One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on OLTL

Marcie remained in the hospital. Margaret locked Blair in the car trunk. R.J. admitted that he cared for Lindsay. Antonio broke up with Jessica but returned when she continued to receive notes from a stalker. Evangeline confessed that she loved John. Cristian was sentenced for killing Tico. A DNA test confirmed that Cristian was really Cristian. Kelly offered to help Babe.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, February 7, 2005

Margaret pulls gun on Blair when she tries to escape and forces her into the trunk of her car. Later, when Margaret pulls into a parking garage and opens the trunk Blair manages to injure her and escape, but only temporarily. Margaret pulls a gun on her, ties her up and puts her back in the trunk. As she leaves, Margaret informs the security guard that her car will be parked there for a very long time.

Kevin and Kelly talk about the custody fight with the Chandlers and she urges him again to give up custody of Ace, but he feels he is justified. Kevin reminisces. Would it bother you if I went out on dates, she asks him. Kevin admits that it would, but that it's none of his business and she should be happy. They apologize to each other for their mistakes and it's obvious they still have feelings for each other.

The man masquerading as Cristian confesses to Natalie that he is an imposter but that he honestly fell in love with her. He tells Natalie, John and Antonio that he doesn't know who he really is. Antonio can't accept it and believes his brother has been brainwashed. "Cristian" points out that he can't paint he could fake everything except Cristian's talent. Jessica insists she saw Antonio pull the plug on Tico, but Cris tells John that he can prove he killed Tico - the gloves he used are hidden behind his dresser at Llanfair. Antonio asks him why he was set up to impersonate Cris, but he doesn't know why or who is behind it all. All he remembers from his life, he says, is on that ship nothing before that. John arrests him for attempting to murder Antonio.

Later, John asks Antonio privately what he thinks of Cristian's story. John admits that he had his suspicions and that there is a DNA test pending, and Antonio is angry he wasn't told sooner. Antonio feels sorry for Natalie. They speculate who is responsible for creating a double for Cris there would have been easier ways to kill Tico and Antonio, they reason. John promises to help free Antonio. Jessica arrives at Antonio's cell and she apologizes, but insists she saw him pull the plug. Antonio realizes that she can't get past what she thought she saw.

John questions Cris, who urges him to "lock me up before I hurt someone else." Cris tells him he realizes how much he cares for Natalie, and they argue about John's motives. Natalie vents her pain and anger at the imposter.

John feels guilty that Natalie is going through the loss of her husband all over again.

Dr. Miller treats Marcie, the victim of Margaret's hit and run. Michael is frustrated that Paige won't let him help but she reminds him that his reinstatement is not yet effective. Marcie's brother Ron arrives at the hospital. Michael confesses that she was hit by a car when she ran out of Rodi's after seeing him kiss another woman. Dr. Miller informs them that Marcie's condition is serious.

The police question Michael, but he is unable to give detailed description of the car that hit Marcie. He remembers part of the license plate and also recalls that he saw a lot of hair and assumes the driver was probably a woman. At Marcie's bedside, Michael begs the comatose Marcie to get better and tells her he loves her. Hayes arrives at the hospital and worries about publicizing her book, then blames Michael for her accident. Paige grimly tells them that Marcie's test results weren't what they had been hoping for.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Viki and Dorian are stuck in the mountains after their car mishap. It seems unlikely that David will come to their rescue with the bad phone reception mangling their cries for help. They continue to bicker and blame each other for their current situation.

Jess wants Antonio's forgiveness but he's preoccupied; he's now lost the only two people in the world he trusted, her and his brother, while there's someone out there who wants him dead. Daniel finally shows up at the station and when Bo challenges his whereabouts since there was no Chamber of Commerce meeting as he suggested, Daniel quickly retorts that he realized his mistake and went home. Nora updates him on the Cris/Antonio situation. Evangeline wonders who Nat will turn to now while John second guesses himself in letting Nat in to see a restrained "Cris." "Cris" tells her he always loved her which is a joke to her since he was brainwashed to feel that way, she reminds him. She defended him to everyone, she continues. Emotions coming to the surface, she attacks him, screaming. John rushes in and pulls her away, ordering her to calm down. "Cris" attempts to explain that he doesn't know who he is and tried to tell her before but Nat doesn't want to hear it, she only wants him dead. Bo tries to get her to go home. When the gloves are located behind his bed and match up to the pieces retrieved previously, "Cris" is charged with Tico's murder and Antonio is freed. Nat asks for a death sentence or life without parole. John seeks out a sulking Evangeline and once again makes it clear that she's what is most important to him. She admits that she's falling in love with him but John is unable to return the sentiment. He's not sure if he's capable but he thinks that Evangeline could be the one to help him. She walks out instead, suggesting he let her know. Antonio doesn't want to be with Jess, with someone who doesn't trust him.

Over at Capricorn, while recalling her latest kiss with R.J., Lindsay is approached by Rex who wants a favor. He requests that she stop R.J. from taking his share of the club back or he'll turn Jen in for Paul's murder. A shocked Lindsay covers up when R.J. saunters over and interrupts them. He'd personally like to see Rex leave town as promised, but Lindsay reminds him of his belief in keeping enemies close.

A vigil for Marcie begins at the hospital. Michael feels responsible for her being struck down by the car; Hayes wastes no time in letting him know that he blames him as well. Michael slugs him and later, Hayes accuses him of assault. Lindsay arrives to show Jen some support; Jen laments that it wasn't her who was hit instead of Marcie who's too good of a person for this to happen to. Riley stews when Rex shows up but Jen thinks that all prayers are needed.

