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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on GL
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Monday, March 21, 2005

With the picture Olivia took as evidence, Jeffrey makes his case to the judge to question Gus on the stand. During his examination, Jeffrey produces the photo that shows Gus and Webster in a conversation in the alley the night before Webster's testimony. Jeffrey then pulls out the big guns and presents evidence that Gus knew Webster back in Chicago and knew that he could beat a lie detector test. Suddenly, all of Webster's testimony clearing Harley is thrown into doubt. A recess is called and Gus confesses to Harley that he did in fact recruit Webster on purpose. Refusing to give up, Gus believes that the jury may still be on her side and wants to ride out the storm. But an unconvinced Harley knows that's not enough to set her free and demands that Gus put her on the stand. Meanwhile, Olivia watches as the evidence she supplied about Gus's late-night meeting with Webster plays out in the courtroom. When Bill questions how Jeffrey got this evidence, Olivia keeps quiet as Alan watches closely nearby. But Alan, always ready to stir the pot, arranges for Bill to see the picture on Olivia's cell phone, confirming for Bill that it was Olivia who betrayed Harley.

Edmund's ready to give Dinah a shot but unexpectedly finds her stripped to her skivvies for the event. Seeing he's uncomfortable she offers to have a nurse do the procedure but Edmund puts aside his feelings and gets to work. Right after the procedure, Edmund's ready to split but Dinah tries to guilt him into staying with her, saying she needs to shop for maternity clothes. Edmund agrees to help – but surprises her when he summons a woman from the consulate to accompany Dinah to the mall. Leaving them alone, he goes home, missing Cassie terribly and praying he's made the right decision. Later, there's a knock at the door but when he opens it, hoping to find Cassie, he finds Dinah instead, who claims she's unwell. Holly sees Sebastian comforting Beth and finds herself a little jealous. She finds herself curious about his motives and his claims to being a changed man so she proposes a deal whereby she'd chronicle his return to Springfield and write about what it's like to turn your life around. Holly claims her curiosity is purely journalistic but Sebastian wonders if there isn't more to the story.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sandy and Tammy are about to enjoy a romantic evening in her new apartment when her neighbor's stereo blasts through the walls with mood-stealing heavy metal. Obviously, it has ruined the romance, so Tammy goes next door to ask her neighbor to turn it down. Surprise! Her neighbor is Jonathan, who explains to Tammy and to a very suspicious Sandy that things weren't working out with Josh and Reva, so he moved to this apartment. He swears he didn't know Tammy was next door. Tammy and Sandy go back to her apartment and try to pick up where they left off. Their evening is interrupted by a phone call and Sandy must go back to Lewis Oil to complete some business. Meanwhile, a very drunk Jonathan thinks about calling Reva, but decides that she will be the one to come crawling back begging to him. He then goes to a bar and tries to pick up a girl.

Bill is furious and disillusioned with Olivia because she took the photo of Gus talking with the witness who could have exonerated Harley. She insists she took it and turned it in because she was afraid of what Alan would do to Emma. Bill doesn't buy it. He tells Olivia that he doesn't believe it's about Emma, but about Olivia wanting to improve her place in the "House of Spaulding." Bill leaves in anger, and moments later Alan stomps out of the courtroom. He is furious about Harley's testimony and threatens Olivia. Alan tells her that if Harley is acquitted of Phillip's murder, that Olivia's neck is next on the block.

Gus is reluctant to put Harley on the witness stand, but she sees it as her only chance. While Jeffrey O'Neill badgers her, trying to get her to confess, Harley has an epiphany and realizes that she could not have killed Phillip. She denies killing Phillip when Jeffrey asks her outright. She believes in her heart and soul that she could not have killed her son's father.

During closing arguments, however, O'Neill points out that Harley had motive, means and opportunity and that she had even confessed to the murder earlier. Gus, however, reminds the jury that there were at least half a dozen others on the stand who had the same motive, means and opportunity and that the prosecution had not produced convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. He pleaded with the jury to let her go home to her family, where she belonged.

Later, Gus apologizes to Harley for letting her down. She, however, will hear none of it. She tells him that he believed in her when she didn't believe in herself and that he made her realize she could not be the killer. And that, Harley told him, is true love.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dinah insinuates herself even further into the Winslow household as she offers Edmund tips on how to win back Cassie. However, all her efforts just serve to remind her of the sacrifice she is making.

Jonathan busts into Tammy's apartment and rescues her from a fire. But, when Tammy thanks him and tells him she can relate to his abusive past, he gets defensive and pushes her away. Hurt, Tammy heads home and there, realizing her mother is gone, she finally learns the truth when Edmund confesses to his role in the barn fire. Upset, she leaves and runs into Sandy's arms.

Meanwhile, Reva's trying to patch up the riff between the Lewis boys, mainly Billy and Bill, but her focus is split when Sandy calls, alerting her to Jonathan's latest adventure. Reva goes to see him at the hospital where he is receiving treatment for his burns. Though he tries once again to draw her in, Reva forces herself to walk away from him. Meanwhile, Olivia fears she's losing Bill but he surprises her by coming to her defense during the family talk with Billy and Reva. Later, Bill admits for the first time that he loves her but Billy remains distrustful.

Lizzie surprises the Coopers when she evicts them from their upstairs residence at Company. Coop pressures Lizzie until she admits he's the reason his family is being told to leave. Later, as Coop struggles with how he is going to break the news to his family, Lizzie wonders if she's done the right thing.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Olivia and Bill are giddy in love. Bill encourages her to trust him and to work together as a team. Bill slips out of Company when he sees Harley who is anxiously awaiting the jury's verdict. She rebuffs his offer to fix the jury or to get her out of the country.

