All My Children Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on AMC

Startling revelations were made during the custody hearing. Ryan found out about Jonathan's past. Greenlee tried to prove that Jonathan had drugged her. Edmund revealed a shocking secret.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 14, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, February 14, 2005

A frantic Ryan told Lily that he would take care of Jonathan and asked her not to say anything to her father about what she had seen. Lily went inside Erica's penthouse and holed up away from the other partygoers. She slowly rocked back and forth, as her mind revisited all of the things that she had heard at the Miranda Montgomery Center.

Ryan arrived at the boathouse before a hammer-toting Jonathan was able to terrorize Bianca any further. When Jonathan heard his brother's voice cry out, he quickly scurried back to the Miranda Montgomery Center where he pretended to be seriously injured by Babe's assault.

Meanwhile, Bianca was noticeably torn between her feelings of friendship and resentment for Babe. As Bianca put Miranda safely in her playpen, Bianca noticed that Miranda recognized Babe. Bianca was furious that her baby had these strong feelings for Babe, feelings that had developed during the nine months that Babe had passed Miranda off as her own child. Still, on some level, Bianca seemed relieved that her daughter had been taken care of. Bianca called Erica to tell her that she would not be stopping by as she had originally planned. Erica pleaded with Bianca to stop by and revealed that she had a house full of people "waiting to yell surprise." Bianca claimed that she had a cold and politely asked her mother to give everyone her thanks and apologies.

After the party was cancelled, Ethan took Kendall to his private jet where he announced that he wanted to take her to Paris to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Anita surprised Aidan, who was still standing sentry outside Maggie's apartment, with a picnic. Aidan returned the favor by presenting Anita with a bag of candy that he had had customized for her. Some of the candy hearts had his name on them along with other romantic messages.

Ryan laid into Jonathan for terrorizing Bianca. Jonathan denied having done anything wrong, but Ryan ordered his brother to stop lying to him. Jack, Greenlee and Derek showed up at the Miranda Center to confront Jonathan with the accusations that he had been up to some less-than-legal activities. After Jonathan was led away, Greenlee tried to comfort her husband... but Ryan pushed her away.

Knowing that Krystal might have only one night of freedom left before making her confession that she set into motion the baby kidnapping fiasco, Tad took Krystal to The Pit for some drinks and to listen to other patrons belt out a tune on karaoke night. Opal showed up and was mortified to see her son hanging out with Krystal. Opal stunned the room by taking to the microphone and singing "Bad Girls," which she dedicated to Krystal. After finishing her song, Opal rolled her eyes and left the bar. Not to be outdone, Krystal followed her in song and sang "My Funny Valentine."

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Jonathan is brought to the police station for questioning regarding the incident with Bianca at the center. Interrogated by Derek, while Ryan and Jackson are present, Jonathan lies about what transpired. He tells them that he only went there to talk to Bianca about his relationship with Maggie but that she had started freaking out. He goes on to explain that he never kept her trapped in the room nor had any intention of hurting Bianca and had even gone as far as handing her a hammer so she would be less threatened but that Bianca continued to behave irrationally. It was at that point, according to Jonathan, that he realized she might have been either flashing back to Michael Cambias or she despised him to such a degree because he and Maggie were in love. At that point, Jonathan claims to have decided to leave but that Babe Chandler had chosen that moment to intervene on Bianca's behalf by attacking him from the back. Jonathan claims that was the last thing he remembered until Ryan roused him. Throughout the recounting, Jackson makes no secret of the fact that he doesn't believe one single word coming out of Jonathan's mouth. He asks him if he takes any responsibility for Bianca's terror to which Jonathan admits that yes, he is responsible for poor judgment and not taking Bianca's history into account. Jackson fires back, asking him what excuse he has for poisoning Greenlee. Jonathan quickly denies doing anything to harm Greenlee, telling them that he and Greenlee had gone sideways months ago and that Greenlee doesn't like him. He then is quick to accuse Kendall, revealing that she was the one found with the pills. All eyes turn to Ryan for an explanation. He tells them that the pills were planted in Kendall's townhouse and that she was innocent as well.

