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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on GL
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Monday, March 28, 2005

At Company, Reva discusses with Jonathan the possibility of her pregnancy. He is ecstatic. Reva is amused her son wants her to have a baby, but sobers when his comments indicate he would like to help raise a mini version of him self. When he offers to escort her to Cedars for a test, she declines and says she has to talk to Josh first. Jonathan suspects his mother is not thrilled with the idea and accuses her of not wanting a new baby the same way she never wanted him. Reva assures him he was loved and wanted during her pregnancy, but admits she's afraid Josh will not be happy and Cassie will be hurt.

At the farmhouse, Edmund is thrilled when the clinic informs him the transplant was a success. He tries unsuccessfully to reach Dinah and share the results with her, but is sidetracked when Blake arrives. She shares the news that Dinah is in the process of being shipped out of the country for good. Edmund is confused and agitated to find out that Ross has arranged for Dinah to join her mother in Italy. She will be gone during the pregnancy. Blake is suspicious Edmund is not thrilled at the prospect of pursuing his life with Cassie without Dinah's interference. Edmund lies to Blake and tells her he has consular business to attend to and uses this excuse to get her to leave.

At the airport, Dinah arrives expecting to greet her mother who she believes is coming for a visit. Ross shocks her by saying he has filed and been granted a petition for guardianship. He is using his new authority to send her to her mother where she can build a new life. Dinah, miscalculating the seriousness of her father's intentions, informs him he is not being reasonable and she will talk to him later when he gets his senses back. Ross, expecting her response, has engaged security guards to stop her from leaving the airport. Dinah realizes she is cornered and tells her father if he does not let her go, he will be sorry. Ross tells her it's those type threats which led him to take this measure. After seeming to agree to his plan, Dinah makes a dash for the door, is caught by the guards and begins to scream for help. Edmund rushes in and embraces Dinah who has run sobbing into his arms. Ross wants to know the truth about Edmund's relationship with his daughter. He comments that whatever it is, he would bet Cassie isn't too happy about it. Edmund tells Ross that Dinah was a friend to him before he even knew who she was and has continued to be there for him. Ross thinks it's cozy Dinah has a friend but doesn't change his mind about sending her away.

In the courtroom, Harley learns her fate as the jury finds her guilty of murder in the second degree. The Coopers are outraged and watch as Harley is ordered into custody until her sentence is delivered. Coop is incensed and tries to attack Alan, who has been watching on with joy. Frank and Buzz drag Coop away before he can do any damage, but not before Alan quips she's lucky it wasn't murder in the first. Frank gets permission from Jeffrey to be the one to take her to jail and cuffs her to a bench while he does the paperwork. Gus follows but tells her he has something to take care of with the DA. He re-enters the courtroom and pleads with Jeffrey to grant her a stay until sentencing so she can say good-bye to her family. Jeffrey tells him he can't do that and advises Gus to take care of him self. In the hallway, a criminal has been seated next to Harley and tells her she knows she's a cop and threatens there will be some good times for them on the 'inside'. Jeffrey arrives and tells Harley he managed to get her a stay as Gus requested but couldn't say right away as he wasn't sure he could pull it off. Harley is proud of the way Gus took care of her but is upset when Jeffrey tells her he collapsed last week and had to go to the hospital. When Gus emerges from the courtroom and tells her he has submitted the paperwork for her appeal, she tells him the only thing she needs is for him to go home and get some rest. She leaves with her family. Alan finds Gus alone in the courtroom and tells him they can begin to rebuild their relationship and he has forgiven him. Gus is incredulous his father is 'forgiving' him for loving Harley and screams at him to get away.

At J Farley's, Cassie has returned from her trip to find Jeffrey alone at the bar. They discuss Harley's trial briefly, but soon turn the conversation to the subject of how rotten love is. Jeffrey asks what her plans are concerning Edmund. Cassie confides that she still loves her husband but has decided to file for separation.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Harley is spending time with her family before reporting to prison. She tells Buzz she wants him to have custody of the boys and they should live together. Buzz agrees when he's talking with Harley. But his story changes when he talks to Rick; he believes the boys should both live with Rick and Mel. However, Rick agrees with Harley, that Buzz will be a fabulous father figure to them. Rick even suggests they move to the Bauer guest house - it would be the best thing for them. "We're all family, Buzz, and we have to stick together for Harley." Buzz has one request: he wants use of the hot tub! Rick agrees and they are both happy about the arrangement.

