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Last week, Whitney went into labor. Why is it that no one can seem to give birth in the hospital?

Nit Whit went into labor this week. Amazing her pains stopped when she got on the phone with Fox to try to convince him not to come home. And I can't believe how stupid Fox is for signing his power of attorney over to her. However, Chad has to be someone else's child. Would Alistair really try to convince him to be with nit Whit knowing they are siblings? YUCK!!!!

Why is it that no one can seem to give birth in the hospital? And why is Eve coaching nit Whit through labor and calling herself "mommy"? Some doctor. But I did love her telling Whit "he's the baby, you're the grown up." And how wonderful is it that our favorite vixen is walking. And I am so glad Ethan caught her so she can't lie and try to hold on to him.

Poor Jessica. I hate that she is in so much pain, but I love where this story is going. And I knew Ivy was going to delete that message from Grace. She so has it coming. I loved Eve standing there subtly commenting on Ivy's parenting skills. She was really putting the screws to Ivy, until bratty Simone jumped in and railed on Eve. Really Simone, had you had the opportunity to jump on the couch with Chad, you know you would have. So stop ragging on nit Whit for sleeping with your half-brother.

Luis has absolutely no sense. Sheridan is walking around in a deluded state, thinking she is Marty's mother and he thinks it's a good idea to bring the child to her. That is like bringing a chicken to a hungry wolf. And all that absurd stuff she ordered for him should've been clue number one she's loco. Really, what is a one year old going to do with a batting cage and pinball machine? And maybe it's just me, but Marty is getting cuter and cuter. I think 20 years from now, he and Endora would make a beautiful couple.

I don't usually care for Beth, Edna, and Precious, but this week I laughed out loud at Edna holed up in that bedroom with the military helmet, hiding from Beth. And I must say I am not sorry to see Precious go, although I liked Edna's trip down memory lane.

High Point of the Week:: Fox going after Jane.

Low Point of the Week:: Nit Whit. I feel so sorry for her son.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I'm not really that happy that we went this whole week without Martin and Pilar. I wanted to see them grow closer again. But on the upside, I'm glad we were without three people this week -- the hothead, the frog, and the spoiled brat." Thanks Jamison!!

"Ivy intentionally covered her ears while Jessica is screaming for help and is plotting to keep Grace away from Harmony and her daughter. How can she as a mother keep quiet and watch Jessica's agony and pain and not feel something?" Because Ivy only cares about Ivy. Thanks Baileigh!!

Quote of the week: "He's [Chad] in cockroach mode again, lurking around and hanging around when no one wants him there. Goodness he's annoying." My thoughts exactly Stephanie!!

Quote of the week part deux: "And just where else can so many babies be born at home? Hello! Pick up the phone and call an ambulance! No sir, just hop on the old kitchen table. Not to mention you are instantly skinny again, with no blood, no tearing, no, I wish I had given birth there. And you're up and around in an hour!!" Thanks Mary Jane!!

Have a blessed and Happy Easter. Good Luck to Pokey Chatman and her Lady Tigers as they advance through round after round of the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament!!!

Until next week friends,

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