Adieu our friend, Edmund!

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Adieu our friend, Edmund!
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Edmund is now officially dead and this puts an end to more of Pine Valley's history. Why would the writers turn Edmund into a bad guy? Is it so long time viewers wouldn't be upset that he was being let go and killed off? Well, they are wrong as Edmund was a wonderful character and John Callahan's acting will be sorely missed. This is a HUGE AMC loss.

Edmund is now officially dead and this puts an end to more of Pine Valley's history. I've heard from so many about this murder and most of it goes the way of this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week which comes from Bonnie who writes "It was bad enough that they got rid of Edmund, but why did they have to make him a bad guy after all these years?." Yes, Bonnie, why would the writers turn Edmund into a bad guy? Is it so long time viewers wouldn't be upset that he was being let go and killed off? Well, they are wrong as Edmund was a wonderful character and John Callahan's acting will be sorely missed. This is a HUGE AMC loss.

Edmund's death was quick and now we have the aftermath. Brooke's love of Edmund is shown and should never be forgotten. Edmund was her true love and they would have been together except for Maria's return. Maria now realizes what she's lost and wants to find out if Edmund really could walk. This is heart wrenching as Maria was trying to make a go of the marriage but will find out Edmund was only playing her along in an attempt to bring her down. This was really not the Edmund that we came to love and admire. How exactly are they going to explain Dimitri not showing up now that Edmund has been killed? It was bad enough they ignored Dimitri when Edmund became paralyzed.

Ethan tells everyone he saw Zach hit Edmund with the shovel. Ethan is a bad guy obsessed with bringing down Zach in any way he can which includes lying. Lily was there, but of course is now in her own world which is beyond reach. How long will this last? Zach accepts the blame, but does he think he's protecting Ethan? The police scene with Ryan, Ethan and Maria was ridiculous to think Derek would have allowed the chaos. One interesting note, was when Zach insinuated to Ryan perhaps Ryan wasn't the target of the shooter, instead the shooter was going for Greenlee, a premise I wrote about a while back. Then we have Erica showing up at the jail, chastising Zach. Erica has enough past sins of her own without throwing stones. Myrtle also comes by to lend Zach support even though Zach rebuffs her.

Sentencing comes down for the crime of keeping Miranda from Bianca and I noticed Tad is not being considered with the guilty. Don't know why, since he knew and kept quite as did Dr Joe. The judge upholds the plea bargain and if only Krystal was going to be gone for 10 years, unfortunately we'll be seeing her in prison. Tad professing his undying love to her was somewhat sickening. Babe and David get trash pickup as their community service, but David also loses his license to practice medicine. Haven't we been there, done that? When has not having a medical license stopped David?

Kendall and Greenlee are asking David to help them prove that Jonathan is evil. I thought Kendall wasn't speaking to David and Greenlee has snubbed David for quite a while. Note how they don't mind going to David for one of his illegal drugs when it could benefit them. Greenlee and Kendall came off as snide and nasty as they pressured David into helping them. Jonathan continues to play the evil, manipulative one and right when Ryan was about to start catching on, instead he backslides since Zach is accused of committing all those crimes and yet Ryan is unsure Zach is actually guilty. I can sure see why Jeff Branson (Jonathan) was nominated for an Emmy. He has done an outstanding job in his portrayal of this unlikable character. Simone certainly looks great after her pregnancy.

JR is sticking to the letter of the law telling Babe no extra visitation rights. This is so real life with the way so many couples that get divorces act. They treat their children as commodities to punish the ex-spouse. Very sad indeed. Babe is crushed an even though I don't care for the character, I can sympathize with her. Speaking of another great acting job that would be Alexa Havins (Babe) and it's obvious why she was nominated for an Emmy.

Seeing Adam and Palmer together this week was just sheer bliss. Those two are truly great actors. They play so well off each other. I remember when they've gone up against each other many times in the past, whatever the circumstances they are just pleasurable watching.

The Daytime Emmy nominations are out and AMC leads the pack with 18, but it's interesting to note, AMC is missing from some very prestigious categories such as Lead Actress, Supporting Actress and Outstanding Writing Team. This could be due partly to the ill-conceived and ridiculous storyline that put Susan Lucci in the spotlight as a Vegas showgirl. Also, AMC continues to drag stories out forever without regard to previous history or what the viewers would like to see. Case in point, rumors are pointing to Babe's baby not being JR's child after all. Now this would be fine except for the fact we've had 2 DNA tests since birth run on this baby. One by David and the recent court ordered one that proved JR the father and took Adam III away from OLTL. If this is changed it would mean all tests in PV are done by bumbling idiots. We as viewers want to see closure and movement towards other more enjoyable plots. Stop already with revisiting the same storyline. Another rumor out there is that Braden Lavery will return along with Ryan's sister. First off Braden is wanted by the law and should go straight to jail (do not pass go, do not collect $200), secondly this show isn't All My Laveries, it's built on core character history and I'm sorry Ryan isn't that. In the past he's been a good addition, but the writers should remember long-time viewers are vested in the Cortlandts, Chandlers, Martins, Brooke, Erica, etc. There are plenty of great storylines for these families while still supplementing them with Laveries, etc. I hope AMC is listening because if not their ratings will continue to lag, their viewers will be disappointed yet again and the writing Emmy will not be forthcoming.

Thanks for the emails with your opinions, comments, rants and raves. See you next week!


Mary Page
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