One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on OLTL

John admitted his feelings for Evangeline. Jessica hung out in a bar to pick up men. Margaret set a bomb. Blair contacted Bo via walkie-talkie. Marcie attended her book party. Michael and Marcie fought. Kelly confessed to kidnapping Ace and returning him to Babe. Bo, Dorian, and Viki reached Margaret's cabin just as the bomb went off.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, February 14, 2005

Viki visits Ben's tomb and sadly reminisces about his waking up and talking to her for the last time one year ago today. She mourns for him and expresses her loneliness. She tells him it's time for her to move on and get on with her life.

Natalie opens a gift that arrives at Llanfair - a music box that plays her and Cristian's song. She can't figure out how his imposter would know what to give her, but then she remembers they once made love to that song.

Cris is visited in jail by a bitter Antonio. Cris returns a necklace to his brother, explaining that someone on the ship must have given it to him. He asks Antonio to take care of Natalie. Alone, Cris consoles himself with the thought that he did the right thing for his wife. The warden has some art supplies delivered to his cell and Cris paints a portrait of Natalie in her wedding gown.

Margaret prepares oysters for Todd, and threatens to let Blair die if he doesn't give her a baby. Meanwhile, Blair's cries for help go unheard. Todd decides he has to give Margaret what she wants in order to save Blair's life, and fantasizes that she is singing to him while Margaret makes love to him.

It's Karaoke night at the Break Bar. In response to a flirtatious dare from R.J., Lindsay drapes herself on the piano and belts out a torch song. Jennifer wonders what's going on between her mother and R.J. Riley gives Jen a valentine with their new address written inside and they celebrate.

Roxy butchers a rock song in an effort to cheer up Natalie. After arguing once again with John about their relationship, Evangeline takes her karaoke turn and her performance brings down the house and moves John. He tells her that he loves her and they kiss passionately. Natalie sees them and leaves the bar.

Michael talks to a comatose Marcie about her future and how she changed his life, and urges her to fight for her life. Marcie dreams she's singing a song about missing Michael. He vows that he will always love her.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kevin and Ace stop by to see Kelly for Valentine's Day. They flirt and he admits to missing her while she's convinced it's strictly to get her to not testify on Babe's behalf. He guarantees that if he wins custody of their son that both he and Ace will need her.

Rex stops at the police station, stating that he knows who Paul's killer is. After a bunch of riddles and unwilling to make a deal, he's tossed out. Daniel thinks he's trying to protect Jen while covering up for Lindsay. Bo and Nora get word that Matthew is quite feverish so they hurry out.

Getting ready to meet up with Antonio, Jess hears breaking glass and arms herself with a poker. It's only Nat, out partying and trying to forget Cris and John and the fact that there's probably no love in her future. Jess urges her to call John when she thinks she hears footsteps and has to leave, so that Nat won't be alone. She thinks her stalker is still out there and that it wasn't Cris' imposter.

Evangeline wants to know that she has 100% of John; he'll only agree to give as much of himself as he can. They end up back at his place and in bed. The phone rings several times and though John sees that it's Nat, he silences the bell without answering it.

Marcie awakens and sees Michael first thing. She's sad that they're not celebrating what might have been their first anniversary. Telling Paige that Michael saved her life, she asks the doctor to put in a good word for him. Paige informs her of the assault charge against him involving her agent, Hayes. Out in the hall, Hayes plans on playing up Marcie's plight to bring in lots of book sales. He's hoping she won't make her book party, unaware that Michael is nearby listening. He returns to Marcie's room, adamant that she leave the hospital, even if he has to spring her himself. Paige is convinced that Marcie can leave and tells her family members that, but Hayes gets to them and changes their minds.

Antonio attempts to visit Jamie but receives a difficult time from R.J. Luckily, Lindsay is there and intercedes, reminding R.J. of how it was with his own daughter. He asks Lindsay to stay out of it but goes along with her advice for the time being. Antonio promises a fight later since he does have legal custody. R.J. refuses to discuss the situation with Lindsay after Antonio is gone.

Celebrating the special day, Duke and Adriana discuss how they may be forced to take different sides in the custody battle. A wise Adriana refuses to let it come between them. Duke sings a song to her. Antonio waits for Jess and wonders what's keeping her.