David actually shows up, clears the car of the tree branch and pretends that he's checked the car. Viki thanks him after being prompted to by Dorian. Starting the car, she catches the news of the Vegas.

Lindsay heads back to Capricorn, worried about Jen and her feeling of somehow being punished with Marcie's accident. R.J. offers to protect Jen because of his feelings for Lindsay and shows her what he means by kissing her.

"Cris" is locked up, figuring he must have wanted to get caught if he kept the gloves. He reflects and apologizes to no one in particular while lying in his cell. A sobbing Nat is comforted by Bo and Jess.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Viki senses Natalie's fragile state and tries to reach out to her. Natalie articulates her feelings, saying it's like experiencing Cristian's death all over again.

At the same time, a Vega man is sentenced to life in prison.

Jessica is horrified when she gets yet another letter from her stalker. Meanwhile, the tension between John and Evangeline can be cut with a knife. John is thrown for a loop when he gets back the DNA test results on "Cristian."

Todd and Blair talk over walkie talkies that Margaret gave them. He tries to calm Blair and tells her that they can get out of the mess they're in. After Kevin tells Kelly that Babe tried to see Ace, Kelly decides she's going to help Babe get what she wants.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

John and "Cristian" are surprised by what they uncover. Although Cristian knows he must tell Natalie the truth, he doesn't want to cause her any more pain. When Natalie arrives to see him Cristian must decide whether to take the high road or the low one.

Jessica is at her wit's end and doesn't know which way to turn. Finally, she confides her deepest fears to Antonio. He tries to settle her nerves and, to some extent, succeeds.

Come hell or high water, Margaret plans on getting exactly what she wants. Todd knows that telling Blair the truth would only send her into a panic. At the same time, Kelly vows to help Babe because she knows it's the right thing to do.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Blair, still locked in the trunk, screamed for help. Blair was able to communicate with Todd through walkie-talkies. Blair was terrified for Todd. Todd told Margaret he could not give her a baby and he has been lying to her. Todd told Margaret he had a vasectomy after the birth of Jack. Margaret was upset, as Todd tried to convince Margaret to let him go. Todd told Margaret it was his fault and she had to kidnap him. Todd told Margaret he would not press charges. Margaret asked to see his vasectomy scars. Upon inspection, Margaret knew Todd was lying. Margaret ordered Todd to have sex with her before Blair dies. Todd asked to talk to Blair again. Margaret became irrational and demanded Todd to make a baby with her and like it. As Margaret cooked dinner, Todd was trying to figure out how to give Margaret what she wanted without betraying Blair. As Margaret brought dinner and went to get the wine, Todd resolved to give Margaret what she wanted.

At the hospital, John asked Michael how Marcie was doing. Michael wanted to explain to Marcie how sorry he was, as Marcie made it through surgery. Marcie's father tried to stop Michael from entering her room. Marcie asked to see Michael, as John left. Marcie's family was arguing with Michael when Marcie stopped breathing. Michael rushed in and saved Marcie's life. Page arrived, screamed at Michael, and threw everyone out of the room. Ron thanked Michael for saving Marcie's life. Page explained why Marcie's complication happened. Michael was concerned about Marcie and her condition. Marcie remained unconscious. Michael questioned Page's ability and asked why she stopped him. Michael was finally allowed to see Marcie.

Natalie went to see Cristian in jail. Natalie said John sent her to see him. Cristian was determined to keep his identity a secret from Natalie. Natalie was consumed with anger and told Cristian all she feels for him is hate. Cristian apologized to Natalie. Natalie asked why he did this to her. Cristian told her he couldn't stop and the ship messed up his mind. Natalie became very upset. Cristian trying to comfort her said something to Natalie in Spanish. Natalie immediately recognized this saying. Natalie told Cristian, how Cristian used to say those exact words to her whenever she was upset. Natalie wanted to know how he would know that. Natalie went on to say that he was most like Cristian when he wasn't remembering how to be Cristian. As she pondered this information, Natalie said she lost Cristian once and she can do it again. Cristian asked her to go on with her life and he loves her. Natalie stormed out. Natalie went to the diner to see Carlotta. Carlotta told Natalie to remember the real Cristian, not the imposter.

Roxy was complaining her car was stolen. Carlotta informed Roxy her car was towed. Roxy told Carlotta she was sorry about Cristian. Blair was struggling in the trunk, vowing revenge on Margaret. Roxy walked past and heard someone threatening her. Roxy asked if someone was there. As Blair continued to rant about killing Margaret, Roxy got scared and ran off. Blair was trying to stay alive and was so sorry she doubted Todd. Blair prayed Todd would find her as she fell unconscious. Roxy came back to the car with a security guard. The guard did not believe Roxy's claim of being threatened. Roxy screamed for the guard to open the trunk. The security guard refused and left. Scared, Roxy ran after him.

John was at the police station target practicing. He thought about Natalie and how she would ruin her life and wait for Cristian. As he pondered his own feelings for Natalie, John decided not to tell Natalie that the DNA proved the imposter was really Cristian. John imagined the future with Natalie and his children. In the dream, Natalie was speaking to Carlotta and they both agreed how they accepted Cristian was gone long ago. Carlotta was happy for Natalie, since she would not have found love with John, if Cristian were still alive. John went to see Cristian. Cristian was furious that John sent Natalie to see him. Cristian wanted John's assurance that he would not tell Natalie who he really is. Thinking what would be best for Natalie, John decided to keep Cristian's secret. Cristian was grateful and said he made the right decision. John wondered how he would live with this decision.

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