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Passions Recaps: The week of March 28, 2005 on PS
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Monday, March 28, 2005

Due to special NBC sports coverage, Passions did not air today. There will be no lost episodes and regular programming will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29th.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis and Sheridan hugged Marty and read to him. Sheridan read a book about an animal and its mother that would always go looking for it. It made her sad that her mother had left her. As they talked about their missing baby, Luis acknowledged that the police investigation had been called off very quickly even though neither Charlie's nor the baby's bodies were found. Sheridan took that as a glimmer of hope that their baby was still alive.

At the Wallace house, Beth and Alistair were drinking to the success of their plan to kill Sheridan. Beth asked Alistair what he wanted and he asked for a martini with olives. (The way he said it, triggered a memory in Edna's mind. She was a young "Edie" in a Saturday Night Fever style dive bar called Destiny and she hooked up with a married guy named Al. They danced to Bee Gees and drank themselves silly. They went back to her place for a little private time. He was reveling in slumming in the wrong part of town.) Light was dawning on Edna. She counted to nine on her fingers, figuring from her date with Al. She now knows where Beth got all her evil ways. As it all came clear to her, Alistair started to leave and he reached in to give Beth a peck on the cheek. Edna yelled stop! Alistair asked if it wasn't okay to seal the deal with his new partner. She insisted that Beth needed to change her diaper right then. Beth told Alistair that she was so glad to be doing in Sheridan. Sheridan had ruined her whole life, but now she'd get everything she deserved. When Alistair is alone on the porch, he admits that he's going to let Beth do his dirty work and then he'll do away with Beth. Sneer.

At the Bennett house, Sam grabbed for the phone as Grace was leaving a message only to miss her once again. Jessica was upstairs in bed whining about how she hates herself, her mom, her dad, and Ivy. When she heard Sam shouting for Grace, she raced downstairs to confront him. She didn't want her mom to come home. Sam told her that he still wanted Grace to know what was going on in Jessica's life and decide on her own whether or not to come home.

At the hospital, Eve and Theresa continued to confront Whitney about the baby. She finally consented to tell Dr. Carlisle that Chad is the baby's father, but with the provision that she tell Chad. Meanwhile Chad, Ethan and Julian discussed the situation of Chad and Whitney. Julian told Chad that there was no way they could live together in a platonic relationship. It would be too great a temptation not to succumb to their passion and make love. They couldn't risk having a child. Then Julian asked why Fox wasn't there for Whitney. Ethan confessed that Fox had traced the call from Alistair to Katherine and gone to retrieve Gwen and Jane. Julian was worried about what Alistair would do to Fox. Alistair asked what Ethan would do when Gwen came home. Would he choose his wife or the mother of his baby?

At the Crane compound, Gwen tried to convince Katherine to go with her. Fox arrived and while surveying the perimeter, he saw Katherine and Gwen approach the gate. Gwen asked her one more time to leave and Katherine explained that if she left, Alistair would find her and make life even worse for her. Gwen started to walk through the gate and armed guards blocked her passage. They told the women that Alistair had ordered them to not let anybody leave the compound. Katherine told them she was Mrs. Crane and she wanted them to let Gwen go. They refused. Gwen explained that she hadn't intended to be there, but that she'd stowed aboard the plane and had just gone where the jet went. They denied her again. Katherine told them that the guards couldn't just keep them there like prisoners. The guards said that was exactly what they were. While they were engaged, Fox threw a grappling hook over the wall and made his way to the top of it. As he did, guard dogs started barking and appeared to sense him breaking in.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Beth is sure that now that she has Alistair helping her, Sheridan is good as dead. Mrs. Wallace doesn't respond when Beth tells her this; as she is too busy talking to herself about Beth's father. Beth overhears this and says maybe one day she will track down her father. Mrs. Wallace warns her that Beth wouldn't want to meet him and it's a waste of time, and Beth suspects that Mrs. Wallace knows who Beth's father is. Mrs. Wallace and Beth both agree that Beth got her father's personality. Beth thinks that if she had had a father figure in her life, she wouldn't do such horrible things. Mrs. Wallace pleads with Beth to just stop what she is doing.

Chad thinks there is something else wrong with the baby, besides him being a preemie. Whitney finds Chad and says she needs to talk with him. Theresa and Ethan leave to give them some privacy, and Whitney starts to talk to Chad about the baby. She says that most births are supposed to be a joyous occasion, but her child's birth felt more like a tragedy and she thinks that his birth will bring both the baby and his parents heartache. She breaks down and apologizes, saying that she never meant to cause so much pain. Chad interrupts her and says she doesn't need to say anymore, and he knows what's hurting her so badly; he thinks that she is convinced it is her fault the baby is sick. He tells her he knows she'd rather have Fox be there for her, but he is glad she came to him. He says he knows he is not the child's father, but he is his uncle and he cares about the baby. He goes on to tell Whitney that at first, he fantasized that he was the father of Whitney's son, but then he realized Fox is the father and he needs to let it go. He says that God really must have been looking out for them since Whitney didn't get pregnant while they were together. She is upset and says she needs to tell him something.