Ryan and Jackson take their discussion out of the interrogation room so that they may speak privately. Ryan tries to defend his brother but Jackson is quick to bring up Braden and the reminds him how he said the same thing about him. Ryan insists that Jonathan did not poison Greenlee and points out the fact that Jackson lacks any proof to the contrary. They are then joined by Derek who shocks Ryan with the news that his brother has a police record and hands the file over to Ryan. After reading it, Ryan returns to the interrogation room and confronts Jonathan with the latest revelation. Jonathan tries to explain that he did not tell Ryan about the prior incident with Larraine Rossiter because he was ashamed and fearful that Ryan would turn his back on him. Derek, meanwhile, tells Jackson that he really has nothing with which to hold Jonathan and therefore will have to release him. They return to the room and Derek informs Jonathan that while he is free to go, he needs to return the following day for more questioning. Ryan assures them he won't leave town then takes his brother back to his hotel. Once there, Ryan confronts Jonathan with an observation he made at the police station. He tells him that knowing Bianca as he does and having watched Jonathan while they were going up being tormented by their father, he realized that Jonathan knew all along that he was terrorizing Bianca. Jonathan admits that yes, he did realize it. That he had gone there to have a civilized conversation with Bianca about her destroying his relationship with Maggie but that her reaction to seeing him had set something off in him.

Greenlee and Reggie are a bit startled to find a guard posted outside of Maggie's apartment demanding to see ID before allowing them to enter. They convince him they mean Maggie no harm and knock on the door. Maggie is busy packing up Jonathan's things and is not in the mood to entertain. They tell her about Jonathan's confrontation with Bianca which upsets Maggie. When she starts to leave, Reggie is concerned about her being vulnerable but she assures him that she will be well guarded by Aidan's friend who follows her everywhere. Left alone, Greenlee and Reggie waste no time searching through Jonathan's things hoping to find evidence that he was the one who had drugged Greenlee. When Greenlee finds a daily planner of Jonathan's she's is hopeful that it may yield something. Unfortunately she is unable to make heads or tails out of the entries including three for last June that were marked by the letter "B." Reggie meanwhile finds a matchbook from an upscale French restaurant which Greenlee pockets incase it too turns out to be a useful clue. As they discuss the drugs used to poison Greenlee, Reggie suggests that maybe Jonathan didn't obtain them from a doctor but instead a drug dealer.

Jamie attempts to strike a bargain with JR. JR scoffs at the offer while Jamie helps himself to a drink. He tells Jamie that the only thing he wants is his son. Jamie suggests that in order to get his son, JR drop his suit for full custody. JR responds by asking Jamie if he's stupid or just high. He has absolutely no intention of dropping his petition for custody. Jamie tries to explain that instead of going for full custody, JR band together with Babe and try to get joint custody because separately, Babe and JR could paint each other in a very bad light, leaving room for the judge to side with Kevin, who would look like a better choice for parent of the three. JR laughs, asking how Babe could possibly be awarded joint custody if she is behind bars, but Jamie dismisses that argument concentrating instead on trying to get JR to try to file for joint custody. He leaves JR to ponder the offer and goes home to tell Babe. He finds a sad Babe in the bedroom looking at pictures of the two of them with James/Ace. He draws her into his arms and holds her which leads to the two of them making love. Afterwards, he tells her about his idea. Babe sees that it has merit. At least with joint custody she would have the right visit with her son while she is in prison.

Erica is furious to see Babe at Bianca' and tries to toss her out but Bianca orders her to back off. She quickly tells Erica that Babe had come to her and Miranda's rescue but doesn't go into detail about the incident. Erica isn't impressed. After Babe leaves, Erica tries to caution Bianca about Babe and then asks her to promise not to allow Babe to wiggle back into Bianca's life. Bianca assures her mother that she won't and tells her about Jamie's recent visit when he asked her for her support of Babe at the upcoming custody hearing. Erica isn't less than pleased to hear about the encounter. Her concern for Bianca though has her asking about the events that transpired earlier in the evening. Before Bianca can tell her about her encounter with Jonathan, they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Maggie. Erica reluctantly leaves after Bianca asks her to give her and Maggie some privacy. Once alone, Maggie tells her that she heard about what had happened earlier with Jonathan. Concerned, she asks Bianca if she's alright. Bianca assures her that she is and then apologizes to Maggie for kissing her and telling her that she loved her. Maggie, unsure exactly why Bianca is apologizing asks her if it's because it wasn't true. Bianca admits that it was true but that her timing was bad because of everything that Maggie was going through. They then begin discussing Jonathan. Maggie tries to explain to Bianca how things had gotten so bad without her realizing it was happening. She tells her how kind and caring Jonathan had been and how he was the only one to have remembered the anniversary of Frankie's death. Bianca is a bit taken aback and reminds Maggie of the letter she had given Jonathan on the anniversary. Maggie, having never received the letter quickly realizes that Jonathan had probably destroyed it and used the information to his advantage in order to further manipulate Maggie.

