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Edmund jumped from the frying pan into the fire last week. What is he thinking, letting Cassie's biggest nemesis carry their child? How can he ever believe that Dinah would actually give up the child when it is born?

For those of you unfamiliar with the basketball term, an "Air Ball" is when you (normally) have a clear shot at the hoop and totally miss your shot. The fans (on the other team, of course) call out in unison "Air Ball, Airrrrrrr Baaaaallll" - and you feel foolish.

That is the way I feel after watching this trial. First of all, it went to trial in record time. Even my fairly small county takes 9 months or more to take a trial where a group of at least 30 saw the murder in a crowded bar. But this one was rushed for, well, ratings. Yet it ends this week - after the ratings season is over. I feel like we've seen the trial at warp speed, then ignored it for what seems like days and days. But I was hoping for a lot more twists and turns, since we had so many people dislike the deceased - and wanted him dead.

Yet we see only the twist at the end, and from the previews we saw Friday (and the spoilers as well) that Gus is the mysterious person in the garage meeting with the star witness for the defense. Which, in legal terms, is a big no-no. So how will this meeting change the course of the trial - which seemed to be a slam dunk (yes, another basketball term) after we learned of the witness? Only time will tell - but I have no doubt that Gus' meeting, and Olivia's little "innocent" photo op will give us two new stories to pursue.

And Edmund jumped from the frying pan into the fire this week. What is he THINKING letting Dinah - Cassie's biggest nemesis - carry their child? How can he ever believe 1) that Cassie would ever forgive him for the fire and/or this mortal blunder and 2) that Dinah will give up the child when it is born? Although fans of Richard/Cassie will like that Cassie appears to be headed towards look-alike Jeffrey. But why go to all the trouble to have them get married, to break up after 2 months? Can't someone be happy on GL? All I ask for is a little love and happiness on the show. It's NCAA tournament time, and I always root for Cinderella!! Even poor Sandy can't even get Tammy away from the evil Jonathan. Where is the love in Springfield these days? Someone needs to steal a glass slipper from the round ball fans so we have get back to love in the afternoon!!!

At least GL is on all five days this week. Hopefully we'll get to see some great new stories develop - including one for Reva that I think will be great. Only time will tell.

Until next week, I'm still hoping for Cinderella... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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