Rick is having a good evening. Michelle finds him at Company and makes it clear her memory is coming back. She remembers her brother! She even admits to remember more about Danny and their life together, but insists she still loves Tony. Good thing, because later, Tony presents her with a beautiful bracelet and thanks her for all the good things she has brought to his life.

Danny isn't having such a great evening. Frank, after trying unsuccessfully to drown his sorrows, has found him. He warns him to stay away from Marina. "I just lost my sister and I will not lose my daughter!" Marina breaks up their fist fight. She is angry with her father, but she understands why he is upset. After getting him home, she talks with Danny. He is nursing a hurt jaw and says he realizes he had better be good to her. It looks like he has no intention of listening to Frank!

Cassie is also trying to drown her sorrows. Luckily for her and contrary to what people think about him, Jeffrey proves himself to be a perfect gentlemen. She doesn't want to go home so he takes her to his band's rehearsal studio. She tries to seduce him and he certainly wants to comply, but knows she still loves Edmund.

And Edmund is certainly having an interesting day. Trying to reason with Ross at the gate of Dinah's flight did not work. Ross refuses to let her off the airplane. So Edmund uses his position as ambassador and demands her plane be held. He breaks into the cabin just as the bodyguard seats himself next to Dinah. Edmund tries to rescue her but the guard intervenes. Edmund rallies support from the other passengers, telling them she had been kidnapped and this was the woman he loves and she is carrying his baby. Dinah is amazed and thrilled! Edmund actually picks her up and carries her off the plane. But back at home, he is beginning to have second thoughts. He tells Dinah she is indeed pregnant, he had gotten the call from the doctor earlier that morning. He also promises to take care of her, but there is oddly no more talk about love. Later, he wonders how he will tell Cassie he loves her and they are about to have a child.

Back at Jeffrey's studio, Cassie sees Edmund is calling her cell phone and wonders if she should answer...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Edmund calls Cassie on her cell phone and attempts to convince her to come home. Staying silent, Cassie hangs up the telephone and asks Jeffrey if he has the separation papers. Jeffrey convinces Cassie to wait before making any decisions and agrees to let her spend the night. Growing close, they share a kiss before Cassie pulls away. Jeffrey calls Reva to tell her where Cassie is, saying she does not need to be alone right now. At the farmhouse, Edmund brushes aside Dinah's warning to take things slow with Cassie and rushes out to look for her.

Joshua returns to Springfield, and while still at the airport, Reva and he both announce they have surprises for one another. Josh excitedly tells Reva he wants them to move away from Springfield and build a house for just the two of them, in Aspen, Colorado. Before she can tell him her news, Reva begins to feel sick and rushes away to find a bathroom. She returns to Joshua, only to see Edmund at the counter attempting to find out on what flight Cassie was. Reva tells him that he cannot force Cassie to return to him. She is interrupted by a phone call from Jeffrey, asking her to talk with Cassie. As Reva leaves, Edmund begs Joshua to help him locate his wife. Josh refuses to spy on Reva, but eventually agrees if he sees her, to ask Cassie to call Edmund.

Reva meets with Cassie at Jeffrey's place, and tells her both about Jonathan saving Tammy from the fire and that she thinks she is pregnant. Cassie confides she is still in love with Edmund but cannot forget what he did, and is planning to leave him. Reva promises to be supportive no matter what her decision is. She hands Cassie the telephone and tells her to call Edmund.

Jonathan is playing pool with Tammy and Sandy. After Tammy accuses him of being afraid to let anyone care about him, Jonathan thanks her for not treating him like a bad guy. As Sandy moves away to talk with Josh, Jonathan gets defensive and states he does not want anything that Sandy has. After Tammy tells him he should work harder at getting along with others and at being a better person, Jonathan walks up to Sandy and Josh and asks for a job.

