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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, February 14, 2005

It's Katie and Henry's wedding day. As Katie gets dressed in the locker room, Jennifer tries to draw Mike's feelings out about Katie getting married but Mike shuts her down and tells her he doesn't want to talk about it. Meanwhile, Henry worries that Mike might declare his love for Katie and stop the wedding. Even though he knew it was a possibility, he isn't prepared for it to happen. Privately, Margo asks Katie if she's sure about marrying Henry and Katie insists she loves Henry. With minutes to spare before the ceremony is to begin, Henry tells Mike he'd gladly step aside for someone Katie loves more than him. Mike then goes to see Katie in the locker room and questions whether she can live a life without passion. Katie responds that she's had passion and it didn't work. She's ready to give it a go with a man who loves her unconditionally and will never leave her. When Mike doesn't say anything to stop her, Katie bids him goodbye. The wedding then begins and the minister asks if anyone objects.

All eyes are on Emily as she freezes when asked if she remembers who drugged her. She runs from the interrogation room, leaving Barbara to wonder if Rosanna's hypnosis of Emily worked. Rosanna insists she did her best and admits she feels terrible about what she's doing to Emily but Barbara reminds her she's doing it all to get back her son. When Emily makes clear it wasn't Barbara who drugged her, Paul accuses his mother of threatening Emily but Barbara tells him to finally accept that she's innocent. Later, Rosanna hurries home and gets a call from James warning her not to let her emotions get in her way. Emily then shows up, locks eyes with Rosanna and says she knows it was Rosanna who drugged her.

On a business trip, Dusty and Sierra tour a spa that they are interested in buying. Dusty balks at taking a mud bath but playful Sierra teases him into it. Later, to Dusty and Sierra's chagrin, the spa's owners inform the World Wide team that they're not interested in selling to a huge, impersonal corporation. However, Sierra jumps in to salvage the deal by claiming she and Dusty are married and that their business is indeed a family owned and operated one.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A hush falls over the room when the minister asks Katie and Henry's wedding guests if anyone objects to their union. Henry was relieved when there were no objections and the wedding proceeded. However, Katie refused to say the vows he chose (lyrics from a Barry Manilow song) and replaced them with her own heartfelt words about her "soul mate." When they are pronounced man and wife, Henry cries "Thank you Bubbles! You've made me the happiest man alive!" But if Henry is the happiest, Mike is the unhappiest -- misery is written all over his face. He runs from the room after the ceremony and Jennifer follows him into the locker room just in time to see him slam a fist into a locker. He tells Jennifer he is okay, but she knows differently. Her day improves greatly, however, when Craig whisks her off to a country western bar for a meeting with Scott Reeves, a singer she wants to hire for her Street Jeans campaign. Scott is flattered but not interested in advertising. Craig, knowing Jennifer is a fabulous pool player, challenges him to a game. Scott takes the challenge thinking Jennifer doesn't look the type of woman who can play pool. But he is wrong! When Craig and Jennifer win the game, Scott agrees to help with the campaign. When they return to the wedding, they find the party is over. Jennifer also finds Mike in tears.

Sierra and Dusty are about to lose their chance to buy the spa when its free-spirited owners find out she represents WorldWide, a corporate-capitalist interest. But when they recognize her as Sierra Esteban of Montega, they are thrilled to meet their hero and tell her how much they admire what she did for the country. The couple agrees to the sale and they treat Dusty and Sierra to champagne to toast their success!

Emily simply cannot bring herself to tell Tom Hughes that she remembers it was Rosanna who drugged her instead of Barbara. She later goes to Rosanna and confronts her about her memory -- but Rosanna denies the accusation. Paul comes home and is furious with Emily, who tries to defend herself. She leaves in exhaustion and confusion. Paul and Rosanna enjoy their first Valentine's Day together, but Paul cannot forget his anger. Rosanna begs him to forget it for just the evening, and he agrees.

