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February 7, 2005 columns
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Sweet, innocent Lily Montgomery is "on the case", undercover, getting the lowdown. She wants to help her hero, Aidan, crack the case he is working on. Who is Jonathan Lavery? Was he capable of drugging Greenlee and abusing his girlfriend? Ryan, in pure denial mode, didn't think so. He would rather blame Kendall for seducing Jonny Boy when he first came to town, for hiring Aidan to investigate the younger Lavery brother, and for drugging his wife. He continually lashes out at her and believes his wife and brother unconditionally. It was truly a rude awakening for Ryan when he started seeing what deep-rooted problems Jonathan had. The cycle of abuse had continued with this insecure victim as he crawled into his "poor me bag". I was in awe with tissues nearby when the light went on with Ryan and he vowed to stick by his brother no matter what. It was a very poignant scene especially when Jonathan was able to finally admit what he had done holding onto his brother. No more denials, no more excuses. He hasn't admitted to drugging Greens but taunted her and made it obvious how much he resented his sister-in-law. It was a bit scary when Lily took it upon herself to confront Jonathan and fortunately Aidan showed up. This whole scenario has a lot left to play out as Jonathan first heads back to Maggie's open arms and finds out Bianca declared her love to her best friend. He proceeds to show up at Bianca's loft and is left alone with Miranda. This actor with his slightly annoying voice and unusual body language definitely gives you goose bumps as he shows his dark side. Lily is disguised as a maintenance person tailing him to solve another mystery.

Kendall admits to her mother and later Ethan, that she still loves Ryan. She did not take the news of Greenlee and her ex-fiancé starting a family very well. I have enjoyed Kendall's scenes so much as she is stronger, happier, more centered. She is loyal to her mother, sister, niece, new boyfriend, and now Greenlee. She covers for her friend despite how Ryan belittles her. Erica made valid points about not being over her great love as it takes over your heart. It sounds like a cliché and a bit sappy when you say, I will always love so and so, he/she will always be in my heart, etc........but when it comes to true love, words are never enough. It's all about THE HEART. Yet, Ethan feels Kendall has a lot of love and is worth fighting for. Just like Zach feels about Maria.

Maria, Maria.......(West Side Story song is running through my head, sorry). Zach wonders why she is working so hard to convince her she is happy as she states she and Edmund are working on their relationship. She wants to plan a nice skiing getaway for them. Here is another person in denial; she can't deny her feelings for Zach nor what is in her heart. I suppose by now you read on our site's front page about the upcoming exit of John Callahan (not far behind Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Henderickson). They can blame it on budget cuts, we can speculate about the discomfort of working closely with your estranged wife, but the bottom line is they have ruined Edmund's character and painted him into a corner. I am just curious how they will write him out as so many of us would have preferred they at least had him reconcile with Brooke. Mary's Spotlight of the Week came from Karen who shares, "I wanted Brooke and Edmund to get together and thought it was wrong the way they broke them up in order to rush Edmund and Maria back together; she used to be one of my favorites. But now her character has been destroyed in the Babe love fest hour. The old Brooke would have never condoned what Jamie is doing and would have told Tad to bring him home to face his troubles. She definitely wouldn't have approved of him sleeping with and running off with his brother's wife. The Brooke that lost a child in a car accident would never condone lying to anyone that their child was dead when they were alive. The writers have completely destroyed Brooke's character!!!" Yes, Karen, they seem to be messing up established characters just for a big, dramatic storyline like Bianca's rape, the baby-switch, and now kidnapping. They focus on a small circle of characters and the others have to tolerate what their child/brother, etc does and react OUT of character. They have brought in a lot of new people the past year or so and the focus is on them. Ethan's paternity, Zach's past with Maria and connection to the Cambias' men, Jonathan's vendetta against his brother deserting him, and of course Babe/Krystal and the spells they cast on Tad/David/JR/and Jamie. I know it is important to keep the stories going, have a lot going on for everyone, but as Mary pointed out last week......the older actors provide the true AMC history. I am hoping they will still do a tribute to Ruth Warrick in having Phoebe pass away so Brooke and Edmund can mourn her loss. When this couple was together before Maria's reappearance, it was so heartwarming and comical the way the three interacted and Phoebe had played matchmaker with Jamie, Maddie, and Sam.