Ross finds Dinah at the farmhouse and demands to know why Edmund wants her to stay in town, assuming they are having an affair. Not getting an answer, Ross accuses Dinah of wanting everything that belongs to Cassie and attempts to force her to leave the farmhouse with him. When Edmund interrupts, Ross tells Dinah he will wash his hands of her for good if she does not leave with him now. As Dinah moves to stand next to Edmund, Ross says he is sorry and walks away.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Agonizing over whether or not to call Edmund, Cassie arrives on his doorstep just as he calls her from Josh's phone. Cassie and Dinah look on as Edmund lies, saying Tammy is staying there and Cassie should come home to see her. Cassie returns to Jeffrey's place where she burns Edmund's picture. She seeks comfort in Jeffrey's arms. He agrees to arrange the separation papers and tells her to take the blinders off and get a life. After he urges her to take what belongs to her, he kisses her.

Edmund finds Cassie's earring outside the farmhouse. Dinah, wearing Cassie's negligee, lies that she borrowed the earrings and must have dropped one.

Lizzie, Alex and Alan crash Harley's surprise party at Company before the guest of honor even arrives. Alex tells Buzz she doesn't believe Harley killed Phillip. Lizzie and Coop bicker over her refusal to leave and her eviction of the Coopers from the boarding house. Coop accuses her of being as cold-hearted as her father. Alan takes the opportunity to demand Harley give him his grandson. Harley tells Gus to go back to the Spauldings. Gus turns down Spaulding Enterprises for a blue-collar job as a security guard on the docks. Gus sneaks Harley off to see his newly rented, run-down apartment.

At Harley's urging, Frank apologizes to Danny for hitting him at J. Farley's. Danny is not so amenable to Harley's suggestion to break up with Marina. She doesn't want Marina to have a broken heart if Danny returns to Michelle. Danny promises not to break Marina's heart and asks her to go away with him for the weekend.

Tony has a surprise of his own for Michelle. He takes her to the cliff near Laurel Falls, where their relationship began. He gives her Twinkies with a bride and groom on top. Michelle accepts his marriage proposal as long as Robbie approves. She takes the plunge literally and Tony joins her for a skinny dip.

An excited Josh bombards Reva with his plans for their empty nest. Their spin on the dance floor leaves Reva queasy. Josh is speechless when she blurts out she is pregnant. After an initial panic, Josh embraces the fact this will be the first time he and Reva will be able to raise a child together with no interruptions.

Friday, April 1, 2005

Gus and Harley are at his new apartment, ready to make love. At one point, Harley goes to the wind and sees a really bright light. Gus tells her it's from the prison, the prison where she'll be sent to. Gus then tells a shocked Harley that he'll be able to visit her every day. He thinks it's a great idea, but she states that it's terrible. Harley tells Gus that she doesn't want him living there. She tells him he's put his life on hold enough already and it has to stop. Gus tells her he doesn't want to and declares his love for her. Harley tries to tell him that she wants the people she loves to move on with their lives. She's concerned for his health and is afraid that he'll collapse from his bleeding ulcer. Gus refuses to talk bout it though and proceeds to kiss her Harley then suggests that he shave first and take a shower. Gus complies and while he's out of the room Harley slips out. When Gus gets out, he discovers that Harley is gone, and Alexandra is there. Alex tells him that Harley called her and told her about the situation. Alex tries to explain that Gus is a burden to Harley now. Prison will be hard enough without Harley having to worry about Gus. But Gus still refuses to listen and takes off to find Harley. Before he leaves, Alex reminds him that he has family -- a family that he needs.

Bill and Olivia are enjoying a night out at a disco. When Bill goes to get them a drink, Olivia sees Jonathan and asks him to do her a favor. Olivia tells him that Billy wants to make trouble for her marriage and so she needs leverage against him. She tells him that she knows Billy hired a man named Jed Harris last fall and wants to know the reason. After seeing Harris's picture, Jonathan recognizes him as a guy who hangs out at Farley's. Before leaving the disco, Jonathan (who's agreed to help) bumps into Bill. Unbeknownst to Bill, he's swiped his wallet. Later that night, Bill realizes his wallet is missing and since Olivia didn't bring her purse they have no way of paying for the drinks. As they're discussing their problem, the DJ starts up the Hot Bods Contest. Since the winner of the winner gets $ 200, Bill suggests that Olivia enter. Olivia refuses to go up and dance around in public but Bill tries to persuade her by telling her the alternative is washing dishes. On the spot, Olivia publicly nominates Bill as a contestant. Although he's reluctant, when she repeats his "would you rather wash dishes" argument, he takes off his shirt and dances around. Thanks to the female patrons, Bill is the winner of the Hot Bods Contest.