Theresa and Ethan talk. Ethan assures her that Fox wouldn't have left Whitney at a time like this unless it was important. He then catches her off guard by asking if she still has feelings for Fox. She replies that Fox is very special to her and always will be, but she has no regrets about ending their relationship. She tells him that they were never really in love -- Fox was always in love with Whitney, and Theresa with Ethan. She says she does and always will love Ethan, and reminds him that he is not bound by his marriage vows if Gwen doesn't come back. She tells him it could be years before Gwen returns, if she returns at all, and asks him how long he would be willing to wait for her. Theresa tells him that Gwen might not have been in her right mind when she did it, but she still left Ethan, and Theresa couldn't ever leave him. She asks him if he loves Gwen, and he tells her yes. She then asks him if he loves her, and he says he needs time and to wait and see what fate has in store for them.

Gwen is furious that she is being held against her will at the Crane compound. Katherine says that until Alistair dies, they may never be free again, and tells Gwen she has no choice but to stay at the compound and accept that. Fox walks up to where they are talking and for a moment they are sure they are going to be rescued, but it turns out that Fox was captured and is being escorted by guards and is going to be forced to stay in the compound with Gwen, Katherine and the baby. Fox isn't willing to accept this, and starts looking for ways out. He finds a hollow spot in the wall, gets it open and crawls in, where he is instantly hit by lasers and falls to the ground.

Sheridan slips up again when she is talking about Marty to Luis and refers to him as her son. She immediately apologizes and says she just can't get over feeling that Marty is her child. Luis goes to bed, but Sheridan wants to spend a few more minutes with Marty. She tells him that she can't let anyone know that she is still certain Marty is her son. She puts him to bed and goes to join Luis, who surprises her with a romantic evening. Later, Marty starts crying and Sheridan comforts him and brings him to sleep with her and Luis.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

At the Crane compound, Gwen and Katherine were shoved into a courtyard by the guards. They were told that they were going to be served breakfast out there. They asked about Fox and got no answer. They asked about the baby and were told that they could see her again when they were no longer flight risks. They walked into a patio area to find Fox laying on a bench, covered with flower petals. They were upset that he was dead. As they talked about how awful Alistair is, Gwen yelled at the security camera knowing Alistair could be (and was) watching on the other end. Fox reached up and grabbed Gwen's wrist, scaring the women. They told him they were glad he wasn't dead. He said he felt great. He'd gone out there for a walk when he woke up that morning and then lay down on the bench to rest in the sun. They warned him about the security cameras and asked him how they could figure out how to escape. Mysteriously, he told them he didn't understand why they didn't just relax and enjoy their paradise. He asked Gwen if this wasn't what she wanted. He reminded her that she wasn't in jail for the kidnapping and that Theresa didn't have the baby. They said it really was like being in prison because they didn't choose to be there. He said if they weren't going to enjoy the amenities, he was. Then he went for a swim. Gwen and Katherine looked at each other, wondering what was wrong with Fox.

At the Harmony Hospital, Ethan brought Theresa to have more x-rays of her spine to see how it is healing. They asked Eve how Whitney's baby was doing. Ethan told Eve the baby looks like a fighter. Theresa sent Ethan to check on the x-ray schedule, and then asked Eve if Whitney has told Chad yet that he's the father. Whitney had a dream that Chad came into her room, told her that he knew he was the baby's father and was angry that she had kept it from him. She told him that she had done it to keep the baby from being stigmatized. He was angry and told her he would take the baby and take care of it. She woke up muttering that she wanted her baby. Theresa and Eve came in and confronted her about telling Chad. She told them to get off her case. Meanwhile, Ethan wondered why Fox hadn't called. Whitney told Theresa and her mom that she tried to tell him, but he didn't give her a chance. A nurse pulled Eve out of the room and Theresa asked her if she'd changed her mind about adoption. Whitney said she was going to have people in from the adoption agency later. She needed to take care of it while she had Fox's Power of Attorney. Theresa told her to think about how Fox was going to feel, finding out she'd given away the baby he thought was his. Theresa told her she couldn't understand how Whitney could give up her own flesh and blood. Whitney said she was glad she hadn't told Chad, It would make it easier. Theresa said it wasn't fair to the baby not to know his mother. Whitney said she wasn't going to regret the decision. Eve returned and overheard Theresa saying this was the worst idea. Whitney said it was a good idea not to tell Chad. She didn't want Chad to suffer the way she was suffering. Eve told her that from her experience, it was better to just tell the secret instead of keeping it in. Chad and Ethan met outside the NICU. Chad said he was very attached to the baby. In Whitney's room, Eve told her she couldn't lie to the two men who loved her. Whitney asked Eve to promise that Julian never tell Fox and Chad the truth. Eve told her she needed to see the baby. He needed to be fed and held by her. He's just a tiny newborn baby. Theresa tried to guilt her about Fox finding out she didn't hold her baby. Whitney reminded her that she'd deal with that when she came to it. Eve asked her if she had some scheme that she didn't know about. Whitney told her mother to stop badgering her. A nurse came in to tell Theresa and Whitney that the x-ray room was available. When they left the room, Whitney asked herself how she was going to give up her baby. Just then Harriet Wellesley and George Newman from the adoption agency came for her to sign papers and get the adoption started. Whitney was startled that it would happen so fast and George said it was easy when the birth mother was sure what she wanted to do. They asked her to sign and her baby would have a family as soon as he was discharged from the hospital. After looking at Theresa's x-rays, Eve told her that it looked like she'd be walking without a cane very soon.

