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New and old fathers!
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Now we find out that Chris Stamp wasn't Ryan's father. This rewriting of AMC history is annoying, but perhaps it will serve a useful purpose.

JR is the father and wants his son. Can't blame him there and Kevin Buchanan should have NO legal recourse to keep Adam III or whatever his name will be. Of course this is soap land and nothing is ever that easy between money moguls. Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Bill J: "I can see the Chandler/Buchanan custody fight now, there will be lots of foot stomping and pouting by the Chandlers and shouting courtesy of Asa Buchanan. The Buchanans may have less financial clout, but they have more backbone so it will be a messy yet even fight. I saw the long range previews and mention of Babe's courtroom announcement regarding the paternity of the nameless kid. I am rooting for Paul Cramer as if so, JR and Jamie have no standing. Babe has proven herself unfit and this way the Buchanans get the baby for themselves. Why? Kevin has legal custody and Kelly had the courage to seek out the birth mother once she knew Paul had lied about the mother. Also Kelly is Paul's sister and would have blood ties." I have no affection for the OLTL crew and do not want the child to stay there. Kelly took a child that wasn't hers from her sleazeball brother and willingly bought into his lies. She's no saint nor is Kevin. The baby was stolen and no one can get custody legally of a STOLEN child. Plus there are NO blood ties to anyone on OLTL.

Now we find out that Chris Stamp wasn't Ryan's father. This rewriting of AMC history is annoying, but perhaps it will serve a useful purpose. One note, if I'm not mistaken Ryan's father's name was Patrick Curry however Ryan took his mother's maiden name of Lavery and according to Anna Devane is a second cousin to Duke Lavery from General Hospital. Erica, Greenlee and Ryan referring to Patrick Curry as "Lavery" is incorrect although it may not be mentioned. Ryan saying that he is 100% Lavery would have been the case anyway since that is Ryan's mother's name. Also, Patrick is dead --- killed by Chris Stamp unless that history is rewritten too. Ryan has certainly been there for Jonathan. Those scenes have been well written and the acting superb. It was good seeing Ryan apologize to Kendall for his mean intentions towards her and I have to say it again --- there is NO denying the chemistry between those two actors. Chemistry that is unrivaled with the Ryan/Greenlee and Kendall/Ethan pairing.

Thankfully Maggie saw the light about Jonathan and called it quits. Considering Larraine's past experience Jonathan won't go for Maggie dumping him. I see some vengeance coming. Even though I don't care for the character, Jeff Branson, the actor portraying Jonathan has done an outstanding job of being chilling and menacing. Makes one wonder how long he'll be a PV resident when all his evil deeds come to light?

Babe is posing as a chef to be able to see her son. Babe's stupidity continues to amaze me as she should have known she'd get caught and could have been returned to jail. Even though Kevin has Babe on tape, the constant lack of security these multi-millionaires tolerate is just too bizarre.

Adam and David banter over the promised tape before David does indeed in up with it. I smell --- no jail time coming for the baby switch sins.

There were just too many people defending Babe and her actions this week. Krystal saying how proud she was, Kelly asking how Babe does it, Bianca saying Babe is an innocent... UGH. Now we have Babe saving Bianca from the evil Jonathan. Again - no jail time coming up. Krystal is going to take all the blame and go to jail for everybody.... Sentence her on is all I can say.

Ethan seems to be on that power trip courtesy of the Cambias fortune. Zach is trying to warn him, but actually Zach has gone about this the wrong way from day one. Why exactly did Greenlee run to Ethan to help find Ryan? This reminds me a while back when Kendall ran to Ryan to help find Ethan. Why don't these capable women do things by themselves? Well, they find Ryan and Zach courtesy of Simone in a brawl. The pool game seemed to be filler, but was enjoyable mockery between Zach and Ethan.

Now that it's been announced that Elizabeth Hendrickson (Maggie) is also leaving AMC it appears obvious that she'll end up with Bianca and they'll be gone in a couple of weeks. It is unfortunate Maggie wasn't allowed to be self sufficient and be on her own instead of immediately running into another relationship. People that come out of abusive relationships need some alone time, similar to substance abuse programs that want the person to have a year with no commitments. Of course, Erica isn't waiting after her rehab either....

Erica's surprise party for Bianca reminded me of how great AMC has been and can be again. The jabbing and disrespect for all involved was classic. If only Brooke was there to banter with Erica.

I'm going to miss Edmund Grey as this pretty much ends the Marick lineage. I remember when Edmund and Brooke were an item and so great together. Now we have him leaving because of "budget cuts." I wonder if TPTB have heard the old adage "You get what you pay for"? It definitely holds true here as John Callahan is a great actor who has been very mis-used. Word has it he will go out with quite an exit. Will he go to jail for all his revenge tactics against Zach? If so, it would leave Maria able to move on or will they just allow Edmund and Maria to leave together? Or worse yet, will Edmund be killed off? I'm guessing Edmund will be murdered. The writers need a big "bang" to get the ratings going. I'll speculate that Zach will be wrongly accused. He's the perfect patsy. So who will be the murderer --- Ethan, Jonathan? Time will tell.

Thanks for the emails and enjoy the show!


Mary Page
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