One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on OLTL

Michael and Marcie discovered that murders were being committed based on her book. Viki learned that Dorian was responsible for Viki's financial problems. Tess arranged for one of her one-night stands to mail a threatening letter to Jessica. Nora discovered that Daniel's real name was Ted. Rex learned that Paul had been blackmailing someone named Ted. Todd held Asa at gunpoint. Blair grieved over Todd's death.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Over champagne, Jessica and Antonio discuss the bruise on her cheek, and she says she's afraid of doing things in her sleep she doesn't remember. We'll figure it out, he assures her. Antonio explains that, aside from using the Santos money to regain custody of his daughter, he wants the money to stand for something positive. He asks Jessica to help him accomplish that and she lovingly agrees. Michael arrives, concerned that Marcie hasn't show up - then tells Antonio and Jess about Julie's fatal accident. Antonio mentions to Jess that he saw Julie in the park last night - she wanted to tell him something but they didn't have a chance to talk. Jessica is loving and affectionate until he steps away to take a phone call from R.J. Alone at their table, she mocks him, guzzles his champagne then pulls a credit card from his briefcase and writes down the account number before putting it back. "I took care of your little brat and have to pretend to care about your charitable ideas, now it's time to have some fun on your dime" she murmurs as she writes him a short note and leaves.

John and Natalie find themselves locked in the evidence room without their cell phones. Nat is upset when she comes across some evidence related to Cristian's case, and John wonders if he should tell her the truth about her husband. Natalie cries on his shoulder (again). John leaves the station after they get out, but they are both affected by the encounter.

Evangeline arrives at the restaurant excited about having dinner with John and one of her law professors from Stanford. When John apparently stands them up she makes excuses to her former mentor, who warns her of the personal problems she may face if involved with a police detective. Michael finds her at the bar and tells her they both got stood up tonight. They commiserate. John arrives but is called away on a police emergency before he can explain or apologize. Michael insists on taking Evangeline home because she doesn't feel well. Later, John calls her cell and is surprised when his brother answers. Michael informs him that he's taken John's girlfriend home and put her in bed - deal with it! After they hang up, Michael and Van giggle while John curses.

Viki tells Dorian about the embezzlement accusation she is facing. Dorian tells Viki she wants to end their feud, but her apology is interrupted when Bo calls to tell Viki that the police department had been contacted by Llanview University to investigate the suspected embezzlement. Bo's assurance that he will straighten everything out for Viki enrages Dorian and she changes her mind about apologizing. Viki pleads with her to try to put aside their differences but Dorian storms out angrier than ever.

Kevin confronts Asa about his lies and questions him about Blair, then Todd and Starr show up seeking the same information. Starr doesn't believe Asa; while they're talking Todd snoops through Asa's address book. Todd is convinced that Asa knows where Blair is despite his denials and he leaves with his daughter.

A compassionate nurse tells Blair she's been through a terrible shock - the death of her fiancée. Blair desperately (but unsuccessfully) tries to convince the nurse of real identity. The nurse brings in a doctor who talks to Blair about the "confusion" over her identity, and urges her to accept that she is mentally ill - like her mother and her aunt. Later the doctor warns the nurse that she is becoming too emotionally involved with the patient. Blair vows revenge on Asa.

Kevin surprises Kelly and Adriana with the news of Viki's problems. When he expresses suspicion that Dorian is responsible Adriana jumps to her mother's defense, informing them that Dorian is apologizing to Viki. Kelly and Kevin go to Llanfair to see Viki and the three discuss how the events leading to the suspected embezzlement could have happened. Viki is stunned when she realizes that Kevin and Kelly suspect Dorian is behind it. They explain the reasons for their suspicions and Viki vows that if Dorian thinks she's going to take this lying down, she's mistaken.

When Adriana gets home she overhears her mother's delight over Viki's problems; Dorian defends herself to her disenchanted daughter and is distraught when Adriana lashes out at her.

Asa turns around and is startled to find Todd is pointing a gun him. "Tell me where she is right now or I'll kill you" Todd promises.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blair attempts to escape her padded room, but the doctor and nurse subdue her. She pretends to go along with them so that they won't call security. After breaking down about Todd's death, which she still believes to be a fact, Blair is medicated and strapped into a strait jacket. She doesn't swallow the pill, and as soon as the doctor and nurse leave, she spits it out, vowing to escape the mental institution that night.

