Possession is nine-tenths of the law

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Possession is nine-tenths of the law
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Dinah's history is littered with her desire to have a child. Dinah poked holes in a condom to trap Jeffrey into paternity, but her plan failed. Now she has allowed herself to carry a child for her mortal enemy.

I watch a lot of crime shows, like CSI, CSI-NY (starring GL alum Melina Kanakaredes), Without a Trace, Cold Case, and I feel like I have become an arm chair detective of sorts. Which certainly helps when trying to break down the plots on GL. But sometimes, even the smallest of encounters gives me a new reason to look at the show in a whole new light (pardon the pun).

This week, I was met a beautiful little 5 year-old girl. She had just moved to our street during the winter months and was riding her new bike with her new friends (all little boys) and came over to introduce herself. It took all of about 10 seconds before I got the question that every child seems to ask me: "Do you have any kids"?

My husband and I have been married nearly 19 years and have no children. Which gives people some pause - especially kids. They (and some of their parents) think a) I must not like kids (not true, although I don't always have an answer for their many questions) or b) I must be some kind of monster. Neither is true - but how do you explain infertility to a 5-year old? I usually tell her that not everyone is lucky enough to have a little girl like her. Which makes her happy - and me a little sad. But it did give me a whole new look on how Dinah will deal with her choice to carry Cassie and Edmund's baby.

For those who don't remember Dinah from her last trip to Springfield and her history before she returned, it is littered with her desire to have a child. Hart's child (which Cassie ultimately had -the reason she has such hatred towards her - warped as it is) or some unknown European boyfriend's child - which she lost while off-canvas. Dinah poked holes in a condom to "trap" Jeffrey into paternity, which failed. But now, she has allowed herself to carry a child for her mortal enemy and the man she "loves" (at least for the moment).

When I first heard of the IVF (in-vitro fertilization) storyline, I was intrigued. My husband and I had looked at such an option years before - but I was leery of being able to afford only one treatment (at about $10K) which might not be met with success. Today things are a little better (and more affordable, thankfully). Of course, in soaps you get a baby the first time (which isn't always the case). But I thought this was an excellent way to show this option to other families in my predicament.

And surrogate mothers are also a storyline that is rarely done. This would certainly be a much different story if a more (mentally stable) person were the surrogate for Cassie and Edmund. But of course, this is daytime, and it had to be Cassie's mortal enemy pulling the wool over her eyes in the biggest way possible. And Edmund....well, what can you say there? He thought it was a good idea. Trouble was - he didn't think about it very long. His desire to have a baby with Cassie overruled the common sense telling him to make his marriage more stable first, then try to bring a baby into the picture.

So what will happen when this baby is ready to make an appearance - all in time for November sweeps? The saying goes that "possession is 9/10 of the law" and Dinah will be - forgive me for being blunt - in "possession" of the baby. I just can't see this going well for any of the characters involved. But it could make for a great sweeps story.

And let's look at poor Gus. His heart was in the right place, but getting a con who can lie at will to lie for Harley wasn't a great idea, either. Not to mention just a teensy bit illegal - which Alan will really love to use to any advantage. But how can he just walk away from Gus knowing that he has a bleeding ulcer and the woman he loves life is on the line? Once again, Alan shows that he's very much like the Tin Woodsman from "The Wizard of Oz" - who's signature song was "If I Only Had a Heart."

But Jonathan was showing little bits of a heart this week by saving Tammy from the fire. We've certainly seen this character at his absolute worst (so we think) so could he be changing? You have only to look at his "Uncle Eddie" to see that a leopard never changes his spots - he just hides them for awhile. Reva's impulsive behavior will surely feed into Jonathan's master plan - as yet unrevealed. Summertime is certainly heating up in Springfield!

Elizabeth is showing her true Spaulding colors as well. Evicting (not evacuating, Coop) the Cooper family from their home is a pretty low thing to do. Alan would certainly approve of her tactics, but what will all of this hatred and animosity get her in the end? Can't she see how lonely and unhappy Alan is despite his wealth and power? Hopefully Coop can show her the error of her Spaulding ways, before it's too late. I think they are such a cute couple and hope that GL keeps them together.

Hopefully GL characters can do a little more looking before they leap. The disastrous results that could change their lives forever are all the more reason to play it safe with your heart.

As spring tries to peek it's little head into cloudy, rainy Maryland, I hope that you are able to spend your holiday (for those who celebrate Easter) with those you love. While we certainly are able to see the commercialism in this (and most) holidays, I always look at it as a time to reflect on your life and be with the ones you love. Keep the Light Shining and Happy Easter!

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