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Luis has done nothing but demand that Sheridan leave her mother alone, right on top of demanding that Pilar leave Martin alone as well. It would be great to see Pilar get fed up and tell all of her kids what selfish, spoiled brats they are.

I must start off the column this week by congratulating the ever-talented Juliet Mills on her Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy nomination. Oh how I wish Tabby had more airtime to compete in this category. Had she been nominated in the Supporting Actress category, she'd be a shoo in. But with her lack of a real storyline and screen time, I'm afraid her chances are slim. Still in all, a well deserved pat on the back goes to Mrs. Mills.

I strongly think some other actresses were overlooked. Liza Huber for starters. She has been phenomenal, knocking scenes out of the park left and right. Lindsey Hartley deserves some credit too, but due to the lack of writing skills, her talents are overlooked by the fact that her character is so repetitive. Eva Temargo definitely should've earned some recognition for Pilar's scenes with Martin. Also Silvana Arias. She makes the perfect spoiled brat. In the actor's categories, I think Justin Hartley deserves recognition. I would normally vote for Ben Masters, but lately, all Julian does is whimper, moan, and chase after Eve. However, his scenes with Leigh Taylor-Young were very heartfelt and touching.

I really don't know what to think of Jessica's rape. First of all, why do the writers write women who seem so stupid? Supposedly Jessica was a top notch student who completed the DARE program. Now she's dressy scantily and attracted to older guys. And the thing about this that bugs me the most is that this all came out of left field. I am glad Jess finally has a storyline, but really and truly I think the writers went the wrong way about doing it. Had this been Kay, it would've been more believable, because Kay has always had a bit of a wild side.

And I by no means think any woman ever "asks" to be raped. I don't care if you walk down Main Street buck naked, "No" means "NO." However, Jessica going out right after Paloma was almost raped was just stupid. I guarantee, had that happened to one of my friends, it would've served as a serious wake up call for me. And Paloma is just as stupid. As soon as her bruises healed, she was right back shaking her butt on that dance floor. I hope she realizes now how bad things can get for a girl.

Last week, Sheridan let Luis have it with both barrels and I cheered her on. Now this week he mopes around because his robot woke up and left him. I agree that she needed some time to cool off, and her going to Beth's made sense. She has no idea Beth is trying to kill her and Luis would never think to look for her there. Also, it would keep her closer to Marty because now Sheridan's motherly instinct is kicking in and she knows he is her son. It's like that movie, "The Deep End of the Ocean" when Michelle Pfeiffer sees her kidnapped son for the first time ten years later. She knew when she answered the door he was her son. And she went to hell and back to prove it to everyone only to initially have the child reject her. That would be a meaty story Mackenzie could sink her teeth in. Also it would keep Kelli around for a while longer.

Chad wants to live with Whitney to be a part of her life. Father Lonigan is praying for them, everyone else is repulsed by them. But Whitney shocks everyone when she initially agrees. Eve forbids it, and "lets it slip" yet again Chad is the baby's father. Then T.C. shows up with his temper and a fist fight ensues before Whitney claims she wants to raise her baby alone. Now I am not Chad's biggest fan, but he made me sick this week. His insistence that Whit wants him was grossing me (and everyone else) out. I don't hate Chad, but I really see no use for him on this show.

My mom is the greatest woman on the face of this earth. After all the things I've said to her and done to her, she still loves me. (Trust me, my teenage years were spent slamming a lot of doors and yelling a lot of profanities.) But my mom is also the first person to point out when I am wrong (and she does that a lot). So I don't understand how Pilar can sit there and tell Luis that Sheridan was wrong to get mad at him over Kathy leaving. Luis has done nothing but demand Sheridan leave her mother alone, right on top of demanding Pilar leave Martin alone as well. I wish she'd get fed up and tell all her kids what selfish, spoiled brats they are.

I got a lot of emails this week asking me why Rebecca wasn't arrested for helping Gwen escape. My guess is it's the same reason that attempted murderers walk free (Kathy). I also drew a lot of ire from people wanting to know why I condoned Rebecca's actions. Read last week's column again. I never condoned Rebecca or her actions. What I did was imply that Rebecca went above and beyond the call of duty to help her child. And I stand by that fully.

High Point of the Week:: Pilar. She unleashed her anger on Martin and rightly told him he got what he deserved with Kathy leaving him.

Low Point of the Week:: Eve. Why is it so hard for her to keep Whitney's secret? She kept hers for over 20 years.

Some Random Thoughts:

I loved Pilar telling Theresa that her situation was kind of her fault. Theresa whined she just wanted a husband and a family, Pilar straight up told her, "no, you only wanted one husband." And when he's another woman's husband, it makes for trouble.

I didn't receive any emails last week due to a technical error, but boy y'all made up for it this week. Thanks to everyone who wrote in! "I would guess that you didn't get any emails since nothing new is happening on this show. How many times can we watch every character self-destruct?" Thanks Jenny!!!

"I really don't understand why Fox puts up with Whitney, she treats him like crap." I totally agree Poe!

"On Monday's episode, Sam tells everyone that they cannot locate the Crane jet. Luis immediately apologizes to Sheridan!!! Hello, your niece is missing and with a resumed lunatic and all you think of as usual is Sheridan. Martin, too. And I am so sick of Luis preaching about how horrible Martin is as a father for deserting his family. I'm sorry, when was the last time you took care of Marty? When was the last time Miguel saw Maria? When was the last time that Luis checked on anyone besides Sheridan?" Thanks Angel!!!

"I just wanted to let you know that Jessica was at the club with the guy who she met there, not the guy who tried to rape Paloma." Thanks Faith! Chris and Jamison also wrote in to tell me this. Thanks to you all!!!

"Glory Hallelujah!!! Sheridan has awakened!!! She has finally seen Luis for the controlling manipulative @*$&*%*&^%* that he is!!!! I am so happy that our Sheridan is back Pilar is a hypocrite. She chastises everyone but when someone points out a wrong her kids did, it's like dios mio! Take that back Mi hijos are perfect!!" Thanks Jordan!!!

"Why do you hate Theresa so much? I know she plot to steal Ethan when he was seeing Gwen, but Gwen has done alot of hurtful things to Theresa! I also notice you hate Whitney who is Theresa's best friend. I don't know if it happens to be that they are both minorities and don't like to see them on screen or what." I was a huge Whit/Fox supporter for a long time. But lately, Whit is selfish and gross. I haven't liked Theresa from the beginning. I thought she was too much like a stalker, and while I do like Lindsay Hartley, I just don't like the character of Theresa. And Ethan was engaged to Gwen while Theresa was chasing after him. It has nothing to do with the fact that either character is a minority.

Until next week friends,

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