Bo and Nora tend to Matthew; Paige arrives to check the boy out and to prescribe an antibiotic. The parents end up canceling their individual plans but decide it was a good Valentine's Day anyway.

Nat goes back out and runs into Rex who awkwardly tries to cheer her up. He asks if she's thinking about John. She decides to leave John a message when she just gets his voice mail again and thanks him for all that he did, admitting that he was right as usual, about everything.

Evangeline urges John to check his messages as the phone keeps flashing; she's ok with it since she knows he really doesn't want to. He gets Nat's message and feels bad.

A vamped up Jess in different clothes heads out to a bar and accepts a drink from a man nearby.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

En route to Ace's custody hearing, Dorian and David arrive at Llanfair to drop Starr and Jack off with Viki. Starr asks Viki if she and Starr can move in with her, because Dorian has been saying negative things about Todd in front of Jack. Concerned, Viki confronts Dorian, who denies the accusations. Viki then questions Jack, and when he confirms that Dorian has been saying only positive things about Blair and Todd, Viki is forced to apologize to Dorian. Meanwhile, Starr overhears Dorian confess to Viki how much Starr means to her as a Cramer woman. Starr finally realizes that her Aunt Dorian genuinely cares for her. Before leaving Llanfair, Dorian tampers with a check that Viki has written to "The Banner," making it appear that Viki is using University funds to cover the newspaper's payroll.

In the wake of their sexual encounter, Margaret takes a pregnancy test. While she is in the other room, Todd contacts Blair on the walkie talkie, and Blair demands to know what he had to do to appease Margaret. Todd avoids the question and tells her to think about their reunion; he also instructs her to look for a latch on the inside of the trunk. Blair finds the latch and kicks it repeatedly, but only succeeds in breaking it. Margaret comes back into the room, switches off Todd's walkie talkie, and holds up the results of the pregnancy test.

At Marcie's book release party, Hayes makes a speech, informing the crowd that the first time novelist has been in an accident. Just then, Michael pushes Marcie into the room in a wheelchair to a tremendous round of applause. After the ceremony, Hayes demands to know why the LPD sergeant has not arrested Michael for assaulting him. Rex steps into the picture and lies for Michael, saying that the doctor assaulted no one. Jen is visibly impressed, while Riley looks annoyed. Marcie finally fires Hayes, who vows that her career won't survive.

Kevin is being interviewed for "The Banner" about his custody hearing strategy, when Kelly bursts in and demands to know why he had her subpoenaed. Kevin assures her that he doesn't expect her to lie, only to demonstrate that he and Kelly are the best possible parents for Ace. Kelly says that Babe is an excellent mother and Kevin asks her how she can know that after only meeting her once. When he demands to know if she has seen Babe since New Orleans, Kelly lies. She also says that she will praise Kevin when she takes the stand, and that she will denounce JR Chandler. When it comes to Babe, though, she can't make any promises. They depart for the hearing.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today is the start of the custody hearing for Ace/James/Adam III. Kevin's lawyer is the first to call his witness. Kelly is asked to testify. Kelly helped Kevin somewhat by stating that he has been a good father to Ace. When asked who she thought the baby would be best with, she said his mother. Duke entered the court room and was immediately asked to be put on the stand. Duke also said that Kevin was a good father and that family meant a lot to the Buchanans. When Kevin took the stand, he informed the court that if he was awarded custody, he would prevent Ace from a life of fighting between Babe and JR. Kevin was asked whether Babe ever abandoned her child. Kevin told the court that she didn't. Kevin's intentions were questioned when asked why he didn't try to locate Ace's biological parents upon finding out that Ace wasn't his son. JR's attorney has called Kendal Hart to the stand and will begin questioning her.

Margaret awaits the results of the pregnancy test she has taken. When the results didn't go as she planned, she became irate. Margaret told Todd that she would kill both him and Blair. Todd pleaded with Margaret to spare Blair for their children's sake. Margaret thought it was awful of him to suggest such a thing. Meanwhile, Blair continued to contact Todd via walkie talkie. When she couldn't get through, she tried a different channel. As she was calling for help, she came across on the police radio. Bo heard Blair and tried to speak to her. She was able to tell him that she was in a car trunk, that Margaret had Todd in a cabin (she was only able to mutter the location "Old.... Road"), and that Margaret ran over a woman and drove off. Marcie and Michael were at the police station when Bo was talking to Blair and overheard the statement regarding Margaret hitting a woman with her car. Margaret left the cabin but only after she set a bomb to go off with Todd inside. Todd has all but given up but is trying to free himself from Margaret's restraints. Margaret arrives at the parking lot. As she unlocks the trunk, a scared Blair is surprised to see her there aiming a gun at her.

