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Changing horses in the middle of the stream!
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Edmund unfortunately is showing his dark side and will be destroyed by it. This is really out of character and not pleasant to watch (other than he's clean shaven and is still a gorgeous man). Edmund has always been one of the good guys and great personalities. I will miss him when he's gone.

OLTL's Kelly and Kevin both decided to side with Babe as Kelly lied and said she gave the child to Babe. I believe that's a crime in and of it self. You can't just give a child away. What about the innocent nanny that Jamie and Babe drugged to steal the child? Have the writers forgotten about that already? Bianca comes full circle and tells the court Babe would make a better parent. I actually don't think JR or Babe are potentially horrible parents, just bad people in general. LOL!!! No one actually gets any punishment as it won't be long before Babe is able to gain joint custody is my bet.

Edmund unfortunately is showing his dark side and will be destroyed by it. This is really out of character and not pleasant to watch (other than he's clean shaven and is still a gorgeous man). Edmund has always been one of the good guys and great personalities. I will miss him when he's gone. There's much talk out there of Eva La Rue (Maria) wanting to go back to California which makes one wonder if Maria will also leave PV. I don't know how all of that will play out. If Maria leaves, that would definitely put a damper on Zach hanging around. I've gotten mixed reaction from the Zach character. He has potential and I wonder how Brooke and he would play off of each other as I'm always trying to fix Brooke up! Speaking of Brooke at least she was present this week as she observed Edmund's lies and demise.

Zach was able to free Maria and himself from Edmund's trap but Edmund isn't stopping there since he is now in possession of Bobby's cell phone. It's difficult to believe Bobby didn't report it missing and have it turned off. I know that's what everyone I know would do. Maria is excited about Edmund's discovery of a leg tingle, imagine how she'd react if she knew he could walk! Zach tried to share the info but was whacked by Ethan in the barn, the evidence stolen, but placed where it can be found later.

Kendall and Greenlee are talking babies and I find this difficult since Kendall has admitted to still being in love with Ryan. Kendall and Greenlee make good adversaries similar to the history between Brooke and Erica. I don't see the romance or excitement with Ryan/Greenlee, but the Kendall/Ryan pairing certainly generates sparks. I read where Alicia Minshew and Cameron Mathison both said they really missed working together as they have in the past. I think they must see the same chemistry that I do.

Bianca and Maggie are off to Paris. Bianca's send off party was emotional and the montage was a nice touch. Unfortunately, AMC did a really poor job as they had Ryan convince Maggie to cover up Jonathan's abusive behavior and sent Maggie packing without any thoughts of recovery from her ordeal. This did little to promote any help for battered individuals that are watching out there. They were in such a rush to have Maggie and Bianca end up together that they have come across as shallow and uncaring about the big issue of abuse within relationships. The public service announcements were just sugar coating to an incomplete plot.

David got punched again - this time by Jackson. I think David should keep an ice bag close by anytime he's out and about in PV. Krystal is going to jail, but unfortunately we are following her there. I would have preferred to follow Trey to the big house after Reggie turned on him.

Kendall and JR bantering was fun to watch. Even though JR was serious about wanting Kendall, it was light flirting and interaction.

Ethan's character is certainly changing into an objectionable one. I remember warming to him slowly, but now don't care for him much. This seems to be the current trend as so many of the new faces are evil such as Jonathan. Zach hasn't been a great guy either and now is going after the Cambias fortune to save Ethan from a terrible fate. Where is this leading?

Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Sunnie who writes: "I find it ridiculous that Ryan would leave Greenlee to help his brother. I understand his sense of responsibility toward Jonathan, but if he doesn't believe that Jonathan poisoned and tried to kill Greenlee, then he also has to believe that someone else out there, some as-yet unidentified person, still has it out for her and could take advantage of her being alone to come back and finish off the job this time. Why wouldn't Ryan be concerned about that, and at the very least arrange for Greenlee to be protected?" I've thought the exact same thing on why Ryan would leave Greenlee with out concern for her safety. Seems the writers missed this one.

Lily wanted to kiss Aidan, but instead gets a little heartbreak as she witnesses Anita and Aidan embracing. Erica could help Lily out in this department! I find it somewhat unbelievable that Lily would be allowed to wander the streets of PV unaccompanied so easily especially considering she has been in the mix with Jonathan several times. Nevertheless, she stumbles across Zach and is trapped in the barn with Zach and Edmund. Note, how we only saw the murderer's gloved hands and boots as they knocked Edmund out and started the fire. Who will this murderer be?

You know some guys look really good with long hair (like Sayid in Lost and Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade), but Jamie needs a haircut!! He is truly eye candy, but his long hair detracts from his good looks! Rumors are swirling that Cady McClain (Dixie) has been let go permanently from ATWT which leaves the opening for her to return to AMC. All I can say is bring her back NOW. Dixie is a core character that was much loved by most, don't even delay ---- do what it takes, get her back and give her a great storyline.

Thanks for the emails with your opinions, comments, rants and raves. See you next week!


Mary Page
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