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Passions Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on PS
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Jessica goes to Tabitha's house and walks in on Kay and Simone "gossiping" about her. Kay is saying that Jessica needs a man like Miguel, and Jessica says that Reese was that man until Kay ruined everything. Kay and Simone tell her that it was Charity who stole Reese, but Jessica snaps that Kay made a move on him first. Jessica says that Miguel couldn't get away from Kay fast enough, and runs out of the house.

Ivy apologizes to Sam and offers to move out, but he doesn't want her to leave. She says she wants to be a better stepmother and a better mother, and says maybe she could call her daughters and they could come home and be a family. Jessica returns to the Bennett house and yells at Sam, Kay and Simone to leave her alone. She thinks that no one cares whether she lives or dies. Jessica screams that she hates all of them and runs into the house, where the phone is ringing. Grace leaves a message on the answering machine. Jessica goes upstairs into the bathroom, screams, and knocks a shelf of toiletries onto the floor. She finds a razorblade on the floor and cuts herself. Outside, Sam wants to go check on Jessica but Ivy and Kay tell him to give her time.

Theresa discovers that Whitney is planning to use Fox's power of attorney to give her baby up for adoption while Fox is gone. Whitney says this is the only way her child can have a normal life. In the other room, Fox accuses Ethan of not wanting Gwen to come home so that Ethan won't have to choose between Gwen and Theresa. Ethan tells him that he just wants Fox to go about this the right way, and suggests they go tell Sam where Gwen is and let the police handle it. Fox tells Ethan he won't go out on his own, but he is planning to anyway. Ethan gets the power of attorney papers for Fox and Whitney to sign, and Fox reminds Whitney of how much he trusts her. Fox tells Ethan to give Whitney unlimited power of attorney, even though Ethan warns him that can be dangerous. Fox asks Theresa and Ethan to go into the other room so he can say goodbye. He promises Whitney that he will bring home Jane, says goodbye, and leaves. Ethan sees Fox driving away and realizes that he can't escape having to choose between Theresa and Gwen now. In the kitchen, Whitney is in pain and says she is in labor!

Luis goes to Beth's house to take Marty with him for a few days. Mrs. Wallace remembers Beth telling her not to give Marty to Luis, and she is reluctant to hand him over for fear of what Beth might do, but when Luis explains Sheridan's current mental state to her, Mrs. Wallace tells him to go ahead and take Marty. Luis brings Marty home with him and Mrs. Wallace is heading out the door to escape from her daughter when Beth returns home. Mrs. Wallace and Precious go into Mrs. Wallace's bedroom and block the door so Beth can't get to them. Beth is frantic when she can't find Marty, and Mrs. Wallace has to tell her that Marty is with Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan takes a walk and imagines happy times with Marty, but then she remembers Luis telling her that Marty is Beth's son and she wonders if she really is losing her mind. She decides that she doesn't have a baby and she might never have a baby, and she needs to deal with that. She goes home and tells Luis what a hard time she is having. Luis tells her he has a surprise for her and brings her Marty. She is overjoyed and says this is just what she needed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

At the Bennett house, Grace left a phone message for Sam and told him to call her. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Endora enjoyed a nighttime tea party outside in the snowy cold and eavesdropped as Eve, Ivy, Sam, Kay and Simone stood in the yard discussing the Jessica situation. Sam couldn't understand why Grace hadn't called back, and Kay suggested that Kay was just going through a bad girl phase. Ivy told them that Jessica just needed time and space. Sam blamed himself because he worked so much, Ivy said she should have had a firmer hand, and Kay said it was partly her fault too for messing up her relationship with Reese. Ivy said she'd love her and Eve said Jessica needed her real mother. Simone got in a jab about Eve being a rotten mother. Sam told her not to talk to her mother like that. Ivy said she'd give Jessica all the love she missed since Grace left. Eve told her she could never substitute for Grace. When Sam stepped out of earshot, Eve threatened to tell the truth about David not being Grace's long lost husband and Ivy reminded her she was complicit. Eve said she had nothing left to lose. Ivy reminded her that she was just out on bail and that she could very soon lose her freedom. If Eve tells the truth about Ivy, her own involvement will come out in the trial. Ivy reminded her that T.C. called her Poison Ivy for a reason. Kay convinced Sam to give Jessica more time-it couldn't hurt. Jessica was upstairs in the bathroom cutting herself with a razorblade. She said she hated her life, didn't know how to fix it, her mom wasn't there, she'd be better off dead. She wrote "dead" on the bathroom mirror with her blood and then smashed the mirror with a hand mirror. Eve got an emergency phone call, so left in a hurry. Ivy went inside and heard a salesman leaving a phone message, then noticed the one from Grace. She erased it after listening to it and when Sam asked if it was a message from Grace, she told him it was just a sales pitch. Upstairs in the tub, Jessica slipped under the water.

