow and manages to get him up and to his car. He's unable to place a call on his phone. It wouldn't be Todd and Kevin if they first didn't blame each other for their current situations in life. Todd is adamant about searching for Blair before they head back to Llanview.

Rex drops in on Jen and gives her a housewarming gift. He points out that he's matured since his time in jail and reminds her that he'll always be around for her. Jen walks him out when a suspicious Riley gets home and hides a gift of his own. Digging down into a larger box to hide it, he comes across a letter addressed to Jen. It's from Rex and it's a thank you for the money she gave him.

Evangeline returns John's key. Bo promises Nat that he'll have Cris' memorial plaque put back in place. She laments that she'll never fall in love again and hopes that Cris' love was enough to last a lifetime. He assures her that she'll meet the right person, just as Evangeline told her earlier.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Todd and Kevin have nothing but time on their hands as they look for Blair. They're both sarcastic and snide with each other at first. Then, as they share the latest turn of event in their lives, they realize that they've both changed for the better.

Knowing that the clock is ticking, Blair is terrified for her life. She tries frantically to free herself from the restraints, but it does nothing but frustrate her more. Meanwhile, David does everything he can to ease Dorian's fears about the missing Blair.

Riley confronts Jen and Rex and asks them about their part in planting the gun. Nora and Daniel set their sights on their future together. Bo finds a piece of evidence that helps in his investigation of Paul's murder.

Friday, February 25, 2005

At the police station, Bo told John the bank account that Daniel investigated did belong to Paul Cramer. Bo was amazed at how easily he obtained the information. Bo and John wonder why Daniel lied and wanted to question him. Natalie arrived and Bo offered her Marcie's old job. Natalie declined. Bo told Natalie he was proud of her and she would be happy again. Natalie told Bo Rex's plan regarding Paul's murder. As two policemen teased John about Evangeline entering his apartment, Natalie, realizing he took his key back from Evangeline, told John he was clueless. Bo called Rex into his office and tried to discourage him from investigating Paul's murder. Natalie told John he should have let Evangeline keep the key. Rex told Bo Jen did not kill Paul and asked for Bo to let him help. Bo told him not to endanger anyone. Daniel asked why Rex was at the station. Bo asked Daniel about the bank account. Kelly and Roxy arrived to tell Bo their information about the parking garage. As Bo was leaving to check the lead on Blair, Kevin helped Todd hobble in.

Evangeline arrived at Nora's house to discuss John. Nora asked what Natalie had done this time. Evangeline wanted to know why Nora assumed it was about Natalie. Evangeline told Nora John gave her a key to his apartment and then took it back. Evangeline was disappointed. Nora told Evangeline to stop over analyzing her relationship with John. Nora advised her to stop thinking about John replacing her, when he had already chosen her. Evangeline left. Taking Natalie's advice, John gave Evangeline his key back. Evangeline responded she did not need it anymore. John received a call from the station and had to leave. They agreed to meet later.

Natalie, Rex and Roxy met at Rodi's. Since Rex summoned Natalie, she asked if he was in trouble. After he antagonized Riley, Rex explained that he wanted to help Jen and prove she was innocent. Nat told Rex Jen was not worth going to prison for. Rex decided to assist the police to find Paul's killer. Natalie told Rex to form another plan and left. Jen explained to Marcie how Rex was causing problems for her and Riley. They ran into their mutual friend, Hudson. Rex bothered Jen about Riley not believing in her innocence. Marcie and Hudson discussed what was going on in their lives. As Hudson left, he invited Marcie, Jen and Riley over to see his new place. Jen defended Riley and their relationship to Rex. Rex told Jen she would see who truly loved her and left. Jen appeared worried. Marcie asked Jen what Rex wanted. Jen told Marcie Rex surprised her. Marcie warned Jen not to mess up her life with Riley because of Rex. Marcie and Jen celebrated being friends.

Roxy asked Kelly if there was any news regarding Blair. Kelly left Kevin a message to be careful since Margaret was still at large. Kelly told Roxy she believed Blair would survive. Roxy told Kelly she understood what it was like to raise some one else's child. Roxy lifted Kelly spirits saying Ace would not forget her. Roxy complained to Kelly about her car being towed again. Kelly offered to take Roxy to get her car. Roxy proceeded to tell Kelly about her last visit to the car garage and how she heard strange voices. Kelly asked if the voice could have been coming from the trunk. When Roxy said it was possible, Kelly and Roxy headed to the police station.

Kevin told Todd to get in the car and listen to him unless he wanted to make Starr and Jack orphans. Kevin and Todd argued about what to do next. Kevin threatened to leave and go home. They agree to work together to save Blair. Kevin decided to take Todd to see Bo. They argued about who brought Margaret into their lives. Todd admits he slept with Margaret. Kevin was astonished. Todd explained how he tried to get away and that Margaret was going to kill Blair, unless he gave her what she wanted. Todd was frantic about finding Blair.

Michael received a present from the nursing staff congratulating him on his return to the hospital staff. Paige arrived and they discussed their working relationship. Paige advised Michael to show the hospital how serious he is about being a doctor. Michael informed Paige his time was free since he and Marcie broke up. Paige told Michael how sorry she was, since she believed Marcie and Michael would get back together. Paige left. As Michael tended to a burn victim, he realized the victim was Marcie's friend Hudson. Michael called Marcie to let her know of her friend's death. Marcie was upset.

Blair, still in the trunk, realized the car was going to be towed. She tried to alert the towing crew to her presence to no avail. Blair was trying to free herself, when the car stopped moving. Blair managed to free her hands and pulled the tape off her mouth. No one heard Blair screaming, as the car was being towed for demolition.

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