When Emily finds her mother, they try to figure out what drug she was given. Susan tries to help, but Emily is tired and confused. Hal is glad to find them -- he's been looking for Emily. He asks her to come home with him that evening so that he can take care of her. A very tired, but very happy, Emily agrees to join him.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Carly comes to see Jack at the police station and he rails at her for the latest fiasco with Keith, Julia's brother. She desperately tries to explain, but he insists Julia is not the problem, Carly is! Though Jack hates what's happening between Lily and Holden, he insists Carly must stay out of it. Chastised Carly tries to promise that she won't do it again, but is crushed when Jack says her promises don't mean anything anymore, and walks out. She chases him out into the squad room, and runs into Keith. He's says he has come to make arrangements to see JJ, but when Jack is distracted by police business, Keith warns Carly that he will be looking after Julia from now on. Jack returns just as Keith is giving Carly a stern warning and Jack tells Keith not to threaten his wife. Meanwhile, Holden comes to Julia's to say he's told Lily he wants a divorce. Julia is delighted with the news until Holden reveals that he and Lily are starting marriage counseling but Holden insists it's just for the kids. He then drops the bomb that he's had it with Carly and Lily's machinations and he is in fact going to counseling not to save his marriage, but to end it.

Katie and Henry are alone in the gym, officially married, wondering what to do next. Even though Katie's aware Mike is still in the locker room, she wants to go home with Henry. Later, he takes her home and carries her over the threshold. When he brings Snickers in and announces that their family is complete, Katie is overwhelmed and touched by everything he has done and states that they shared the most perfect wedding day. However, it suddenly becomes awkward as they realize it's become their wedding night. Henry lets her know he doesn't expect them to sleep together and Katie assures Henry she loves him, she just isn't ready. Henry admits he saw Mike's face when Katie was reciting her vows and makes Katie promise to tell him if she and Mike ever realize they want to be together. They finish their day with sandwiches and pjs as they head up the stairs, hand in hand, to spend the night sleeping in each other's arms. Meanwhile, Mike and Jennifer have come face-to-face in the locker room. Jennifer tells Mike that she saw his face when Katie was marrying Henry and accuses him of not having dealt with his feelings for Katie. Mike admits that he is shocked that Katie actually went through with the wedding, but his future is with Jennifer. On their way out, they stop in the gym to share a Valentine's Day dance but it's obvious they're still both privately troubled.

Aaron and Alison, having agreed to let Celia stay with them until Rafael can figure out a plan, come home lamenting their lack of luck finding somewhere to make love. Alison is sympathetic to Celia's ordeal until they enter to find Celia singing and dancing amongst the mess she's made. She gushes about how she's going to be a famous singer, just like her brother's a famous boxer and Aaron and Alison suddenly realize Celia doesn't know the truth about the fight. Later, Alison gets Celia out of the apartment by sending her down the hall to take a nice, long, hot shower. Aaron and Alison pile her arms with shower supplies, including a conditioner that Alison insists Celia must leave on for thirty minutes. Meanwhile, Rafi tracks down Lucinda and asks for her help with Celia. Lucinda is stunned to learn that Rafi's sister mailed herself to Oakdale, and that he still hasn't told his family the truth about the fight. Rafi insists all that matters now is protecting his little sister. Rafi and Lucinda head over to Aaron's foiling yet another attempt for the two of them to be alone together. Rafi explains that he told Lucinda everything and she's offered to let Celia move into the pool house with Rafi. Celia is thrilled to be going to "Rafi's" mansion and Rafi tells his sister they have a lot to talk about. Meanwhile, back inside the apartment, romance abounds as Alison and Aaron finally make love!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Barbara receives a call from James wishing her a Happy Valentine's Day. Barbara wants to know what James is holding over Rosanna's head. James just says that Rosanna is greatly motivated. The conversation was cut short when Will walked in and started yelling at Barbara blaming her for Emily not testifying. Barbara tries to explain but Will becomes so enraged that he leaves and goes to Alison's. Alison tries to get him to open up and talk to her. Will misreads her signals and kisses her!

