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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, February 7, 2005

At Al's, Jack suddenly finds himself with both J. J. and Parker. The two boys are hostile and are threatened by each other. Holden arrives and comforts J. J., while Jack scolds Parker for his attitude toward J. J. The two boys reconcile, and the reconciliation spreads to the cousins, Holden and Jack.

Will and Paul decide to go to the station to make sure that Barbara signs the plea bargain, which will keep her out of their hair for at least two years. However, at the police station, Rosanna tries to convince Barbara that if she does not sign the plea bargain, Rosanna can keep her out of jail completely. Barbara argues that the only way Will will ever forgive her is if she will sign the plea bargain, and she reaches for the pen to sign the document. Just then, Rosanna's mobile phone rings, and James Stenbeck asks to talk to Barbara. James warns Barbara that, if she signs the plea bargain, she will "rot in hell." Barbara hangs up and Rosanna tells her that James has promised to give Cabot back to her if she will help free Barbara. Barbara warns Rosanna that James is likely to double-cross both of them. Rosanna begs Barbara to help her get Cabot back, just as Paul and Will walk into the room. Everyone watches to see if Barbara will sign the plea bargain.

At metro, Aaron tells Holden that he is the new manager, and he expects Holden to argue that he should be doing something better. However, Holden is distracted by a call from Julia, and Holden tells Aaron that he respects his decision and wants him to be happy. Before he leaves, Holden confides in Aaron that he is worried about Luke's attitude about his relationship with Julia. As soon as Holden leaves, Aaron calls Luke and asks him to come to metro. When Luke arrives, he tells Aaron that he thinks that Julia is the cause of all their family's problems. Aaron tries to get Luke to give Holden a chance to explain, but Luke runs out of metro. While Aaron takes care of his family problems, Alison talks to Rafael and urges him to write to his family to tell them the truth about the problems he has had since his fight with Aaron. Rafael writes the letter, but instead of mailing it, he tears it up.

Carly and Lily stake out Julia's apartment, watching for Keith's arrival. Lily becomes impatient and gets out of the car, but immediately bumps into Keith. Lily gets back into the car with Carly, and Keith goes to Julia's apartment. When Keith arrives, Julia asks him if he still hates her for what she did. Keith answers, "You and J. J. mean everything to me." The two embrace as Carly and Lily watch through the window. When Julia asks Keith how he found her, he describes the redhead who spoke to his landlady. Julia quips, "I'll bet she had blonde roots!" Carly and Lily call Holden from Carly's car to get him to find Julia with Keith.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Jack and Holden are able to stop JJ and Parker from waging World War III by buying them lots of hot chocolate and telling them stories about their childhood arguments. They try to convince the boys that if they work on it, they may grow up to be friends, too. Meanwhile, in a car outside Julia's new apartment, Lily and Carly spy on Julia and Keith. Julia figures out that it was Lily and Carly who brought Keith to Oakdale, and she told him that they would be sorry for interfering in her life. Carly concocts a plan to get Holden to walk in on Julia and Keith, but when Holden shows up with JJ, Julia convinces Keith to leave through the window because she doesn't want Holden to see him. Unbeknownst to Keith, Lily has caught his escape on her cell phone camera! When Carly finds Jack and Parker at the coffee shop, Jack is curious about where she has been. Jack isn't happy when she admits she was with Lily, but Carly reminds him that if she hadn't tricked him into going to Montana, he would not have gotten his memory back and they would be divorced. Jack is called back to the police station before he can argue with her.

Jack will find that the police station has become a very busy place. Barbara's refusal to sign the "deal" Tom Hughes offered has caused a lot of anger. Hal, Paul and Will are furious when she refuses Tom's final offer, but Barbara sees Rosanna through the interrogation room's window and cannot sign. When the men leave the room, Rosanna comes in to talk to Barbara. She wants details about how Barbara brainwashed Emily. Barbara suspects it is a trap and questions Rosanna about how she plans to convince anyone she is innocent. Rosanna replies that it is simple -- that she will convince people that she did these things to herself.