Meanwhile, Erica drops by to see JR, offering to help him with his custody hearing. She makes a very convincing argument about the power of her testimony, pointing out that she could tell the judge about how he refused to believe Bess wasn't his daughter and how distraught he was when he had to give her up. She goes on to tell him that Kendall too would be willing to testify on his behalf. JR points out that Bianca may not be pleased if they band together and help him but Erica brushes off his concerns. She feels it's much more important to get Babe out of their lives.. all of their lives.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Anita arrives at Bianca's to babysit Miranda while Bianca goes to the police station to give her statement. Maggie is there visiting them. While Bianca goes to change, Left alone, Maggie tries to apologize for Jonathan's behavior to Anita but she stops her, explaining in doing so she is giving Jonathan all of the power. When Bianca is ready to leave, Maggie insists on going with her to the police station.

Ryan walks in to find Greenlee asleep on the sofa, after she wishes him a belated Valentine's Day, she asks how things went with Jonathan. He tells her that Jonathan had not been charged with anything but that Bianca would be giving her statement later that day. He goes on to share with her the revelation that Jonathan had known all along that he was terrorizing Bianca and had admitted it him. Greenlee is surprised. She then shows him the daily planner she had found among Jonathan's things at Maggie's apartment. Ryan is less than pleased but doesn't have time to do more than tell her so as Jonathan is downstairs waiting in the car because they are about to return to the police station. Greenlee insists on going with Ryan. When they arrive at the police station, Jonathan suggests to Ryan that he find Derek and talk to him, certain he can straighten everything out but Ryan stops him. He tells Jonathan just to let him handle things. Just then Bianca and Maggie arrive. Jonathan is not pleased. He glares at the two of them before Bianca taken in to give her statement. Ryan tries to push his way in as well but Jackson stops him. With nothing to hide, Bianca tells both Derek and Jackson that she doesn't mind if Ryan sits in during the interview. Bianca then proceeds to tell them what happened when Jonathan confronted her at the center. Meanwhile Jonathan takes advantage of the opportunity of Maggie being alone and harasses her about her re-established relationship with Bianca in such a way that Maggie is disgusted by him. She warns him to stay away from Bianca while Greenlee watches on. When Jonathan takes a seat, Greenlee goes to join him. She tells him how she felt while under the influence of the drugs that she'd been given and attempts to express understanding of what he's going through . She asks him to come clean about everything, what he did to Maggie, Bianca and drugging her but Jonathan says nothing, refusing to take the bait. Shortly after emerging from the room, Derek reluctantly informs Bianca that they simply did not have enough evidence with which to charge Jonathan. Frustrated but understanding Bianca begins to leave with Maggie but Jackson and Derek stop Maggie. They tell her that they have a few questions to ask her. Bianca tells her that she'll meet up with her later and leaves. Once she's gone, Jackson and Derek tell her that they would like for her to press charges against Jonathan for hitting her. When Maggie points out that her bruise is long gone they assure her that she can still press charges. They then give her a few minutes to think things over. Ryan, having overheard everything, wastes no time approaching Maggie and pressuring her to not press charges against Jonathan. He pleads with her to let him handle things, assuring her that he gives his solemn promise that Jonathan will not hurt another soul. He keeps at her until Jackson returns and asks her for her decision. Maggie surprises him by telling him that she does not wish to press charges. Jackson is livid. Once Maggie leaves, he confronts Ryan reminding him that the last time he made such outrageous promises; Braden had hurt both his sister and Dixie. Ryan remains silent. As they are leaving the station, Jonathan stops Ryan and thanks him for his help in keeping him out of jail.

Jamie comes into JR's living room to find him watching home movies. Making a flip comment about watching blackmail footage, Jamie is surprised when he realizes it's a home movie of the two brothers during happier times. They reminisce for a few moments until Jamie asks JR if he had made a decision yet about joining forces with Babe and him. When JR doesn't outright tell him no, Jamie begins pressuring him to go through with Jamie's plans. JR finally admits that he is considering it until he learns that Jamie is planning on marrying Babe. Things go from bad to worse when JR asks him what he intends for his son to call him, realizing almost at once, Jamie is hoping James/Ace will refer to him as dad. JR is livid, even more so when Jamie refers to the baby as James. He cuts Jamie off, telling him that his son's name is Adam Chandler III. He then informs Jamie that he has absolutely no intention of joining forces with Babe before ordering to leave.