Meanwhile, Todd holds a gun on Asa and threatens to shoot if the old man doesn't admit to knowing Blair's whereabouts. Asa tries calling Todd's bluff, but finally sees that his archenemy is serious. He confesses to kidnapping Blair, but still won't reveal to Todd where he is hiding her. Todd says he will shoot Asa in each his of vital organs, and Asa finally tells him the name of the mental institution. Before he walks out of the mansion, Todd vows to make Asa pay by bringing in the police. He promises that Asa will go to jail for kidnapping. Once Todd leaves, Asa makes an emergency phone call, ordering his private jet to be fueled and prepared to whisk him off to the Caribbean.

R.J. tells Antonio that Jessica has been frequenting the nightclub Xanadu, throwing herself into the laps of various men. Antonio is disbelieving, but when R.J. hands him the club's card, he makes a phone call. Charlie, the bartender, confirms that a girl of Jessica's description is currently at the club. Antonio heads there immediately, as Charlie informs Jessica that a friend has called to check up on her. Jessica tells him that she doesn't want Antonio to know she is there, and when he shows up, Charlie lies for her. Looking at the picture Antonio shows him, Charlie says that the girl he was talking about looks like Jessica, but isn't actually her. Antonio leaves, satisfied that R.J. was just trying to stir him up. Meanwhile, Jessica hooks up with an Australian charmer named Logan. After they dance in the VIP room, she suggests going back to his hotel. He introduces himself properly, and she tells him that her name is Tess.

Riley discovers the bank deposit slips that Daniel planted in Jen's photo album. He confronts Jen, who is shocked that still more evidence has been planted against her. Meanwhile, Rex clues Lindsay in on Jen's mounting troubles, and the two of them show up at the apartment. Jen is livid that Rex has drawn her mother into the situation, and Riley is equally angry when Rex reveals that Jen was indeed drinking at Rodi's the other night, and that Rex was there with her. Jen convinces Lindsay to leave, and she heads off to meet with R.J. Rex warns Jen not to mention the bank deposit slips to the police, and then he leaves to accept a phone call. Riley tells Jen that he is tired of her lies, and he heads out to do some thinking.

The phone call Rex takes is from one of Paul Cramer's old acquaintances, who informs Rex that Cramer was blackmailing a man named Ted. Rex immediately goes to Bo's office and fills him in on this information.

After reminding Daniel that he is breaking his promise to stop railroading Jen, Nora accompanies him to fill out their marriage license. As she looks at the license, Nora says she can't marry Daniel because she doesn't even know his name. She questions him about the name on the license, and he explains that he was named after his father, Theodore, also called Teddy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

An embarrassed Natalie confides to Bo that she and John were locked in the evidence room together, thanks to Roxy. Working late to make up for that lost time, she runs into John who wants to chat about their time together but she brushes him off. Later, Roxy stops by to try to apologize but still thinks she was doing her lovesick daughter a favor. Totally annoyed at her mother, Natalie denies having feelings for John and doubts very much that he has the "hots" for her. Roxy isn't buying.

Michael tends to a sick Evangeline who not only has a stomach flu but is hurt and angry over John's skipping out on her important dinner with her old professor. Asking about Michael and Marcie instead, she learns that the pair is still separated and that it's getting more difficult as time goes on. Michael finally agrees to leave when Evangeline wants to sleep; he's received a message from Marcie anyhow. John shows up and finally convinces an insecure Evangeline to accept his apology though she's not at all happy to hear about his lock-in with Natalie. Thinking that maybe it would be nice to have a rest even if it's because he's sick, John kisses her until he's convinced that he's caught the bug. He agrees to read out loud to her while she rests and he starts at the beginning of Marcie's book.

Over at Rodi's, Marcie hangs out alone, saddened by the deaths of two of her friends. She tries in vain to reach Michael on the phone but is pleasantly surprised when he shows up in person. Showing Michael a passage in her book, Marcie confesses to feeling responsible for both Julie's and Hudson's deaths. They've both died just like characters in the book.

