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It's hard to believe, but Todd and Blair still aren't out of trouble and back home with their children.

It's hard to believe, but Todd and Blair still aren't out of trouble and back home with their children. After an amazing feat of getting Asa to confess, Todd went to rescue Blair, and in his own way, even let the police get involved. Not many people would pull a gun on people and then call the police commissioner to talk about it. This actually seemed more like the "old" Todd to me, meaning when Roger Howarth played Todd. The character has changed when the actors changed, which is hardly an oddity in the soap world. Trevor St. John has done a great job taking over such a big role, but at the same time, it was great to see some of the "old" Todd's spark return. He and Blair have been through more in the past few months than most people, not even counting the latest window ledge fiasco. I realize Blair was in a hurry to escape from the creepy place, but standing outside on a window ledge didn't seem to have a good purpose. She knew she couldn't jump, and now she can barely move. I was afraid she was going to fall of the ledge in shock when she saw Todd in the window. Once she finally accepted that Todd was alive, she took his hand and started (or at least appeared to start) falling off of the ledge. Enough is enough! We all know Blair isn't going to die, so lets wrap this up and move on to the next phase of Todd and Blair's story. I don't want to see Todd and Blair get in danger again, including getting a flat tire on the way home. The most interesting part of this entire story, in my opinion, is if and how Todd and Blair will be able to move on with their lives together after dealing with what has happened, including Margaret's role in it all. There have been enough near death events and cliffhangers to last us for a long time. It's time to see what the fallout of this ordeal is and if Todd and Blair will wind up putting their family back together.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Kelly have been a part of Todd and Blair's storyline by dealing with things in Llanview. They both tried to help find Blair when Asa set up his hotline, and they have both been trying to help Starr cope with the ordeal. Kevin's scene with Starr last week was absolutely phenomenal. Kevin went above and beyond the call of duty when he found Starr at the Love Center. He could have just escorted her back to the diner to meet Kelly, but he took the time to comfort Starr instead. I was impressed by Kevin's level of compassion and intuition during this scene. He knew how Starr was feeling and said the right things, including that it is okay to cry. Starr always puts up a tough facade, but Kevin got her to let down her guard, if only for a few minutes. After all that has happened between Kevin and the Cramer women, it was remarkable to see him help in the way that he did. I also like how he has been supportive of Kelly throughout this whole ordeal. Kelly has become a good, strong character again, and Kevin is showing his caring, rational side again. Todd and Blair's problems seem to be helping Kevin and Kelly deal with their own problems and grow closer. I never thought I would say this, but I want them to get back together. A year or even six months ago, I wouldn't have even entertained the idea of Kevin and Kelly reuniting, but now I actually think it is a good idea. I don't think they should get remarried tomorrow or anything, but their relationship is definitely worth exploring. This just proves that a year can make a huge difference in the life of a soap opera!

Speaking of possible (and seemingly less likely) reunions, Jessica and Antonio are making very little progress. With Jessica's new personality, I don't see this couple getting back together in the near future. I can't say I am eager to see Jessica go through a DID storyline, and I wonder what its ultimate purpose is. I hope it isn't to postpone a reunion between Jessica and Antonio and that there is a something more worthwhile in store for the viewers. Right now, I am just amazed that no one close to Jessica has considered that something is wrong. When Jessica (or Tess) was talking to Natalie and Viki, she wasn't acting like Jessica at all. Her mannerisms were completely different, and it looked like she had to work to "be" Jessica. For a moment, I thought Viki was starting to realize it during those scenes, but she didn't pursue it. When is someone going to catch on to what is happening? How many elevators will "Tess" have to rig before anyone cosniders that Jessica has DID? Jessica's "stalker" seems to have disappeared, but she is waking up with bruises and can't remember blocks of time. This should sound familiar to anyone close to Viki and to Viki herself. I don't any viewers are in suspense about whether Jessica has DID, so it's time to focus on characters discovering it and dealing with it. I have a feeling that Antonio will be the first one to suspect something is wrong, even though Viki is the more obvious choice. Antonio has been checking up on Jessica a lot and hasn't found her explanations plausible. If he is the first one to consider the possibility that Jessica has DID, it will be interesting to see how it affects their already complicated, strained relationship. If Jessica and Antonio do reunite, I think it won't happen for quite a while. Of course, anything is possible on a soap opera!

Finally, in my last column, I commented on my disdain regarding Nora and Daniel and Bo and Paige as couples. I then asked for fans of Bo and Paige or even just for the character of Paige to write and explain why they liked this couple (I've already heard from a few Nora and Daniel fans). The problem is no one did. Instead, I got several emails expressing discontent with this pairing and about Paige in general. Is it possible that no one likes Paige or Paige and Bo? I once again invite any fans of Paige or of Bo and Paige to write me and tell me why you like them. If you don't like Paige, still feel free to write! As for Nora and Daniel, I can't believe their wedding is approaching. We all know Daniel is bad news, and after he was holding that knife while he was kissing Nora, I think he is even creepier than before. I've read theories on message boards that Daniel and Paige are in cahoots and actually will leave Llanview together. I am all for it, and more importantly, I am all for a Bo and Nora reunion! Bo and Nora fans have been waiting for 6 years, and this reunion is long overdue.

Have a pleasant week!

Have a pleasant week!

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