Father and son were still sharing a jail cell with various people dropping by to offer support or advice. Babe (in another cell) was being visited by her parents and later Bianca. Ms Montgomery actually listened to her old friend's maternal thoughts and decided to fight JR's attempt for custody of Adam III/Ace/Baby James. She would pull the "post traumatic amnesia" card. Babe had previously told Kevin Buchanan how she would fight him to her death. At the arraignment, Bianca is called to the stand but Babe interrupts the proceedings in time to prevent her friend from lying under oath. She confesses the baby is hers and JR's and has DNA proof. The judge (paid and prompted by Ethan) requests a court supervised DNA test and sets bail at $50,000. The three jailbirds are freed as we await the outcome of custody battle. I had always thought the true DNA test would prove Jamie is the father to justify having the couple get together. It would be more interesting and challenging if JR is the father as yet another Chandler faces life in their mansion, if only part-time. JR proved to have a softer, loving heart (thanks to Dixie) for his supposed daughter and now son, and then Adam ever did for any of his children except possibly Colby. Yet, he was/is a control freak and made a lot of poor decisions, and JR has followed in his footsteps. Some men might be savvy and smart in business and the corporate world but not in love and domestic life. The Chandler men have been a perfect example of that theory.

Anita got her divorce and is now a free woman. She is still dating Aidan and tells Zach to stay away from her, as she was not happy about Bobby being fired and departing town. Imagine how she will feel when she finds out Edmund paid her ex-husband to bring Zach down. Meanwhile, Greenlee finally admits to Ryan that she was a part of the Jonathan investigation and wanted to be honest with her husband. He is surprised and wants to ride off on his motorcycle to clear his head. Hopefully he is heading to Kendall's to apologize for his hurtful and close to hateful words. It was comical when he was in her bed waiting for her to wake up, just adding to the long list I always touch upon........unlocked doors or picking locks. Either way, unlawful and unwelcome entries!!!! By the way, does anyone remember why Ryan calls his brother, Hockett? I assume that is how you spell it. I am having a memory lapse on that one. Sadly, I don't think he is very serious about the counseling or getting help for his problems. He gives Ryan good lip service, is remorseful on some levels, but is not committed to making that call/staying away from Maggie/or letting go of his resentment against Bianca. He even twisted the anger issue around on Ryan when he pushed his buttons and the big red flag went up. He feels they both need counseling, which could be true, but it was very typical of an abuser/alcoholic/or addictive personality. Turn the blame around, don't accept responsibility for your own behavior, be in denial, and manipulate situations. Maggie was adamant about loving Jonathan, not wanting to accept Bianca's love. She felt it was because she was Frankie's twin, and after all, she prefers MEN. Hmmmmmmm, we haven't forgotten how she felt about Bianca when Jamie was her roommate or even when she first got involved with "Creepy Boy". I am sure this will be a good way to have the two actresses depart; I am just concerned what it will mean for Miranda. She has so many family ties. Bianca has been a huge part of the story for everyone involved as Eden made the character so amazing to watch. Having watched AMC for all 35 years, I have had to accept change and roll with the punches before. But why has it become more and more difficult? Boo hoo.

I hope this finds you all enjoying Super Bowl Weekend. I have to jump on the Patriots Band Wagon with Mary as I used to live back in New England, saw the team play against my beloved Denver Bronco team at their stadium, and am also now living with a die-hard Pats fan. My son-in-law is wound up like a top over the Boston Red Sox win and now hoping for a back-to-back Patriot win. We are having a Super Bowl Party in our new home, so how can we not enjoy it all? May the best team win and OUR FAVORITE SHOW dig out of low ratings to grab us and keep us aboard to watch Erica and Jack get married and grow old together!!!!


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