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That's what we've been missing in PV for a while now. I remember when PV was full of love and romance, but now it seems there's only hate and revenge in everyone's heart. We have JR after Babe, Jamie, David, Tad and anyone else that JR deems has wronged him.

That's what we've been missing in PV for a while now. I remember when PV was full of love and romance, but now it seems there's only hate and revenge in everyone's heart. We have JR after Babe, Jamie, David, Tad and anyone else that JR deems has wronged him. With Ethan it appears nothing will stop him from seeing Zach pay for crimes Zach didn't commit. In Ethan's mind lying is the means that justifies the end as long as Zach goes down. Maddie blames Maria for Edmund's death and one can only assume Sam will feel the same way. Erica verbally attacks Maria while blaming her for Edmund's death as well. Jackson is abusive to Aidan since Lily was in danger. Greenlee, Kendall, Simone and Jackson want payback against Jonathan.

Jonathan tells everyone that Braden is alive well and wants Ryan & Greenlee dead. Ryan in turn wants to know why Zach lied about shooting him and poisoning Greenlee. It seems a reasonable request and one would wonder why Zach wants to go to prison so badly. Zach was brutal in explaining to Maria how he killed Edmund.

Now are we supposed to believe no one would have intervened and escorted Erica out of Wildwind while she was accusing Maria of being the cause of Edmund's death? Maria is in mourning and I don't believe even Erica would have been that callused.

Greenlee's angry with David for letting Ryan know about the truth serum for Jonathan. David finds out he's been out of touch as Maggie has left town without his knowledge. Again, this shows how the writers were in such a hurry to shove that storyline out the door. Rumors abound that Eden Riegel has been cast as Sarah Webber on General Hospital. If this is true, I wonder why Eden didn't just say that was why she was leaving as opposed to making up the "pilot season" story. I for one don't know why she'd leave for another soap role after saying how much AMC was her soap. Oh well, if this rumor proves to be true, it probably comes down to money.

Stuart meets up with Babe and manages to finally get her to understand she was wrong to keep Miranda, wrong when she lied to Bianca and lied to JR about his son being dead. Basically just wrong. Babe is right about not getting married immediately to Jamie. What's up with Jamie trying to pressure her? I could say into this lifetime commitment but considering Babe's past track record at her young age, I'll just say until next time commitment. Another words "I Do, I Do" for now! LOL!!

Lily appears to be the only witness to Edmund's murder but Aidan can't quite get her to speak out. Obviously Lily will be in danger from the real killer and will eventually tell what happened. Jackson has been lacking in the father department lately.

Jonathan is giving the impression that Braden is in his place when Simone shows up, but Simone doesn't find anyone. Now why exactly Simone would force herself into Jonathan's place and then refuse to leave promptly and say she'll be back is just ludicrous but let's overlook that. Instead we have to wonder does Jonathan have a split personality? Oh, let me just say DON'T GO THERE. The split personality storyline has been so overdone on television and in movies, that it shows no imagination. I'd prefer that the evil Braden is a reality and is captured and punished for his sins. Let's hope that is the case.

According to interviews in soap magazines with AMC higher ups, the same person that shot Ryan will be Edmund's murderer. If this is true and Braden shot Ryan then he killed Edmund too. Seems a little too convenient to me. You know it seems to me that AMC just decided to change the past to give Jonathan a pass so they can keep Jeff Branson on the show. I think he's a great actor but it would have been better to have the plot planned out better originally.

Obviously everyone out there has noticed how many times Dixie's name has been mentioned in the last month. So much so there's talk that Dixie will be a new character named Diana Cole (note the DC initials) who is in prison with Krystal. Okay, we all know this isn't Cady McLain, so has Dixie had an appearance change? If so, we've been down that road before and I for one don't believe anyone can portray Dixie except Cady McLain. Also, why would Dixie be in prison since last we heard, she was in a car accident.

Ethan and Kendall have professed their love for each other. Just as some romance is coming at us, Ryan and Greenlee break right in and interrupt them in bed. Why is it no one knocks in PV? And why do Ryan and Greenlee think they are above the law to do this? Kendall wants Ethan to come clean with her on the whole "I saw Zach kill Edmund" routine, but Ethan sticks to his story then remembers the disk he stole off of Zach and Edmund tossed into a box at Wildwind. Next thing we know Ethan is at Wildwind viewing and taking the disk. That's one disk Maria won't be privy to.

This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Alice who writes "I have watched AMC since I was a kid, along with my grandmother and mother. This is the first time I can remember feeling uncomfortable with the storyline to the point that I don't watch the show very often. There is so much anger and misery that watching isn't entertaining anymore. Almost every storyline revolves around revenge and anger. AMC used to be about controversial issues, and most importantly it was funny. Even Erica could be funny. Now all she does, along with most of the rest of the cast is go around seeking revenge. It gets to the point that I don't enjoy watching." Yes, Alice, let's hope AMC can bring a little romance back to the afternoon and get over all this revenge and violence. Don't we get enough of that in real life? Enjoyed everyone's opinions and comments and I'll see you back here in 2 weeks.


Mary Page
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