Billy accuses Olivia of being a lying, backstabbing cannibal. Olivia schemes to dig up dirt on him.

Bill apologizes for Olivia's part in taking the picture that revealed Gus's witness tampering. Harley realizes that Alan was blackmailing Olivia. Olivia arrives and apologizes to Harley. Harley tells Olivia that Olivia gambled with Emma's life when she went back to Spaulding and that she should not waste what she's been given with Bill. Olivia promises Bill that she will do everything she can to be the wife he deserves.

Jeffrey warns Gus, to Alan's delight, that Gus may be facing prison time for his actions during Harley's trial. Gus accuses Alan of failing Phillip and collapses. Alan doesn't move when Jeffrey tells him to call 911. Jeffrey drags Gus to the hospital. When Gus's insurance company refuses to cover his treatment, Alan offers his money anonymously to help his ex-lawyer.

Rick tells Gus that he has a bleeding ulcer and straps him to an IV. Gus sneaks out of the hospital and back to the courtroom to comfort Harley. They try to escape to a world of their own where there is no time and no one can find them.

When Jeffrey and Rick discover that Gus is gone, Alan demands that they find Gus so that he will be 100 percent when Harley is found guilty.

Marina vows to take care of "Queen Elizabeth" and her plans evict the Coopers from Company. Marina and Danny pour over classified ads for homes. Danny tells her that she can move in with him but gets a little nervous when she says that she and her family are a package deal. He tells her that it will take a lot more than her nutty family to keep him away from her.

Sebastian runs into Beth in J. Farley's bar and they drink to fresh starts. A jealous Holly interrupts their fun and interrogates Beth about her relationship with Sebastian. Holly warns her that her article about Sebastian will reveal that he is a predator. Sebastian and Beth leave Holly with their alcohol. Holly calls another alcoholic, Billy, for support.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Sandy sees a very depressed Reva outside Company. When Sandy asks if everything's okay, Reva confesses that she misses Josh and feels lost without him. When Sandy asks how things are going with Jonathan, Reva replies that she wants to believe that he's trying. She starts talking about how her life's gotten off-track and how Jonathan reminds of herself. To try to cheer her up, Sandy offers to let her hang out with him and Tammy to eat but she declines. She has to visit Jonathan at the hospital.

But now, Tammy is visiting Jonathan. Though she tries to peek in while he's sleeping, he soon awakens. When she shows concern about his burns, he just shrugs it off. But Tammy can't shrug it off--he saved her life. When Jonathan starts laughing about the scar he'll have, Tammy confides in him about her scar that she got when she was trying to run away from her foster family. Just then Reva enters. When Tammy leaves, Reva gives Jonathan a hard stare. He insists that he had no idea that Tammy was staying at the Clayton Arms; he wasn't stalking her Reva tries to explain her decision to have him move out. She explains that she's cost her too much, too many people she's cared about and she needs to get a grip on her life. He thinks she's cutting him loose but she denies that. She states that while she won't be the one to bail him out with the police any more, she is available to be his mother. She tells him to accept that or not. Reva then starts to leave, but stops. Jonathan asks her what's wrong When Jonathan keeps pestering about what's bothering her, Reva blurts out that she thinks she's pregnant.

Edmund brings Dinah to the farm to wait for the test results. As they wait, there's a knock at the door--it's Jeffrey. Not wanting Jeffrey to see Dinah, Edmund has her go out the back door. When Edmund answers, Jeffrey points out that he heard a woman's voice--he assumes it was Cassie's. Edmund lies that it was the television and tells Jeffrey that Cassie left him because Jeffrey talked her into it. Jeffrey denies that and states that this is Edmund's own fault since he did start the fire that almost got them killed. Edmund argues Jeffrey and Reva poisoned Cassie's mind against him and insists that Cassie will be back. Suddenly, Jeffrey spots the fertility drugs on the desk and wonders why Cassie left without her medicine. Before he can ask further, Jeffrey's phone rings and he has to leave.

Outside, Ross comes across Dinah peeking through the Jessup farm window and approaches his daughter. When asked what she's doing there, Dinah lies that she's now working as a consultant for Edmund and was just waiting until he was done talking to approach him. Ross, who's there to deliver papers to Edmund, informs Dinah that Vanessa is flying in for a visit and it'd be great for them both to meet her at the airport. Dinah's a little reluctant, but finally agrees to meet Ross at the airport later so she can greet her mother. Ross then leaves. By now, Jeffrey has left and Dinah can re-enter the barn. They each talk about their suspicious visitors and Dinah suggests she leave to throw off any suspicion. Edmund doesn't exactly trust Dinah though and tells her to just wait and see if she's pregnant. Dinah's sure of it though and goes to meet her father at the airport. When she's gone, Edmund gets the call confirming Dinah's thoughts--she's pregnant.

Dinah arrives at the airport but there's no Vanessa, only Ross. Ross informs Dinah that she's leaving for Italy to stay with Vanessa. Dinah insists that she can't leave now. At the same time, Cassie is at the airport, returning home.

While waiting for the jury to come in, Gus and Harley enjoy a friendly game of basketball. After she wins, they're told the jury has reached a verdict. Before they go into the courtroom, Gus tells Harley that guilty or innocent, he will wait for her. He'll take care of her kids, build her house and visit her. After they kiss, they enter to room to hear the verdict.

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