Jonathan's now at Farley's where, sure enough, Jed Harris is playing pool. After challenging Jed to a game of pool, Jonathan bumps into him and discreetly plants Bill's wallet in Jed's pocket. Just then, a police officer enters the bar. At this point, Jonathan gets down to business and asks Jed why Billy Lewis hired him last fall. As an incentive for Jed to answer, Jonathan points out that Bill Lewis's wallet is in his pocket; all Jonathan has to do is tell the police officer that Jed stole it. Jed accuses Jonathan of setting him up, but Jonathan points out that he can't prove that. Harris then tells Jonathan the reason he was hired--to rough up Phillip Spaulding. However, he tells Jonathan that Phillip was already dead before he had a chance.

Bill and Olivia are now right outside Company. Bill notices that Harley is in there and goes in to see her. Olivia though sees Jonathan and stays outside. Outside, Olivia is thrilled with the news Jonathan gives her on Jed Harris. Meanwhile, inside, Harley laments to Bill about Gus. She tells Bill that she needs to find a way to push Gus away but doesn't know how. As Bill is comforting Harley, Gus enters. Harley asks him to leave, but he refuses so Harley leaves.

Edmund's at home staring at Cassie's wedding ring. Dinah, who's dressed in Cassie's robe, tries to be reassuring but Edmund isn't interested. He reminds her of why she's living at the farm; it's not so she can take over Cassie's life. He then tells her to take off Cassie's clothes and wear her own Dinah then changes and tells Edmund that she's moving out. Edmund tries to get her to stay since he does recognize that she's been a friend to him. Dinah tells him that the house isn't good for her. After she thanks him for getting her off that plane, they hug. Just then, Tammy walks in and demands to know what Dinah is doing there. Dinah tells Tammy that she had a huge blow-up with her father and had nowhere else to go so Edmund let her stay there for the night. She tells Tammy that she's leaving today. When Tammy leaves the room, her cell phone (which she's left on the tape rings) Seeing that it's Reva, Edmund persuades Dinah to pretend to be Tammy and find out where Cassie is. The plan works and the pair rush out to find Cassie. At Jeffrey's, he and Cassie are on the verge of making love when she suddenly pushes him away. She admits that she's hurt and angry at Edmund and doesn't want to hurt Jeffrey by using him. But Jeffrey tells her that he doesn't care. He tells her to use him if it makes it easier for her. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he thinks she wants to be there with him, otherwise she'd have gone to stay with someone else. Cassie tells him to stop talking since he's just confusing her and he gets angry. Jeffrey states that he can't take it; he can't deny how he feels and he wants her. As they start kissing again, Edmund knocks on the door and starts yelling for Cassie. Cassie slips out the back while Jeffrey answers the door. Jeffrey ells Edmund that Cassie isn't there but Edmund doesn't believe him. Edmund explains that there are reasons why he and Cassie need to be together, but Jeffrey doesn't care and threatens to have Edmund arrested for trespassing if he doesn't leave. Edmund doesn't care and pushes his way inside. But, Cassie is nowhere to be found. Outside though, Cassie is shocked to see Dinah and demands to know how she just happened to show up there the same time as Edmund. Dinah cryptically states that she's feeling a strong connection to Cassie.

Danny's at Company talking to Marina on the telephone. Danny was supposed to meet Marina there but she's late. When he's done talking to Marina, Michelle comes in. He tells her that he and Marina were planning on going to Chicago, but Marina has to run errands first. Since he has extra time, he's decided to check out on of his construction sites and invites her to come along. At the site, Michele blurts out to a busy Danny the reason why she wanted to see him---Tony proposed to her and she said yes. Danny is speechless since he just got their divorce papers today. Danny then asks Michelle if she's happy and if Tony makes her happy. Michelle states that she is happy. Danny then tells her he's happy for her. A little later, he admits that she was right about something When she first lost her memory, he did try to control her. Danny tells Michelle that he was worried about her; didn't want to lose her and so he undermined her so she'd keep needing him. Michelle's understand and knows that his motives weren't selfish. She knows he just didn't want her to get hurt. As Danny is giving his blessing for her to marry Tony, the roof collapses. Danny recovers first and tries to wake up an unconscious Michelle. Michelle wakes up and suddenly has a wave of memories. Her memory back, Michelle kisses Danny.

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