At Emily's, Paul wants to know what Emily is hiding. Emily says she really can't remember Barbara drugging her and is so confused she just wants to be left alone. Paul tries to trigger Emily's memory by repeating the steps Barbara took. Emily keeps seeing Rosanna give her the tea and tries to hide it from Paul. When Emily asks Paul to leave and go to his wife Paul becomes suspicious and realizes it was Rosanna but neither one can figure out why she would do it.

Carly and JJ are waiting for Julia when one of JJ's friends comes in with his Mom. They are going to the show and want JJ to join them. Carly doesn't think it will be a problem and lets him go. Carly calls Julia and is informed that Keith is on his way to pick him up. Keith appears and Carly tells him about JJ but Keith won't let her go. They argue about Julia and JJ until Carly mentions El Paso. Keith tells her that it's Julia business what happened in El Paso. This raises Carly interest and she tells Keith that she's talking about Julia's ex-husband, what is he talking about? Keith back tracks and tries to cover but Carly see right through it. After Keith walks out, Carly places a call to Lily.

Holden and Lily are with Dr. Michaels. Holden tells the doctor that the only reason he is there is to find a way to transition the children during the divorce. Lily interrupts him and takes the blame for their marriage falling apart. She starts to reminisce about when they met. She asks him if he still loves her because if he doesn't she will end the marriage right now. Lily keeps pushing Holden until Luke, who was listening at the door, busts in and tells Holden to admit that he loves Lily. They try to calm Luke down but he won't listen. He tells Holden to go ahead get the divorce and leave them the hell alone. Holden goes after him and finally tells Luke that he does love Lily. They calm Luke down and he leaves for home. Lily thanks Holden for being honest with her. Later, Holden goes to see Julia and tells her that he needs to spend more time with his family and wants to know if she will understand.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Off their first therapy session, Lily is excited and optimistic to have Holden come home and be around the family. Carly goes home with her to help her get ready. When Emma cautions Lily not to get her hopes up, Lily is shaken up, but remains determined to be positive. Meanwhile, Holden is assuring a nervous Julia that nothing has changed for him and though he's pulling back from her to spend more time with his family, he's still going through with the divorce. To reassure he's not going away, he offers the keys to his car to Julia, whose car is having problems. Later, on his way to spend time with the family, Holden takes a cab and winds up in a fender bender. Meanwhile, Luke is suspicious when Holden is late and calls Julia's apartment asking for him. Julia gives him a cryptic response and Luke's worries are heightened. Later, when Holden calls Lily and tells her he's running late, Luke voices his suspicions to his mother. Carly then goes to Julia's and when she finds Holden's car parked outside, she tells Lily the news and Lily takes off. Meanwhile, Keith visits Julia and tells her to watch out for the women in Holden's life. As Julia reassures Keith that she and Holden can handle anything, Holden makes it home to find a shocked Carly while Lily barges in on Julia, screaming for her husband.

Rosanna tells antsy Barbara to sit tight because she has seen to her release. Paul, reeling from his visit with Emily, goes in search of Rosanna and finds her at the police station. He confronts Rosanna about what Emily said and Rosanna tries to play it off, saying Emily's state of mind is fragile right now. But, the more Rosanna tries to derail Paul, the more insistent Paul is about Rosanna keeping pressure on Barbara. Meanwhile, a clerk brings news that a judge has dropped all the other charges against Barbara citing time served. When Paul finds out, Rosanna pretends to be distraught, and then emotionally begs Paul to drop his vendetta against Barbara so they can move on with their lives. Paul backs off, but is twigged to learn that it wasn't Jessica who secured his mother's release.

While trying to deal with Will's spontaneous kiss, Alison tries letting Will off the hook but winds up putting her foot in her mouth and alienating him. Meanwhile, Rafi and Lucinda are dealing with a rebellious Celia who doesn't want to go back to Montega. Rafi then tells Celia the truth about his boxing career and she is heartbroken to realize that Rafi is working for Aaron, trying to make a dollar just like everybody else. She dashes off and Rafi would go after her, but Aaron insists he work his scheduled time. Later, Celia runs to Alison and asks to stay with her.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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