David and Babe are there to welcome home Tad and Krystal after a night on the town. Krystal tells Babe that she plans to turn herself in to the DA in order to keep David and Babe out of jail. As a furious David argues with Tad, insisting he is the one influenced Krystal make such an outrageous decision, Krystal takes Babe outside to explain things to her. She insists that by turning herself in to the DA, she is giving Babe the chance to be with her son. That no judge will find her guilty of kidnapping her own son as long as the Miranda issue is resolved. Reluctantly Babe understands. Unfortunately, things don't turn out as planned for Krystal. The DA tells her in no uncertain terms that public outcry demands that David, Babe and Krystal serve jail time for what they did to Bianca, a much loved and valued member of society and that unless Bianca speaks out on their behalf, there is no deal. Just then Bianca walks up and is a bit taken aback to find Krystal and Tad standing outside of the DA's office. When she asks them what is going on, Tad tells her. Bianca is astounded by their audacity. She can't believe that they seriously expect her to ok allowing Babe and David to in effect walk away without any repercussions for their actions.

Ryan walks in to his apartment and announces to Greenlee that he's leaving her.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Greenlee confirms that the reason Ryan is leaving her is because she still believes that Jonathan drugged her. Ryan clarifies his point: he's not leaving their marriage - he's just moving to the Valley Inn to see that his brother gets the help he needs. He doesn't think it would be fair to ask Greenlee to share a space with Jonathan again. He believes that Jonathan is on the edge, looking into a very dark place - but that as his brother, he can provide the hope needed to pull him back to safety. Taking it all in, Greenlee then tells Ryan that his brother isn't the only one in danger of such a drastic change. Ryan tells her that the reason he needs to help is because Jonathan is not as strong as she is. He adds that he would feel horrible if he left his brother to deal with everything on his own, and he hurt himself or someone else again. Reaching somewhat of a breaking point, Greenlee pleads with Ryan to explain how it is that he can think that Jonathan still has it in him to hurt someone else - but couldn't be the person responsible for poisoning her. Ryan tells her that Jonathan lashed out at Maggie, his previous girlfriend and Bianca in the heat of the moment - he lost himself. The person who drugged her, on the other hand, planned out the attack. Greenlee tells Ryan that his brother needs professional help, and Ryan insists that he will get him in therapy. He also insists that Jonathan doesn't need to be smothered by doctors - he needs his family. He knows that if he had been there the night Maggie ended things with Jonathan, or when he was with Bianca, he could have made a difference. Greenlee asks if this is akin to when Ryan saved his brother when they were younger. Before he can respond, she tells him that Jonathan knows Ryan hasn't forgiven himself for leaving his brother behind in the Lavery household. She fills in that Jonathan may be using that information as payback. Ryan feels that his brother is justified because Ryan is guilty of leaving him behind to suffer the abuse alone. Ryan admits he is surprised that Greenlee isn't more understanding, given that her childhood with Mary and Roger wasn't the best. He reminds her that she still has trust issues that stem from her younger years...and then realizes that perhaps it is more difficult for her to understand because she didn't have to deal with physical abuse. He admits that he is not just doing this for Jonathan - Ryan tells her that he has his own scars to deal with. He says that he needs Jonathan as much as the reverse is true.

Greenlee tells Ryan that he is nothing like Jonathan - he doesn't hurt the ones he loves; he protects them. Ryan tells her that he didn't protect Jonathan. He goes on to say that he needs to be with his brother right now, and they need to deal with all of their issues together. Greenlee asks how long he will be gone, but Ryan doesn't have an answer. She asks about their plans with regard to the baby, but it goes unanswered as well. Instead, Ryan says that if there was something wrong with her family, he would give her all of the time in the world to help heal them. All he asks is that she grant him the same. He then goes to pack his things.