At the Wallace house, Edna and Precious were holed up in her bedroom. Beth slung accusations and threats at them from the other side of the door. Beth tried to sweet talk them out while holding an electric hedge trimmer at the ready. It sounded like Beth left the house, so Edna opened the door and was grabbed by a knife wielding Beth. Precious jumped on Beth and a comical chase ensued with Precious tossing various items at Beth trying to stop her. Finally, she tossed a banana peel in Beth's way so that she slipped and fell. Beth got up and taking her knife, went looking for Luis and Marty.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan and Luis enjoyed the presence of Marty until they realized how little they had to take care of a baby. Sheridan called store after store ordering supplies, food, furniture and toys, including a pinball machine for Luis to play with until Marty is old enough. As Luis took Marty for cocoa at the waterfront, the orders started arriving on the cottage doorstep. When they were finished with cocoa, Beth ran up to them. Luis asked her if Edna didn't tell her to call him. He thanked her for helping Sheridan. (Beth thought , "Over my dead body.")

Without Ethan or Theresa knowing, Fox drove to the airport to catch a charter jet to Europe to pick up Gwen and the baby. He was glad to do something to prove to Whitney how much he loved her and bringing Theresa's baby back might get Whitney interested in her own baby.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Theresa asked Ethan if there was a way to invalidate Fox's Power of Attorney. She was worried that Whitney would use it while Fox was out of the country to give the baby up for adoption. Whitney started having labor pains. Theresa told Ethan to call Fox back to the house. When he did, Fox asked him if he was calling to keep Fox from bringing Gwen back home. Ethan started to tell him about Whitney and then Whitney grabbed the phone and told him it was nothing. She reminded him he had to bring back the baby for Theresa. Ethan asked Theresa why Whitney was lying to Fox. Theresa gave a couple of answers that he didn't believe so Theresa asked him to ask Whitney. Whitney said she didn't want to postpone Fox's business trip. When Ethan called 911, Theresa told Whitney she couldn't use the Power of Attorney to put Chad's baby up for adoption. Fox told Whitney a doctor was on the way. Eve arrived and rushed to Whitney's aid.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Julian promises Sheridan he'll get Alistair to reveal their mother's whereabouts. While out with Luis and Marty, Beth learns Sheridan is home alone and decides to take the opportunity to kill her rival.

Precious receives bad news -- her aunt is dying and Precious needs to leave right away to tend to her. Mrs. Wallace breaks down in tears over losing her dear friend while Precious laments over never seeing Luis again.

Valerie is disappointed by Chad's continued obsession with his sister but offers to wait around until he gets over it. Alistair stuns Chad with his take on his grandson's situation with Whitney.

Eve prepares to deliver Whitney's baby -- right in the middle of Pilar's kitchen! Eve orders Theresa to fetch her medical bag, and driven by the crisis, Theresa receives a miracle.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

At the park, Luis noticed that Marty was starting to fall asleep and wondered where Beth had gone. He thought she was going for coffee, but she'd been gone for such a long time. Meanwhile, Beth stabbed Sheridan in the chest and back several times. Before Sheridan died, Beth told her all about her evil plot and how she'd gotten Marty and Luis. Luis came in and asked her why she hadn't called 911 then accused her of killing Sheridan. Then the gal at the coffee counter gave Beth her coffee and Beth came out of her fantasy. Luis and Marty walked in and she stammered about why it had taken so long to get the coffee. He thanked her again for letting him have Marty for a few days. Marty and Luis walked into the cottage and Sheridan welcomed them with hot cocoa then read Curious George.

At the Wallace house, Precious and Edna had a final time to reminisce about all their good times. Edna was very sad to have Precious leave to go to her Aunt Divinity. We saw several montages of Precious doing precious things and then fantasizing about herself with Luis. She finally donned her traveling coat and hat and Edna helped her out the door. Just as Edna managed to get back to the living room with her walker, Precious knocked on the door and asked for her bunch of bananas. Again, just as she got to her chair, Edna had to go back to the door to give Precious her train ticket. The final knock on the door was Precious wanting the big bottle of gin. Precious made a final trip around town thinking about Luis in each place. We finally saw her depart for the jungle on the train. Beth arrived home with a bottle of gin for Edna. Her mother reminded her that she was going to wind up an old maid taking care of her and Sheridan was getting Marty and Luis.