At Marcie's book signing party, Michael kisses Marcie. They are interrupted by Nora who wants her book signed. Nora pages through the book and is hoping to come up with something that would help her discover who killed Paul Kramer. She tells her theory to Daniel of who would have the motive to have done it. They decide to try to find Paul's killer together.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The episode opens in the courtroom, where Ace's custody hearing is underway. Kelly approaches the judge, insisting that Babe Chandler is not responsible for kidnapping the child, because Kelly told her she could take him. Kelly takes the stand for a second time, under the judge's warning that perjury could result in seven years of prison time. Kelly sticks to her story, telling the court that she willingly handed Ace over to Babe and Jamie Martin on the night of Kevin's election. JR Chandler's lawyer then cross examines Kelly, pointing out that since Kevin was Ace's sole legal guardian at the time, Kelly can now be considered a kidnapper.

The judge calls a recess, and Kevin demands to know why Kelly felt the need to lie. Kelly says that she didn't lie, and then she breaks down. She tearfully reminds Kevin that he's not the only one who lost a child; not only did she have to give up Ace, but she lost their own baby as well. Kevin's resolve starts to break, as Kelly asks him if he cares enough for the baby to let him live with his biological mother. Meanwhile, Duke tells Adriana that he has faith his father will do the right thing. With the hearing back in progress, Kevin's lawyer tells him all is not lost as Kevin recalls the comments from Viki, Duke, and Kelly, all urging him to do the right thing. He stands, asks the judge for permission to speak, and delivers his decision: he wants to withdraw his claim on Ace, and he feels that Babe Chandler should get custody. Duke and Kelly are visibly impressed.

Bo informs Dorian that he has a lead on Blair, and she debates whether or not to leave Kelly's side. With David and Adriana's assurances that they will look after Kelly, Dorian joins Bo, Viki, and two LPD officers to investigate a tip Bo received on the phone. The tip came from Hazel Smalls, who lets them know that Blair visited her home a week ago, searching for her ex-husband. Hazel also tells them which cabin she suggested Blair search, and the concerned group immediately heads there. Meanwhile, in the cabin, Todd uses all his strength to free himself from the bed, as the bomb Margaret has rigged continues to tick. As the timer finally counts below one minute, Todd breaks himself free from the bed at last. Outside, Bo, Viki, Dorian, and the officers approach the cabin, and Bo discovers that the place has been rigged for an explosion. He orders everyone back down the path, and they clear out only seconds before the bomb goes off, destroying the cabin.

Margaret tells Blair that she killed Todd and is now going to do the same to her. As she prepares to shoot Blair, Blair makes a desperate plea on behalf of Starr and Jack. Margaret confesses that she has always wanted a child, and decides to give Blair a "fighting chance." She says that she will not shoot her, but will continue to leave her in the trunk. Blair says that she won't be able to survive much longer in the trunk, and Margaret becomes enraged. She accuses Blair of being as ungrateful as Todd and decides to put duct tape over Blair's mouth. She slams the trunk, once again trapping Blair inside. As Margaret prepares to leave the parking garage, she fumbles with her purse and sees the instructions for the pregnancy test she had taken earlier. There is a reminder on the instructions that a false negative test is possible, and Margaret's hopes are raised. She goes into a public rest room and takes the second test provided in the packet. The results show that she is indeed carrying Todd's baby.

Michael brings Marcie home from the publishing party. Although she is tired, she wants to talk. The discussion starts pleasantly, but soon they are fighting about their relationship and the reasons for its demise. Michael also accuses Marcie of wanting to accept full blame for her accident, even though he is partly at fault. They decide that they aren't going to get back together any time soon with the way things are, and Michael leaves. Before he goes, he tells Marcie once again how proud he is of her accomplishments. Once she is alone, a devastated Marcie breaks into tears.

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