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February 21, 2005 columns
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We are a product of our environment, but is there a time in our life we need to grow up, let go, and move on? Whew, it is exhausting to watch Jonathan, JR, and Edmund act out and do everything to sabotage their futures. Jonny and Eddie had horrendous childhoods with verbally and physically abusive fathers. JR probably had the most stable one despite his parents divorcing. He got the best of both worlds with his father being rich and his mother/stepfather being semi-normal and middle class. He was also raised with his stepbrother, Jamie, and they were very attached and loyal to each other. What a difference a few years make. I was thinking of how there sure have been a few brothers in Pine Valley who have shared the same woman, first only thinking of Edmund and Dimitri (one-night stand with Maria) or the obvious two, JR and Jamie with Babe. But then I remembered another one night when Kendall slept with Jonathan but was in love with his brother, Ryan. The biggest brother feud was when Erica married Travis and later had an affair with Jackson. We all know how that turned out. Tad was a childhood friend and ex-lover of Liza's at different times and Jake also loved the woman. Adam/Stuart and David/Leo seem to be the only set of brothers who have never been tempted to play this dangerous game. Is this what happens in small towns or just PV?

Miracle of miracles, Edmund is walking and clean-shaven, hallelujah. The only catch is that no one knows but us viewers. He has stooped extremely low in paying off Bobby, and setting up Zach. He purposely locks Zach and Maria in a room together and "bugs" her purse. Will he finally hear what he has been dying to? The couple is still attracted to each other and despite Maria's efforts to resist Zach; she can't help how she feels. We can't help but feel the heat between them. Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Barbara F (but claims a lot of fans had the same thoughts) who shares, " After having just read the scoops for the future, I am sure Edmund is going to be killed. I think Bobby will be the murderer since he is gone from the show now. Since Edmund bribed Bobby and then he double-crossed him, Bobby will want revenge when Edmund manages to retrieve his money. Of course, like all the other plots, this storyline will probably be drawn out over several months while the PTB decide whose contract should or should not be renewed. I wish that the writers would stop bringing in so many new families and young people. Let everyone who watches get to know about members in the original family trees." I couldn't agree more Barbara, as you can tell from the past few months, it is our biggest beef with AMC........the way they use or under use the older characters. I, too, think they will be killing off Edmund and that is a very good theory about Bobby being the culprit. One fan told me it would be a shame to waste another family since Dimitri has been gone awhile. It will be sad for the kids, Maria's guilt, and Brooke's loss both as a friend and business partner.

I personally am not pleased they have been having a lot of the courtroom and baby switch stories on during OLTL. Not to be repeated on AMC. I refuse to tape both shows, that is 10 hours per week and time I just don't have. I really noticed it when they had the courtroom scene and referred to Kelly's prior testimony. What testimony, I ask? Dorian Lord was being her sarcastic self. Kelly and Bianca could be the determining factor as to how Babe will spend her future. Jail or not. Custody of Baby James (I can't go the 3 names and lean towards this one due to Jamie being her current partner) or not. Everyone got their licks in, pro-Babe or pro-JR. I am all for justice, I don't believe anyone should get off scott-free when they have committed a crime or intentional act of deceit. Yet, we know how soap operas work.........any jail time is short-lived if you are a main character and have influential friends or family. So we need to go by the Scout motto, BE PREPARED. Be prepared to be disappointed, upset, and maybe even ready to quit watching......but if you remember it is just fantasy, it is just a soap opera we watch to escape or be entertained, then maybe you can continue hanging in there. Wait for a new chapter, a new turn in the road, something or someone different to put a smile on your face. Hey, it can happen!!!

Poor Ryan is still coping with his brother's misdeeds and all the repercussions. He has asked his wife, Greenlee, to let him leave temporarily to bring his brother back from the edge. He listened to the questioning at the police station, he got confronted by Jack about hurting the ones he loves, and he is very aware how his wife feels about the possibility Jonathan is responsible for her poisoning. Nevertheless, he feels he owes his baby brother his undivided attention and undying loyalty. Jonathan is still in denial about his part in what happened to Greenlee and is escaping inside a bottle to ease HIS pain. Still not a whole lot of remorse over the pain he has caused others. Meanwhile, Maggie is regaining her strength and bonding with Bianca. Binks asks her to move to Paris with her and Miranda for a "new beginning" which Maggie will need to think about. Erica and Kendall aren't happy about the move, but defy anyone to stop a Kane woman from doing what she wants or needs to do. It was great to see Jackson back in action, I always liked when he is defensive of his family members (just like his adopted son Reggie now). I had almost forgotten that piece of history when Braden Lavery raped his sister. I thought he was in jail, but that's right.....he is on the run. Very touching that Jack has not stopped looking for him or forgot what happened to his baby sister. Then when ex-DA Montgomery went to confront Jonathan and listed the four women he has messed with in his family, I could feel the contempt and angst. Speaking of the Lavery brothers, Jennifer, a viewer, had a question about the Lavery name. She asks, "I thought that Ryan's last name was Curry and that he changed it to his mother's last name of Lavery because he hated his dad. Shouldn't Jonathan and Braden both be named Curry? The characters keep talking about Ryan's father, Patrick Lavery, but just a few years ago when the Chris Stamp thing was happening.....they told us the man's name was Patrick Curry. This seems like a pretty basic thing to keep straight." Valid point, does anyone remember this bit of history? I do remember the Curry part, but not the details. Others have brought this up too and mentioned about Ryan being related to Duke Lavery, Anna Devane's ex-husband. That wasn't developed either. After 35 years, you do like to see consistency and quality in story telling. Right?

Valentine's Day had a little bit of romance for us. Lily realizes she has new feelings for Aidan and is ready for a KISS. Meanwhile, Aidan and Anita are sharing a tender moment over valentine candy hearts. Jack brought Erica a "bling" and reminded her she is his heart as he gave back the engagement ring to be worn on her finger once again. She enlists Myrtle's assistance with wedding plans. Ethan planned to jet Kendall off to Paris for a romantic evening but she convinced him to stay grounded and not jump they smooch on the plane instead. Tad kisses Krystal and she wonders if it is out of pity, she is about to turn herself in and take the jail time for her part in the DNA switch. There was an amusing scene at the local pub as Opal sings karaoke style to Krystal to the tune of BAD GIRLS. Ms Carey takes the mike after her departure and sings a lovely song to Tad. Later they dance in the empty courtroom that has to be a first. I read an article they have plans for a new love interest for Tad Martin. All I can say is, it's about time. I don't like or hate him with Krystal, but it would be too weird (besides all the other reasons) when Jamie and Babe marry. I like her better with David, more an even match. If Maggie leaves town, who would David have left if not the Carey women?

So the residents of Pine Valley continue to deal with their childhood scars and good/bad memories. Her parents, Mary and Roger Smythe, neglected Greenlee. It made her insecure and distrustful. Kendall was raised by nice folk but always needed to know whom her mother was and then when she found Erica, she couldn't deal with the rejection. The Lavery brothers were severely abused and belittled. Zach Slater (Alex Cambias Jr) wanted to disown his father and continues to fight for Ethan not to live up to the Cambias curse. We saw how Michael turned out. The list is endless. We see it with everyone we encounter in the real world; family members, friends, and even co-workers. The mature and strong overcome and can live a happy, productive life despite their past. Those are the true heroes and stories we love to hear. Meanwhile, we stay glued to our favorite show to see how these characters react and act!!!

Feel free to share your thoughts, theories, and rants as they are always appreciated,

As a P.S. to the column, thanks to all of the readers who have written in to remind me that Adam and Stuart have loved the same woman -- Gloria Marsh.


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