Jonathan returns to his hotel room at the Valley Inn, initially unaware that Jack is sitting on his window seat, waiting for him. As he turns around, Jonathan notices his visitor and asks what he wants. Jack replies that Jonathan has had a one-on-one with almost all of the women in his life - Bianca and Kendall, Greenlee and Lily. He figures that it's time he had a shot. He half-heartedly apologizes for coming down so hard on him at the station - it's just that given Bianca's history, he feels that he needs to personally deal with anyone who threatens her. Jonathan says that, believe it or not, he knows what that feels like. He admits that he felt the same way when Ryan was shot. He blamed everyone in town for that. Jackson reminds him that he blamed Kendall, and Jonathan apologizes for that. He explains that having all of his suspicions proven wrong just tells him that Ryan's shooter is still out there - and that's scary. Jackson feels similarly with regard to the person that poisoned Greenlee. Jonathan notes that Jack still suspects him of the crime - and Jack wants a reason why he shouldn't. Jonathan tells him that he is happy to answer any of his questions, but first he wants to know why it is that everyone believes he is guilty of poisoning Greenlee. Jack posits that perhaps people believe he is jealous that Ryan started of a family of his own, which may leave him feeling like he is on the back burner. Jonathan counters and says that all he ever wanted is for his brother to be happy - and he knows that Ryan feels the same way about him. He knows that Ryan stuck his neck out for him time and again - and it makes no sense that he would want to hurt him. Jack then reminds Jonathan that Ryan stuck his neck out for a different brother before - but Braden was a lost cause. This enrages Jonathan and he demands that Jack never again compare the two. Moments later, after realizing what he had done, Jonathan apologizes for his outburst. He tells Jack that he's not like Braden and he hates him for what he did. Jack tells Jonathan that what Braden did was rape his sister. Shocked, Jonathan looks at Jack sharply and then admits that he didn't know. Nodding, Jack then says that Jonathan must understand - all he saw was another Lavery brother going after another woman in his life. Jonathan says that he is nothing like that brother, and that he will stay far enough away from Bianca that she will forget what he looks like. Jack tells him that while he is at it, he can stay away from Kendall, Greenlee and Lily too. Jack picks up his coat and walks out. Alone again, Jonathan faces himself in the mirror, quietly repeating that he is not like Braden.

Jack shows up at Greenlee and Ryan's place and announces that he just came from seeing Jonathan, Angered, Ryan asked what his brother had to say. Jack admits that Jonathan sounded as an innocent man should sound, but that as a prosecutor, he'd heard many liars - and Jonathan sounded just like them. Ryan accused Jack of cornering him, and Jack admits that he did - just as Jonathan cornered Bianca and Maggie. He then reminds Ryan that he still thinks his brother poisoned Greenlee. At that point, Ryan tells them he's had enough. He grabs his jacket and a suitcase he packed. Jack asks where he's going, but Ryan wholly ignores him. Ryan walks to the door, says his goodbyes to his wife and leaves. Jack then asks again where Ryan is off to. Greenlee finally tells him that Ryan was headed to the Valley Inn to stay with his brother. Jack is alarmed that Greenlee would be alone - but she assures her father that she will be all right. Ryan will be with Jonathan all the time and will watch over him. Not having any of it, Jack demands that she pack up her things so that she can come and stay with him. She assures Jack that even though she will miss Ryan, she will be fine staying home alone.

Back at the Valley Inn, Jonathan is sitting on his bed, drinking cheap wine and staring at a picture of the 4 Lavery siblings from when they were young. Just then, the door opens and he hears Ryan's voice. He quickly shoves the bottle under the bed before Ryan comes into the room. When he does, Jonathan asks why he's there. Ryan informs him that he is now in the formerly empty room next door. Jonathan asks if he left Greenlee, but Ryan simply tells him that he isn't going to abandon him this time. He is where he needs to be and they will work through therapy together. Ryan goes in for a hug, and then smells the alcohol. He tells his little brother that it's too early to drink, and Jonathan protests, saying he had a hard day. Ryan calls him on that excuse, saying that they dealt with enough of that while they were growing up. Knowing he is right, Jonathan retrieves the bottle and hands it over. He says that he is willing to do whatever Ryan wants - as long as he stays with him.

Zach enters a storeroom and looks through some papers and at some random items. All of them cause him to have brief flashbacks of a happier time with "Maureen." He is interrupted from the midst of a reverie when an employee enters. Zach asks him why the things were in storage and not destroyed. The employee tells him that he had just followed Bobby Warner's instructions. In a threatening tone, Zach tells the employee that unless he wants to end up where Bobby is, he needs to destroy the mementos. The employee starts to clear things out immediately, but in a split second, Zach changes his demeanor. He tells the employee it can be taken care of the following day, and dismisses him.

