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Lizzie's family loyalty is really as twisted as her father's. Pouring hot coffee all over herself is just the latest in a long string of cries for help. Maybe she can get together with evil, self-centered Jonathan.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - a day built on love. Love of family and friends, and of that special someone you hold dear. As (I hope) you spend some time with those you love, I want to take a look at all of the acts of love we saw this week on GL.

The Cooper clan - always a favorite of mine - really banded together this week as Harley prepares to go to trial. You could really tell the closeness shared by the actors as they all worked together to try to get Harley's mind off of the upcoming trial. You didn't have to have a lot of dialogue to understand the love that these people (and their characters) all share - on and off the screen. While I'm not crazy about a Valentine's Day trial (how romantic) the realist in me knows that it's sweeps driven. And the romantic in me is waiting for a few romantic twists as well ; )

Probably the best scene of the week for me was Alex's late night visit to the nearly empty lot of Harley's former home. The fact that she risked losing her brother's love (which means the world to her - and she knows all too well how Alan can hold that love over a person like a weapon - as does Gus) and giving Gus not Spaulding money, but Spaulding history to free Harley. Anyone can write a check, but to part with something that she obviously adored really hit home that Gus is not alone in his quest to free Harley. But will Gus sell something that Alex holds dear to hold onto the woman he loves? I have a feeling that we might not have heard the last of those pearls.

Lizzie's family loyalty is really as twisted as her father (and grandfather's). Pouring hot coffee all over herself is just the latest in a long string of cries for help. Maybe she can get together with evil, self-centered Jonathan. Of course, Dinah is more up for the job of keeping him warm on Valentine's night, but we know all she wants is a baby by Christmas. Still, I have to admit that Crystal Hunt (Lizzie) really makes me want to give her a serious "time out" - could it be in the Springfield prison? A part of me really is holding out hope that Phillip is alive (and loving every minute of Harley squirming). But if Lizzie's life hangs in the balance, I think (if they are going to have him come back) that would be the time for him to re-enter life in Springfield.

Jonathan is certainly using the divide and conquer theory of getting to know his family. Each week he gets a little more 'out there' and I think to myself "NOW Reva has to see what kind of person he is." But each week, she tends to stand by her wacko son and seems to be driving her family (notably Josh, Cassie and Edmund) to nearly any lengths to get him out of Springfield - pronto! I can't imagine what it will end up taking (or costing) Reva to either keep Jonathan or get rid of him completely. Another murder mystery, perhaps?

So as you hopefully spend some time with the ones you love (and who love you) don't forget to watch things heating up in Springfield this week!!!

Keep the Light Shining and Happy Valentine's Day!

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