At Sheridan's cottage, she made blueberry pancakes for Marty and Luis. Luis was hacking into Crane Industries computers to see if there was evidence that Alistair had killed their baby. Sheridan thanked him for doing it and choked back the knowledge that Marty is her baby. She didn't want Luis to think she was crazy and take Marty away from her. Alistair chuckled as he watched them on his PDA view through their security cameras. After breakfast, Sheridan took Marty for a walk. She left Marty in the stroller on the porch and went in to get a sweater for him because it was chillier than she'd thought. When she went inside, Alistair walked up to Marty and told him that they were going for a little ride. He took him to the limo and the driver got a child seat out of the trunk. Alistair said Luis would rue the day that he decided to look into his affairs. Alistair showed Marty that Sheridan and Dudley Do Right Luis were dithering around and would never find him. He told Marty to say bye-bye. Luis and Sheridan called in the Amber Alert to the police when the found Alistair's crushed cigar on the ground.

Friday, April 1, 2005

Luis doesn't want Sheridan to join in the search for Marty, telling her that Alistair might be using Marty as bait to get Sheridan. Sheridan reluctantly agrees to stay at the cottage, but as soon as Luis is gone, she runs off to search for her son. She finds Alistair in the park with Marty. Alistair says she can't have him back until they have a little chat. He warns her not to let Luis start the "crusade" to bring Alistair down again, or there will be a price to pay-Marty. He hands Marty back to Sheridan and she takes him back to the cottage, where she tells Luis what Alistair told her and begs him to stop fighting her father. Luis goes to take a walk and get some fresh air.

Paloma comes to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and thinks that Pilar seduced Martin when she finds out that Martin has moved back in. Martin quickly explains that he and Pilar decided they should try to mend their family. Paloma is upset that Martin has moved on so quickly after Katherine leaving. After Martin talks to her, Paloma decides to give Pilar another chance and move into her home. Ethan brings Theresa home from the hospital and they are all surprised and delighted to see she is walking again. Theresa, too, is outraged at first when she learns what's going on, but Ethan convinces her to try to forgive Martin. Ethan is paged and excuses himself. Luis shows up at the house and, when Pilar tells him what's happening, tells Martin to get the hell out of their house and out of their lives.

Ethan is paged by who his Blackberry tells him was Fox, but when he calls the number, Alistair picks up. Alistair tells Ethan that Fox, Gwen and Jane will be "incommunicado" for a while and he will never see them again. He adds that now Ethan won't have to choose between Gwen and Theresa, and that Ethan and Theresa make a wonderful couple.

Fox tells a stunned Gwen and Katherine that he would rather be a prisoner at the Crane compound than dead, and not even talk of Whitney and the baby can get him to change his mind. Gwen is shocked at his behavior and says that today Fox is acting ten times more selfishly than Theresa ever did. Gwen says that even if Fox has given up, she will find a way out, but Fox tells her it's no use. Alistair pays them a visit and says that they will be his "guests" for a very, very long time.

Whitney hesitantly signs the adoption papers. When the officials ask for the father's signature, she shows them the power of attorney papers. They are reluctant to let her sign for Fox and ask her why she is giving her baby up for adoption. They want to be sure that she won't change her mind and have the Cranes take her baby back from his adoptive parents. Whitney fends off their questions and they are almost done when Eve walks in and claims that Whitney tricked Fox. Whitney argues that the papers are legal and quickly tells the officials to be sure that her baby is placed in a good home. They remind her that the papers won't be official for 72 hours and that they will need both hers and Fox's medical records on file.

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