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It's official: Henry is a metrosexual. He shops at Bed and Bath, he knows the color persimmon, he cries, and he loves women. Last week, the years-long question about Henry's sexuality was finally put to rest; he's obviously straight.

It's official: Henry is a metrosexual. He shops at Bed and Bath. He knows the color persimmon. He cries. And he loves women. Well, one woman, actually: Katie. This week, the years-long question about Henry's sexuality was finally put to rest. He's obviously straight.

And before I get all giddy about the fact that my beloved Henry has been downright fantastic of late, let's take time to congratulate the gifted Trent Dawson for finally landing a contract for the role. After all these years, it's about time show execs realized this fan favorite is more than comic relief. I've been preaching the Henry love here so long and so militantly that I've risked the ire of readers, but some things just need said. I can't wait to see Henry's smirk gracing the opening credits with the rest of the cast, where he should have been all along.

As for this week, Henry was heartbreaking. Planning his perfect wedding to a woman who doesn't love him finally got the best of him. Needing a moment to himself, he told Katie in a defeated voice, devoid of his trademark humor and punch, that he needed to check the air in his tires. The excuse got him out the door to the front porch, where he broke down. As Katie watched his emotional moment through the window, she realized her friend really loved her. But true to character, a few seconds later, Henry was back to his jovial self, unaware of Katie's epiphany. The scenes were touching and perfect. Dawson has that rare ability to transition from sarcasm to humor to earnestness in mere seconds. It's a thing of beauty. Forget the contract, just give him an Emmy.

In other musings:
--Carly and Lily need to get in touch with super-spy Sydney Bristow. These desperate housewives are quite possibly the worst spies in history. From Lily's clumsy attempts at lying to Carly's ridiculously conspicuous Blues-Brothers hat, they never had a chance. Stealth, ladies. Learn it.

--The idea that Rosanna would drug Emily and lie to Paul is about as wacky as Paul wanting to publicly hang his mother and sell tickets for it on eBay. I'm waiting for Rosanna to get her body back from the snatchers, or whoever it is, that transformed her once-gutsy character into a weak shadow of her former self.

--I can't help but laugh when James calls Cabot "Jimmy." I can't say I blame him. Even I'm confused about the kid's name, after all the "fathers" he's had. He started out as Cabot Montgomery, when Rosanna was married to Craig. And I'm not sure if he legally became Cabot Sinclair, after Jordan Sinclair was determined to be his biological father. Then, of course, Rosanna was single for awhile, so he could have been renamed Cabot Cabot. And of course, now, his newest stepfather is Paul Ryan Stenbeck. Yeah. I'm with James. It's just too complicated. "Jimmy" it is.

--I love it when characters act in character. Score one for Margo this week. The liberal career woman was obviously perturbed at the conservative minister, when he questioned her job choice and chastised those who live together before marriage. It was exactly in character for Margo to call him a "fossil." Bravo.

--Where do you suppose I can score some of that hypnotic-suggestion drug that is so popular in Oakdale these days? I'm thinking it could come in handy the next time I ask my boss for a raise.

--Aaron isn't starting out very well as manager at Metro. He puts Rafi in charge of the place, with no training or experience. Oh, wait. That's right. He's just following in the footsteps of Dusty and Craig, who basically did the same thing to him and Curtis.

--The fight between JJ and Parker was perfect. It's realistic that these kids would be jealous of one another. And Parker acted his age by proclaiming he hated JJ. It's rare in daytime to see kids acting like kids. Well done.

--Marc C. Collier deserves a special mention this week. He's been brilliant portraying Mike's barely contained jealousy and confusion. If this wedding actually goes off, Mike eating his heart out will be must-see-TV.

--How does Barbara afford her legal bills? The woman has spent more time in court/jail this year than most lawyers.

--Is there anything better than Craig back in the boardroom wheeling and dealing? He has great chemistry bumping heads with Sierra, Jennifer, Dusty and Lucinda. I can't wait to see where this Street Jeans story is going.

--I'm not sure if this was intentional, but I couldn't help but laugh at this exchange between the sexually-frustrated Aaron and his father Holden. "What's up?" Holden casually asked Aaron. "A lot's up actually," Aaron replied, grinning.

--With Rafi's sister hitting town and Luke rapidly aged, it seems the show is gearing up for the summer teen scene. I just hope they don't forget about Curtis. He's wonderful and would make for an interesting story with someone.

--I like Keith. He called Julia on her destructive behavior and offered her a shoulder to cry on all at the same time. Kin Shriner always delivers the goods, no matter the material. Hopefully, he'll be able to help Julia make some better decisions. And I hope he sticks around long enough to give JJ a much-needed male figure in his life.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry welcomes Margo's intrusion when she knocks at the door with her bridesmaid dress, during his interrogation from the minister.)
Henry: "Margo. Hallelujah."
Margo: "Henry, it's just a dress. It's not a tip on the trifecta."

(Carly and Lily follow a dolled-up Julia to a man's hotel room. They discuss whether Julia is going to sleep with the man.)
Carly: "You saw that outfit. She ain't handing out Bibles."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Susan/i>
"Dare I hope that Henry really might get the girl? I think he deserves her. Several times I've written to the show's feedback column to say that I'd like to see Henry become a little more serious and get romantic with Katie. I was thrilled when it started happening! Like you, my heart is breaking for poor Henry, too. And I absolutely loved it when he yelled at Mike this past week! Too bad he then said he was kidding. (I don't think he was, do you?) Keep up the good work!"

(From Two Scoops reader Robin:)/i>
I think Sara Brown (Julia) is the best. She has added so much excitement and drama to ATWT. She keeps me watching everyday during my lunch hour at work. Holden and Lily needed a change or twist in their life. I hate to see her leave, maybe she will stay. I hope so. We love her in South Carolina! She is the best, even though she is a bad girl sometimes.

Happy Valentines Day Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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