Dorian jumps out of her skin and drops a glass when Viki abruptly knocks on the door. Accusing her of forging the check to make it look like she's been embezzling funds from the university, Viki vows to make her pay. Dorian goes off as usual about her family and Blair but Viki is quick to point out that she will lose them and all that matters to her when she goes to prison.

While trying in vain to escape from a strait jacket, Blair imagines that she hears Todd calling her. In actuality, it really is him, searching for his wife. Pulling out his gun when he meets resistance from the doctor and nurse, Todd demands to know Blair's whereabouts and even offers to call Bo himself when the doctor threatens to call the police. Advising Bo quickly of the situation at Wingdale Clinic, Todd urges him to come quickly before he kills his hostages. He's cut short when he's knocked over the head by the security guard. Bo rushes off the elevator and to Todd's rescue. Whipping out a flyer, he can hardly believe that the doctor hasn't seen anything about Blair on a television or in a newspaper. Todd is a bit confused when Bo helps him up but quickly remembers where he is and why. He vows to hurt Asa. As the doctor tells the nurse to check on the patient, Bo suggests he take them to Blair or he will get a court order. Todd grabs the keys and is on his way to the room number given. He seems surprised when he finally manages to open the door.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Marcie and Michael discuss the possibility of a copy cat killer and decide to speak to John. Before leaving Rodi's, they run into Jen and Rex. Marcie gives Jen a hard time for hanging out with Rex, who immediately turns the tables by questioning Marcie and Michael about their (lack of a) relationship. After Marcie and Michael leave, Jen and Rex get a table and discuss the deposit slips. Rex persuades Jen to burn them, and they do so in an ashtray. Rex also tries to convince Jen to come home with him, but she leaves to go home to Riley.

Meanwhile, Riley has gone to see Daniel and Nora for help. He tells them about the deposit slips and reminds them that someone is trying to frame Jen. Daniel tries to convince Riley that Jen might truly be guilty, but Riley won't believe anything of the sort about his girlfriend. When Riley reveals that he left the deposit slips at home with Jen, Daniel explodes. He asks Riley how he could be so stupid, but immediately apologizes. Daniel then excuses himself to make a phone call, and Riley pressures Nora to admit that she does not believe Jen is guilty. When Daniel comes back into the room, he says that he made a phone call confirming that Jen deposited money into Paul Cramer's accounts. Nora is suspicious, because nobody was able to make such a confirmation before. Daniel brushes off her concern, claiming that the deposit slips were simply the missing piece. Riley leaves, angry and unimpressed with his father. Nora tells Daniel he is not acting wisely when it comes to his son. As Daniel holds her, Nora reflects on Riley and Jen, wondering aloud how strange it would be to fall in love with someone you don't really know at all.

John continues reading to an ill Evangeline from The Killing Club, and the two of them notice similarities to the deaths of Hudson and Julie. Michael and Marcie arrive at Evangeline's place, and the four of them discuss their growing suspicions. John takes off to double check whether there was foul play in Hudson's death, and Marcie and Michael decide to stay with Van. Marcie grows more and more frantic that she is the cause of her friends' deaths.

Blair has stolen the nurse's keys and climbed out an upper level window of the mental institution. She forces herself not to look down and prays for Todd's spirit to help her. Meanwhile, a very alive Todd begins a search of the grounds, along with Bo and several police officers. After Bo heads off to talk to the front guard, Todd glances up and spots his beloved on the window ledge. He races back into the building and upstairs, where he promptly punches out the two employees of the institution who try to detain him. Todd then makes his way to the window out of which Blair has climbed and gets a close look at her for the first time in weeks. He calls her name, but she believes she is hearing things...

Friday, March 25, 2005

Todd gets to Blair in the nick of time. She's so out of it, though, that she thinks her eyes are playing tricks on her and that he's a hallucination. Unfortunately for them both, their situation gets a whole lot worse before it gets better.

With both Todd and Blair gone, Kelly and Kevin watch after Starr. "Parenting" together seems to do them wonders and they grow closer. Meanwhile, Tess bumps into a curious Viki.

Viki gives Natalie a little something to think about in regards to her relationship with John. John takes to heart Marcie, Michael and Evangeline's concern about Hudson and Julie's death. He confirms that someone is acting out the murders that Marcie wrote about in her novel.

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