Edmund shows up in Maria's office and they have an awkward conversation about his therapy. He tells her that he doesn't want to keep her from her rounds and starts to leave. Before he can go, she asks if he paid Bobby off. Taken aback, Edmund asks why she thinks he would pay Bobby to leave town. She clarifies and tells him that her curiosity was peaked because she couldn't understand how someone who was in as much debt as Bobby could disappear so completely. She also says that she thought he may have paid him to point the finger at Zach. Avoiding the question momentarily, Edmund asks where she got the idea. She confesses that Zach fueled the fire - and Edmund, dismayed, muses aloud that he thought they were done with Zach. Maria insists that they are, and that she only told him about what was said because she didn't want there to be any more secrets. Edmund proceeds to deny that he paid Bobby a single dime. Satisfied, Maria kneels down and confirms that Edmund is the only man she wants or needs. He tells her that is his hope, because her love is the only thing keeping him sane.

A short time later, Zach wraps up what he was doing and starts to leave. Just then, the door flies open and Maria walks in. Zach thought they were done, but Maria said that was only true until she found out that he set her up. Maria starts to ask about the bruises on his face, but Zach is uninterested in explaining. He just wants to know why she tracked him down. She tells him that he must have known she would go to Edmund once she heard that he paid off Bobby before he left town. The funny thing is, Edmund denied doing any such thing. Zach tells her that he didn't lie to her, and he also didn't tell her to go talk to Edmund. Maria is intent on believing that Edmund was nothing but truthful, and Zach is okay with that. What he wants to know is why she is with him and not home with her honest husband. Maria tells him that she's not done with him, but Zach has had enough and says he's done with her. He tells her that Bobby would say whatever he was paid to say, and if she wants to believe that, fine. He also tells her that Edmund has decided the only way to hold on to her is to destroy him. Zach admits that he has been dealing with that for a while but the truth is that if Edmund keeps coming after him - he's going to start fighting back, and it won't be pretty. She admonishes him for attacking a man in the wheelchair - but Zach confesses he thinks Edmund is just using the chair for his own gain. Maria tells Zach that she has nothing but contempt for him now - and he offers her the door yet again. She goes to leave and finds that the door won't open. She looks at Zach as if he has done something to trap her there, but on the other side, a dumpster has been rolled in front of the door. Edmund shows himself as the guilty party, as he leans against the dumpster on his own two feet.

In the DA's office, Babe tries to stop Tad from interfering with Krystal's deal. David supports her, but Krystal thinks otherwise. Tad convinces Bianca to talk with him privately. As they stand by the door, he tries to explain the merits of accepting the deal. Bianca is hesitant because she doesn't feel that Babe should get away with no jail time. Tad tells her that their thinking is that Babe needs to be free to fight for her baby. Kendall shows up and overhears what is being said. She bursts in and urges Bianca not to accept. Tad and Krystal are upset because Kendall doesn't want to hear the details, but this is of little consequence. Kendall takes the opportunity to remind her sister (and the room) about the amount of pain Babe caused - letting Bianca believe for months that her daughter was dead...standing by with Miranda in her arms as Bianca dedicated the center to her "dead daughter." She informs the group that, in her opinion, they all need to pay for what they did, and they can rot in hell while they do so. Bianca, who had been letting it all soak in, finally tells them there is no deal. She walks out, with Kendall and Maggie right behind her. The DA says that without Bianca, there is no deal, and shortly follows suit.

Krystal, upset that the deal is dead, feels like the walls are closing in on her. Tad whisks her away to console her, and David starts to follow. Babe urges him to leave them alone and stay with her. Acquiescing, David tells his daughter that he doesn't give up the fight easily. Mistakenly believing he is still talking about Krystal and Tad, she once again urges him to keep his distance. He corrects her and says that he was referring to her and her son. With that, they decide to have a father/daughter moment complete with a pep talk over lattes. They walk out of the room and run into Kendall in the hall, who says that she has a pep talk for Babe. David instinctively steps in to disallow it, but Babe assures him she will be fine. She sends him off to get the drinks and faces down the latest assault. Kendall informs her that she is going to testify on JR's behalf at the custody trial. Babe assumed as much, and then says that Kendall has every right to hate her. Kendall responds by saying that she's not that selfish - she hates what Babe did, but she hates it more that Babe has no idea how far her poison spread. After everyone believed that Miranda was dead, it became Kendall's only goal to destroy anyone and anything in her way. It didn't matter if it was someone she loved or hated. She decided that the more pain she dealt out, the less pain she had to deal with. However, she now wants to fix all of that and take out all of her hatred on the one person that deserves it - Babe.