At the Crane Corporate office, Alistair encouraged Chad to be a Crane and go after whatever and whomever he wanted even if that meant Whitney. He quoted Shakespeare in saying that the course of true love never ran straight. He said the Cranes could do whatever they wanted whether it fit society's norms or not. Julian walked in on their conversation and chastised Alistair for pushing Chad to be with his sister once again. He told Chad not to listen to Alistair's plans. Alistair then jolted them by informing them that Whitney was in labor.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, the paramedics got ready to transport Whitney and her baby boy to the hospital. Whitney was sure her baby was a monster and Eve prolonged the moment by standing there with a stricken look on her face before saying that the baby was beautiful. Whitney refused to look at "it." Ethan went to pick up Whitney's bag at the Bennett house. When they arrived at the hospital, Eve handed the baby over to be examined by Dr. Carlisle and then had Ethan take Theresa to see the back specialist immediately to look at her now that she was starting to walk. Whitney continued to ignore the baby and didn't want to be examined herself. Julian and Chad arrived and Whitney snapped at Chad to get away from her. Eve covered for her and Julian suggested to Chad that the two of them go get coffee for everybody. Eve told Whitney that she could breast feed the baby as soon as she was checked out by the doctor and Whitney gave a disgusted look and said that her mom could find some formula for him. Then Eve told her to get a grip and start acting like a grown up for the baby she had brought into the world. When they got to the cafeteria, Ethan joined Chad and Julian. Chad asked Ethan where Fox was now that Whitney needed him. Ethan explained the mission to get Jane and Gwen. Chad asked him if he really wanted his wife to come back now that he and Theresa were getting close again. Theresa returned to Whitney and Eve to tell them the doctor said her new medicine must be working to keep the swelling around her spine down.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Sheridan enjoys having Marty around to spend time with. Luis says it feels like nothing could ever hurt them now. Sheridan plays with Marty, and Luis tells her that he can see the resemblance between her and Marty. Sheridan eagerly asks if that means he believes her about Marty being their son and he replies that Marty is Beth's child and he didn't mean it like that. She promises she won't ever say that Marty is her son again. They talk about their "dead" child. Sheridan suggests that Alistair did the same with their baby as he did with Chad, and had their child kidnapped instead of killed. She can't believe Alistair would do something horrible to his own grandchild.

Alistair says he is going to help Beth kill Sheridan. Mrs. Wallace is horrified at the thought of Alistair killing his own daughter, and Alistair explains that he can't risk Sheridan "breeding" with Luis again, or even worse, actually marrying him and giving him access to all things Crane. Mrs. Wallace threatens to call the police, but Alistair says that if she tells anyone about this, he and Beth will practice killing on Mrs. Wallace first.

Tabitha invites herself to stay for drinks at the Bennett house with Sam and Ivy. They begin chatting and Ivy tells her that she noticed Endora doesn't look like Tabitha, and that she must resemble her father. Ivy adds that Endora reminds her of someone. Tabitha mentions that she finds it odd that Grace hasn't returned Sam's call yet. Ivy excuses herself to go and check on Jessica. Tabitha tells Sam that she knows Ivy thinks Grace is too busy living the good life with her first husband to worry about Sam.

Jessica cleans up the mess in the bathroom. She says she hates feeling this way and just wants the hurt to stop. She throws a bloody towel into her hamper and climbs into bed just as Ivy comes in. Ivy checks to see if Jessica is sleeping, and picks up clothes off the floor to put in the hamper. She is alarmed when she finds the bloody towel and wakes Jessica up to ask her about it. Jessica lies and tells Ivy to forget about it. She says that Ivy doesn't care about her at all and the only reason she is pretending to is so she can keep her place in Sam's bed. Jessica accuses Ivy of breaking Sam and Grace up and when Ivy tries to deny it, Jessica tells her to leave her alone. Ivy says she can help Jessica if she lets her, but Jessica just screams at her to get out and says she hates Ivy, Sam and Grace. Ivy goes back to Sam and Tabitha and tells them what happened. Just then, Grace calls again and leaves a message saying she had left a message earlier, but she guesses Sam didn't get it.

Dr. Carlyle rushes Whitney's son to the NICU. She tells Eve that the baby is suffering from acute respiratory distress and that it is touch-and-go until they can get him stabilized—if they can get him stabilized. A nurse brings her the baby's test results, and Dr. Carlyle orders more tests because aspects of his blood tests concern her. Eve asks what's wrong with his blood, and Dr. Carlyle only says that it's something unusual. Theresa goes to talk to Whitney and tells her that her son is gorgeous, and he needs his mother. She tells Whitney it's not fair for her baby to suffer for something that isn't his fault. Eve finds Whitney and asks for her permission to tell Dr. Carlyle that Chad is the baby's father, as that would make it easier for her to treat Whitney's son. Whitney refuses to let her, and tells Eve to stop the doctors from treating him. She says she can't condemn her son to a miserable, shameful life and wants to leave his life in God's hands. Chad, Julian and Ethan are standing outside of the NICU and Chad asks if it's only him, or is it weird that the baby's skin isn't lighter? He says he wants to help Whitney and Julian tells him it's not his place. Chad argues that he loves her, but Julian says that they can't be together.

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