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Last week, thanks to the aftermath of Jessica's rape, the Bennett clan was actually interesting. Sam's rage and anger were totally justifiable; he has always been a loving dad, and now that one of his babies has been hurt, he wants revenge.

Week after week, I receive email after email telling me I'm wrong about this, that, or the other. And I take it all in stride because I firmly believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. After all, you lovely, dear readers endure mine week after week. And I appreciate it more than any of you can imagine. I also like to think I am a big enough person to admit when I am wrong. I have blasted the writers time and again, and there are still some things that need to be resolved on this show. But I must commend them and offer a hearty round of applause for a stellar week of this show. I truly was blown away by how much I actually WANTED to watch Passions this week.

First off Jessica's rape. This week is the first time in a very long time I have actually enjoyed watching the Bennett clan. From Kay trying to help Jessica by lying to her father and Ivy, to James Hyde's emotional performance. I loved him going from denying Jessica was a drug user, to learning she used drugs and was raped. His rage and his anger were totally justified. Sam has always been the loving dad, and now one of his babies has been hurt and he wants revenge. Seems perfectly in character for me. One question though, how in the heck did he find Randy so fast?

So Ethan learns from Fox and Chad that Jessica was raped, and the three of them decide to trash the club. First of all, why is Ethan so upset? It's not as if he and Jessica are all that close. Secondly, why isn't he upset with Theresa when she did the EXACT SAME thing to him? Thirdly, why is crime so rampant in this town, yet no one ever goes to jail? First Julian is shot, and it seems that when Theresa "died" for the crime, the case was dropped. Then Kathy shoots Alistair, and she is let go. Then Alistair and the frog are poisoned by Eve, and yet there she is practicing medicine. Now vigilante justice is running rampant and it's okay because a girl was raped. Harmony is not a place I'm all that anxious to go visit, let alone live there. No wonder Gwen got out while she could.

I also loved Ivy finding out about Endora. Julian has long been the stand around type, just waiting for Eve and interrupting Chad and Fox's tiffs. But his scenes with Kim this week had me excited and interested. Ben is BACK. His veiled threats to Ivy if she reveals the truth were classic Julian, and I would love to see just how far he'd go to keep Eve from finding out the truth. I do have one question though. Julian could care less about little Ethan so why all of a sudden does he want to be a part of Endora's life?

I don't care for Theresa when she's obsessed with Ethan, but I actually enjoyed her scenes with Whitney this week. It was nice to hear fresh dialogue from Lindsey instead of the same "that lunatic took my baby" crap that comes out every two seconds. I am glad she told Whitney off too. Not everything that has happened to nit Whit is Eve's fault. And I can't begin to tell you how much I hate nit Whit now. How could she sit there, with Theresa's baby missing, and proclaim how much she hates her own baby? How insensitive can she be?

I can finally see where Theresa gets her obsessive ways from. Pilar begging Martin to come back to her was sickening. I used to love Pilar, but lately she is so hypocritical it isn't funny. It was okay for Luis and Sheridan to sneak around behind Antonio's back and it is okay for Theresa to chase after a married man, but it isn't okay for Martin to want to be with Katherine. It's also okay for Miguel to leave his child to go search for Charity, but not for Martin. The sad thing is, Martin is really starting to grow on me. He has been nothing but upfront with Pilar about his feelings for Kathy, and she is acting like he promised her the moon.

I'm not going to lie to you dear readers, I fast forwarded through most of Luis' scenes this week. He bores me to tears with his, "Sheridan hates me" crap. Yes Sheridan misses her mother. Kathy is the only one who would listen when Sheridan talked about Marty being her son. Luis just dismisses her as if she is an idiot. He did save her life, or rather Marty saved her. I have the sneaking suspicion Sheridan would've been revived a lot quicker had Luis not left her laying in that bed forever, in a room filled with gas. And as far as Martin's secret about the gazebo goes, when Luis had all of Alistair's disks, didn't he see what was on them? Shouldn't he know what's under that gazebo?

I'm not a mother, so all you moms out there please feel free to clue me in. If Theresa was breastfeeding Jane, and now Gwen has her, shouldn't she be having some sort of reaction to the formula? It's my understanding babies have to be weaned off breast milk. And is the Crane Compound in Greece? Just seems to me like it is. How cool is it that the Crane Compound is built into cliffs and can't be found. It also comes complete with a nursery and baby formula too.

High Point of the Week:: James Hyde. Very refreshing to see him in a front burner storyline, rather than sitting around and trying to calm T.C.

Low Point of the Week:: T.C. and the frog. Really what is their purpose on this show? And that comment the frog made about, "what goes around comes around"; well I can't wait til she gets hers.

Some Random Thoughts:

Andrea wants to know, "How it is that Whitney had a totally flat stomach last week and now she's huge?" Steph also wrote in to ask me this. I have no clue why all of a sudden nit Whit is showing. I was beginning to hope she really wasn't pregnant, but rather something she made up in an insane attempt to hold onto Chad. How cool would that have been?

"It seems as if the writers are just pulling things out of a hat for the actors to do. Jessica is a prime example. I'm glad she isn't just a salesgirl anymore, but to suddenly turn into a skank?" Couldn't have said this better myself Mary Jane!!!!!!!

Jamison asks, "Do you think 'coward' is a good word to describe Whitney with?" I can't print what I think a good word to call Whitney is.

"Why hasn't Rebecca been arrested for aiding and abetting in a kidnapping? She makes it blatantly clear that she helped Gwen escape with Baby Jane." It has also been pointed out that kidnapping is a federal crime, but I guess Alistair has pull over the federal government too.

Quote of the week: "Chad disgusts me in every way possible. Not only because he's begging his sister to be with him, but just because he's annoying. He's like that cockroach that you try to kill and it keeps coming back no matter what." Thanks Stephanie!!!

Until next week friends,

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