Kendall goes on to tell Babe that she is going to rip her apart on the stand. Babe understands that she is JR's friend but she can't believe that Kendall actually thinks he will make a good parent - especially since she saw him almost kill Jamie in Florida. Laughing, Kendall asks if Babe thinks she would be a better parent - and Babe admits that she does. Kendall tells Babe that she has lost her touch - simply because when she spoon-fed her lies to Bianca, she was actually convincing. Scoffing, she tells Babe that she should take her advice and stay away from her sister at all costs. If she doesn't - Kendall promises that she will come at her so hard, Babe will wish she had been thrown in jail. Babe promises to leave Bianca alone, but that she will never give up the fight for her son. Kendall tells her that if she wants to do something good for her son, she should set an example. Show him how to be responsible by taking responsibility for her actions. Kendall holds out her cell phone and tells Babe to call her lawyer and plead guilty. David comes to the rescue and takes the phone away. He says that Babe will fight the charges against her, and Babe adds that she will be fighting for her son. Kendall suggests that maybe Babe wants to plead guilty, but David cuts her off. He tells her that Babe wants custody of her son so that in 20 years, he won't come back all screwed up because his mother turned her back on him. He goes on to say that his daughter is smart enough to avoid the drama that Kendall lived out with Erica. He feels that Babe is doing everything so that her son doesn't end up neurotic like Kendall. Point driven home, and taken well, Kendall retrieves her phone from his grip and walks off. David then turns to Babe and embraces her.

Tad and Krystal sit in the courtroom where the hearing will be held. Krystal thinks they will lose the case, and Tad apologizes for not being able to do more. Krystal tells him that he has nothing to be sorry for. She then tells him that she used to watch old movies with hero-type leading men. She used to think that was all fiction until she met him. Tad says that he didn't feel like the hero type when he found out about Miranda. Krystal responds by telling him that there isn't a person in the world that could question what he did. She is sure that wherever Dixie is, she had to be looking down...proud of him. She then tells him how grateful she is for all he has done for her and Babe, and that she could cry. Tad reminds her that she doesn't cry - and offers a dance instead. They head to the middle of the courtroom where he takes her for a spin around the floor.

Bianca and Maggie get back to Maggie's apartment, and while Bianca walks in, Maggie lingers at the door. Bianca asks her old friend if there is a problem, and after a moment, Maggie admits that she now hates where she lives. There are too many memories of things she would rather forget - the kitchen where she cooked Jonathan breakfast...the couch where he told her that he would never, ever hit her again. It's too much and Maggie doesn't want to deal with it anymore. Rather, she wants to just pick up all of her stuff and move out of the apartment, move away from Pine Valley. Bianca tells her that she can - she suggests that Maggie leave town with her. Slightly stunned, Maggie wants to know where Bianca is planning on going. Bianca tells her that she wants to move to Paris - Cambias Industries has its headquarters there, and they want either Bianca or Ethan to have a presence there. Maggie wonders aloud if that automatically means Bianca has to go - and Bianca reminds her that Ethan would have the small matter of jumping bail to deal with. Bianca continues by saying that she had been thinking about going to Europe since she was pregnant - and that she needs a change, room to breathe. As Maggie is thinking it over, Bianca assures her that they wouldn't have to live together. Bianca is planning to have an apartment of her own, and she invites Maggie to stay at the Cambias suite at the hotel as long as she would like. She also suggests that Maggie would have a choice - she could take classes at the University, or she could just hang out with her and Miranda. Seeing that Maggie is still reeling from the suggestion, Bianca tells her to just think about it - and let her know. Maggie tells Bianca that the invitation to Paris is the nicest thing that has happened to her in a long time. However, she doesn't think that it's the right move for her now. She has school...and basically her whole life in Pine Valley, even though it sucks. Bianca tells her that she is fine with any decision she makes - she is just really glad that they can have this discussion, as friends.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Edmund walks away from the dumpster with perfect ease, as though he never was even in a wheelchair. Maria blames Zach for their entrapment and says that he set the entire thing up. Maria tells him that there was a camera in the room and starts shouting for help, as Edmund listens in a van. Maria has no clue that a microphone has been placed inside her purse. Zach tells Maria that the camera was only there the night of the murder game. Maria says that obviously Zach wanted her and asks if she should take her clothes off. Zach asks her if she thinks he would ever force himself on her. She says no, but why go to all the trouble to entrap them? Zach says again, he did not plan this and had never lied to her about anything. Zach says that Maria thinks he is lying because she can not accept the truth about Edmund. Maria says her husband has not lied to her. Zach admits the worst thing he ever said was that he loved her, but it was not a lie. Zach and Maria kiss just as Edmund's microphone starts to break up.

