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It's good to be home!
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Poor Harley is STILL on trial; it seems that Olivia has shown her true colors (again) and will sell Harley down the river in an effort to get Alan off of her case with Emma. Alan would sell out his own flesh and blood, so why would she trust him?

Who says you can never go home again? Well, maybe Harley after this week!! At least I can say that I made it back from the sunny Bahamas (and wish I had brought the weather with me!!!). I can safely report that GL is shown there (they have Miami stations, so GL was on from 10-11AM EST). It felt a little strange watching GL while looking at all of that sun and sand, but it sure beats the cold of Maryland (where IS spring - has anyone seen it yet?).

Poor Harley is STILL on trial - here I thought I'd come home to find that Gus found a way to get her off for a crime she may (or may not) have committed. Now it seems that Olivia has shown her true colors (again) and will sell Harley down the river for a "sure thing" and getting Alan off of her case with Emma. Yeah, who is SHE kidding? Alan would sell out his own flesh and blood (oh, yeah, he did that already to Gus, didn't he?) so she's going to trust him? All of her good instincts (business and personal) must have been lost at Ravenwood. Still, I'll be rather gleeful when her instincts backfire on her (and might cost her Bill once he knows she sold Alan the Lewis building). I like Olivia as a character, but Harley is my girl - and she won't go down without a fight. I can see another mud fight brewing here - once Harley gets out.

It seems that others in Springfield will also be going that extra mile to get what they want this week. Who didn't know that Dinah was at the fertility clinic waiting for Eddie? She'll get what she wants, and so will Edmund. Cassie will be out of luck - or will Jeffrey come to her rescue. For those who aren't sure that really was Bradley Cole singing Friday (and my favorite of his songs, too - thanks Bradley!!). I wondered how they would get him to sing on the show. I mean, a former federal agent turned D.A. really doesn't have much free time to start a band, does he? I'm still hoping that GL will get their talented cast together to do a CD - maybe for the holidays. There are a lot of talented crooners on cast and the fans would really appreciate their efforts.

Reva, it seems, is leaning more towards the dark side of the force (yes, I am a huge Star Wars fan) and Jonathan is leading the way. Still, the former AMC fan in me loved seeing Mark LaMura on the show this week. Hopefully GL will keep him on at least recurring status. But where does all of this leave Josh and Reva? I mean, after a third trip down the aisle I can't stomach another divorce. Still, Johnnie is pushing all of his mama's buttons these days - at what cost? Pretty soon Reva will have to resort to talking to relatives off-canvas - they'll be the only ones willing to have her in their life.

Since Spring is almost here (at least on the calendar) the Spring Spoilers have been added to the site. I try not to mention many of them here, but if you want to take a peek into GL's future stories, they are now online.

Don't forget that GL will be pre-empted both Thursday and Friday for CBS' coverage of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I don't think my Terps will make it this year, so I think I'll root for the Fighting Illini' - and any Cinderella team that I get the chance to see - I always love a happy ending!!

Thanks to all those who sent me birthday wishes!! Can't believe I'll be 38 on Tuesday - where does the time go?

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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