Katie and Henry are visited by Reverend McKenzie and his wife. They want him to perform the "nuptials" but the Reverend has a lot of questions for the couple. Henry actually admits to the Reverend that he isn't sure that Katie loves him, and the Reverend's wife wonders why Katie has so many photos of Mike in her room. When Mike stops by for a visit, the Reverend has questions for him, too. Mike only says that Henry is his best friend and that he hopes Katie makes him very happy. When Katie and Henry are left alone, the only thing Katie can think about is how Mike doesn't seem upset about their marriage at all, and that her plan is failing. Henry is so upset that he excuses himself and sits on the front doorstep. He bursts into tears and Katie sees this. Margo, who has been upstairs wrestling with her bridesmaid dress, comes downstairs for Katie's help. She sees her sister is upset, and Katie declares she has destroyed Mike's life, her life, and now Henry's life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

As Paul worries where Rosanna has gone, Emily walks in on Rosanna as she conspires with Barbara on how to start drugging Emily herself. Rosanna pretends to faint in order to throw Emily off but once Rosanna leaves, Emily lets Barbara know she is prepared to do whatever is necessary, including lie on the stand, in order to prove her case against Barbara. Meanwhile, Rosanna calls her company doctor to order some of the suggestibility drug then returns home to Paul. She tells him that she believes everything will work out for them but nearly gets caught when the doctor arrives with the drug. She covers but when Emily comes over to check on Rosanna's health, Rosanna takes advantage of the situation and puts her plan in motion, inviting Emily over for tea another day. Later, James calls Rosanna and reminds her of all she has to lose if things don't go their way.

Katie tells Margo she finally realizes what she's costing Henry emotionally by going through the motions of marrying him and Margo counsels Katie to call it off. Katie is about to tell Henry but he surprises her by revealing that he knows the wedding is all about Mike and he'll be okay with whatever happens. Katie is touched and is crying when Henry leaves and Mike comes over. Mike thinks it's another ploy to get his attention, but Katie stuns him by letting him know that her tears are not about him, rather they are about a man who has promised to love her unconditionally. Later, Henry gives Katie an old-new-borrowed-blue present and the couple prepares for their wedding day. Meanwhile, Craig proposes that Jennifer cut Mike out of Street Jeans and instead, make a music video featuring herself as the new company symbol. Jennifer is drawn to the idea, and when she tells Mike, he is distracted by the new information that Katie has real feelings for Henry and agrees.

Sierra and Dusty plan a trip to California to investigate a business proposition of Dusty's. When Sierra mentions that she wants to check it out with Craig, Dusty gets upset. They argue over Sierra's attachment to Craig, given what Craig has done to both her husband and to Lucy. Ultimately, they resolve their differences and plan their trip amicably.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Carly is spying on Julia at the coffee bar and calls Lily to give her an update. Carly tells Lily to keep an eye on things at the Lakeview. Holden arrives surprised to see Julia and compliments her on how she looks. Julia says she has some errands to run. As they flirt with one another, Luke walks in and surprises them. Julia excuses herself and leaves with Carly close behind. Holden tries to explain to Luke about his feelings for Julia. Holden realizes that the romance happened very fast but he was not giving her up. Luke wants to know where it leaves Lily now that Holden has moved on. Holden says Luke is too young to understand what relationships are all about. Luke wants Holden and the family to go to counseling. Holden says we'll see. Over at the Lakeview, Julia meets up with Keith. Carly and Lily follow her to Keith's room and Lily calls Holden. Holden arrives at the Lakeview to find Lily and Carly holding the key to the room Julia and Keith are in. Holden resists at first but then takes the key. Holden uses the key and walks in on Keith and Julia holding each other. Holden demands to know what is going on and Julia tells him that Keith is her brother.

Alison opens a present from Aaron. It's a teddy and Aaron can't wait to see Alison in it. Aaron starts to kiss Alison and she stops him telling him they have to be careful. Rafi comes in and he and Alison talk about Aaron's behavior. Alison says he hates to wait. Dr. Harris comes and Aaron tells him that he is feeling great and wants to know when he can get a clean bill of health. Ben tells Aaron to get to the hospital so he can check him out. Later, Aaron comes back with a clean bill of health and immediately wants to take Alison home so they can make love. As they are about to leave a large package arrives for Rafi. When they open it all they see are oranges. After Alison and Aaron leave, the contents of the box start moving. A young girl stands up and asks Rafi if he is happy to see her!