Kendall is the first person to take the stand in court and JR's lawyer is the first one to question her. From his questioning, Kendall explains that her relationship with JR is friendship and that is supporting him because of what Babe did. The judge tells Kendall that if she can not supply facts, then her testimony is meaningless. Kendall explains that on Babe and JR's wedding day, she heard Babe call Bess "Miranda." As Erica walks in, Babe's lawyer starts questioning Kendall, which forces to reveal that Babe delivered Miranda and saved Bianca's life. The lawyer brings up Kendall's trip to Florida with her sister. Kendall says that JR and Jamie fought and JR hit him with a pipe. Kendall admits that she was afraid JR would kill Jamie, but that he only did it to protect his son. The judge strikes Kendall's last sentence and Kevin Buchanan's lawyer does not question Kendall. Erica takes the stand next, with JR's lawyer asking the first round of questions. Erica makes JR out to be a victim, like her daughter , and when the lawyer tells her that Babe blames Paul Cramer for the mess, Erica is shocked. Erica says that Babe could have told her daughter the truth when she knew the babies had been switched. Babe's lawyer brings up the trip to Florida and the night that Bianca fell off the balcony. When the lawyer asks her if Bianca was pushed off the balcony, Erica says that she believes JR, that Bianca became upset and lost her balance and the balcony gave way. Erica says that if she truly thought JR tried to kill her daughter, she would not be on the stand defending him. The lawyer brings Babe's letter and Erica says that JR destroyed the letter because he thought that Babe was lying. JR takes the stand after Erica and tells his lawyer that he destroyed the letter because he did not his child was dead. JR plays his part well-saying that Babe had told him the truth, he would not have made such poor choices. He tells the lawyer that he loved Babe and even when she slept with Jamie and lied about Paul Cramer, he forgave her and remarried her. JR says that he filed for divorce because he was tired of Babe lying to him. He says that he deserves custody because, "He's mine. I want to have the chance to be the father I know I can be." JR denies trying to kill Jamie and drugging and blackmailing Babe. Tad takes the stand and challenges JR lies. He says that he and Stuart stole the tapes of JR blackmailing Babe and Jamie then destroyed them. Stuart says on the stand that Adam treats his children as though they are possessions and although it may too late to save him, he still thought that it was not too late to save JR. Babe takes the stand last and tells her lawyer her side of the story. She says that she did not tell JR the truth because she loved him so much. She chose her husband and put her best friend through hell, she says. Babe explains about the helicopter crash Paul staged to help his sister, Kelly, Kevin's wife. Babe says that she tried to work out joint custody with JR, but he refused because of his "winner takes all" attitude. She says that she did four good things this year-delivered Miranda, had her own child, fell in love with James and kidnapped her son. The lawyers begin to argue about her statement, but she interjects, saying she told JR his son died because it was the only way he would not raise him. Kevin's lawyer jumps in and say neither Babe nor JR are capable to raise their son. Babe shocks everyone when she says that Kevin and Kelly should raise her son because he would be safe and he would be loved. Most importantly, he would not be with JR. Kelly steps forward and says that she should have said it earlier on the stand, but didn't. She says that Babe did not kidnap her son because she let her take him.

Bianca goes to visit Ethan and he tells her that he pulled some strings to get the DNA test for JR. Bianca seems disappointed, saying that he went down to a Chandler level, and asks him to be careful with his newfound power and money. Ethan says that JR deserved to know who his child is, but Bianca thinks Ethan's interest comes from what Zach did to him. Ethan denies it and says that it is simply about a child knowing who his father is. Bianca tells Ethan that she wants to go to Paris, but Ethan tries to get her to stay. He says that he and a lot of other people need her. Bianca says that she news a fresh start and time to raise Miranda. Erica and Kendall walk in and overhear Bianca's plans to go to Paris. She explains why she wants to go to Paris and Kendall happily says that it is a great idea. Erica takes a moment and says that she gets to decorate her room in Paris. Erica says that she and Kendall will visit her at least once a month and need a place to stay in her apartment. Bianca is relieved at their acceptance and admits that she thought Erica would try to talk her out of it. Erica says it is hard to talk a Kane woman out of anything and they all embrace.



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