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Bang, bang you're dead - NOT!
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Ryan is shot, but thanks to that handy vest he lives to save the town from the bomb attached to Edmund's coffin.

Ryan is shot, but thanks to that handy vest he lives to save the town from the bomb attached to Edmund's coffin. Perhaps we would have been better off if the bomb would have gone off and all present were a distant memory. It was amazing how Ryan could get to the funeral, get everyone out and disable the bomb in less than 6 minutes. Soap Time! We have Ryan going to his old home to find "clues" about how Braden is going to kill him. Ryan must go alone, but suddenly we find Aidan and Tad have both followed.

Edmund's dead and everyone blames Maria. I find it somewhat out of character that the new Mama Santos is being so hateful to Maria, of course Sam and Maddie are just as bad. Everyone understands that Maria was not the loving wife she had been in the past, but there's still no reason to attack her at every turn while she's mourning her husband's death. I'm not even a big Maria fan, but come on back off her folks. I wasn't surprised Brooke came clean with the info that Edmund was planning revenge against Maria and Zach, it's just not in Brooke's nature to hide things. Brooke also was due to go off on Maria as Brooke has always been in love with Edmund. It's completely unbelievable that Hayley, Mateo, Anton, Peggy, Dimitri and the list goes on would not show up for Edmund's funeral. Phoebe should have been mentioned as being somewhere with Langley as she did love Edmund. Sam and Maddie certainly have grown up. Why is it AMC continues to age everyone until they are 25 and then they never get past that age?

Lily saw the shooter and Erica has it figured out --- Zach is innocent. She proceeds to find and tell Jackson. How logical! Next Erica is being Erica by being mean to Maria and others.

The guard is telling Krystal not to get JR upset as JR could make trouble. What's up with this? Next Di is telling the guards that someone planted the knife on Krystal and they just let Krystal go. What kind of prison is this? I have to comment on the actress that is portraying Diana Cole. She is WAY too YOUNG to be JR's mother. There is NO way she could possibly be Dixie. Plus how many people can change appearances and have amnesia? I can only hope TPTB stop this nonsense. Let this woman be someone else, maybe knew Ted Orsini and thinks Tad is Ted, but stop already on making her Dixie. And while I'm at it, stop referring to Dixie everyday. This is so out of control.

We have Adam and David making a deal. David will help Adam find Liza and Colby if Adam gets JR to back off Babe. Seems like the devil is making a deal with himself. The writers have ruined my favorite --- David. He found out he was Babe's father and morphed into a stranger. Will he return to his old evil nice self? I think not as long as McTavish is at the helm.

JR schemes to keep Adam III from seeing Babe during the baby's first birthday. That was mean but to be expected. It didn't work and now we have David being even more leery and threatening towards Adam and their pact.

Lily sees Braden with Jonathan or will it be Jonathan talking to himself as Braden? It appeared Jonathan grabbed himself which would give credence to the multiple personality disorder theories running rampant out there. So, will we see Braden soon? I think we will as Jonathan has to be redeemed. The only glitch in this is Jonathan's abusive past to the women he's encountered. There wasn't just Maggie, but it seems all of this will be written off as the evil influence of Braden and Jonathan's upbringing. So AMC just discounts that he beats up women?

Kendall will soon be seeing the real Ethan and will she dump him? I do wish so as I still have hope for Kendall and Ryan. They were a great match up. I've heard from some JR and Kendall fans, but except for aging JR to Jacob Young, I'm sorry Kendall is too old for JR. They are good together as friends, but that's it. Also, others like Kendall and Zach together. This would be bizarre since Kendall has been with Ethan, Zach's son and now she'd change to his father. That would be too much nepotism in PV!!!

According to SOD Eva La Rue is leaving AMC to return to California when her contract expires in the summer. The house in NY will be sold and John Callahan will go there too so he can be with their daughter. I'm not surprised she's leaving as AMC definitely mis-managed her return. SOD also rumored that Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) would leave in the fall when her contract is up. I won't miss the Greenlee character if that happens. The character has always been mean spirited and selfish no matter the situation. One could liken it to Erica but Erica does have many redeeming qualities.

I have two AMC Fan Spotlight of the Weeks this time. One from Barbette who writes "My biggest problem with AMC is the same characters have dominated the show for the last 2 years. I used to like Ryan, but I can't stand him now..... I am also sick of the Babe, Jamie, JR triangle...... Give them a rest and more importantly give the fans a rest. I would love to see Aidan in a frontburner storyline that involves him with a mysterious and spicy woman like Kendall. End the Anita thing like yesterday, please." Barbette is so right we get over saturated with the same characters and it gets stagnant. I for one would LOVE to see a Brooke and Adam re-pairing and front burner storyline. This would showcase seasoned actors which brings me to the next Spotlight from Suzanne who writes "Kudos to whoever brought Adam and Palmer together for the scene at the hospital picking on David. We have been in desperate need of some humor lately on AMC and Palmer and Adam came through. I wish we could see more of these seasoned actors." Suzanne is so right on, why not use that great talent, who cares if they are over 30 or 40! Lots of the viewing audience is too! I'll see you back here in 2 weeks.


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