Barbara tells Rosanna how much of the drug to give Emily. Rosanna tells her to relax and that she has it already figured out. Barbara hangs up abruptly when Paul walks into the room. Barbara tells Paul that Emily says she will lie to get Barbara put away. Paul argues with his mother until Jessica and Hal enter the room. Barbara insists that Paul be arrested. Jessica tells Barbara that the only person she should be worrying about is herself. Barbara tries to get Paul back in the room but Hal won't listen to her.

Emily arrives at Fairwinds and refuses the tea when Rosanna offers it saying that she wouldn't touch it after what Barbara did to her. Rosanna offers her water instead after she puts the drug in. Emily happily drinks the water. Rosanna waits a few minutes then asks Emily to tell her everything she can remember. Emily becomes very groggy and Rosanna starts to hypnotize her. Rosanna tells Emily that she must do everything Rosanna tells her to do. Rosanna starts telling Emily that it was she who had Emily drive her crazy. Paul walks in and overhears Rosanna giving Emily instructions on what to say and do.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Aaron and Alison, anxious to make love, find themselves locked out of their apartment and return to Metro to find their keys. They arrived to find that Rafi's sister, Celia, has arrived illegally from Montega. Rafi begs them to hide Celia at their apartment, just as the INS agent arrives to meet with Rafi. Rafi later meets Aaron and Alison outside the apartment and tells them that he can stay in the country only as long as he does not become involved with anything illegal. He convinces them to continue to hide Celia, while he asks Sierra for help in getting her back to Montega. Meanwhile, inside the apartment, Celia makes plans to stay.

Barbara, at the police station, is angry with Tom and Jessica that Emily's disposition has been moved to today. Barbara continues to insist that Emily will commit perjury, only for Tom to tell her that she will be excluded from the disposition if she is unable to control herself. As Tom goes to call Emily to the police station, Jessica confronts Barbara, telling her that they cannot stop Emily from telling her story. Paul interrupts Rosanna and Emily, just as Tom calls and asks Emily to come to the police station. Emily reassures Paul that she will say whatever is necessary to make Barbara pay for her crimes. At the police station, Rosanna confides in Barbara that she was interrupted before she could give Emily the trigger for the false memory. As the disposition begins, Tom instructs Emily to answer as truthfully as possible and to not second guess herself. This prompts a false memory of Rosanna giving her the drug laced tea.

Margo arrives to pick up Katie, on her wedding day. Katie confides that she is sad her mother will not be at wedding. Margo questions if their mother was not invited, because Katie is not sure that she will be able to go through with the wedding. Katie attempts to reassure Margo, and as they are preparing to leave the home, Henry arrives. Henry confides in Margo that there is a problem with the flowers. As Margo and Katie leave the house, Henry begins to desperately call contractors trying to find someone to build lattice on very short notice. As he is going through the telephone book, Mike arrives with his tool box, saying that he was called by another contractor who had been unable to help. Katie rushes back in for her earrings and sees Mike standing with Henry. Katie tells Mike that she wants to thank him for all that he has done, and leaves once again.

Julia tells Holden, Carly, and Lily that Keith is her brother. She explains that she wanted resolve family issues before telling anyone that he was there. Carly doesn't believe this, and demands to see proof that he is actually her brother. In response, Julia is able to show Holden pictures of herself and Keith growing up. An angry Holden drags Lily outside to talk, as Keith demands to know why Carly is stalking his sister. Carly tells him that Julia has been involved with not one, but two married men since coming to Oakdale and leaves the apartment. Keith then demands to know why Julia had not told him the truth. Julia tells him that she wants them to be a family again, but if that is to happen, he has to trust her and promise not to tell anyone about El Paso. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Holden is very angry with Lily for interfering with his life with Julia. Lily tries to tell him that she misses him and wants him to come home, Holden responds by saying that he is not interested in talking about their marriage. Lily insists that she will protect him from Julia, only for Holden to tell her that he is going ahead with the divorce.



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