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Passions Recaps: The week of March 14, 2005 on PS
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Monday, March 14, 2005

Beth tells Luis she thinks Sheridan tried to commit suicide. When Eve reminds him of the possibility that Sheridan will lose her mind if she doesn't have a child soon, something Beth says gives Luis the idea that if he shares custody of Marty with Beth, being around the child Sheridan thinks is her son will help cure Sheridan. Of course, Beth is less than happy about this. Mrs. Wallace brings Marty to Sheridan so they can spend more time together.

Theresa manages to make Whitney see that she can never be with Chad again. She says she needs to get over him and the best way to do that is to not see or talk to him. Whitney agrees. She thinks it would be better for everyone if her baby was never born, but Theresa says the baby has a soul and a right to live, and anyway, it isn't her child's fault that his parents are brother and sister. Whitney says no, it's Eve's fault, and decides to give her baby up for adoption and then leave Harmony. Theresa tells her that once Whitney holds her own child, she won't be able to give the baby up, but Whitney is convinced that she will have no problem with that.

Julian tells Tabitha he will do whatever he needs to in order to get what he wants-which is, in this case, custody of their daughter, Endora. Endora causes an earthquake in the house, levitates a plate to hit Julian over the head with, and growls at him when he tries to pick her up. Tabitha says she'd rather impale herself on a stake than let Eve and Julian raise her daughter! Finally Tabitha gets fed up with Julian and tells him to get out of her house. He says he'll leave but he's not giving up.

Fox fills Ethan in on what happened earlier in the evening between Fox, Chad and Whitney and tells Ethan that Chad wants to live with Whitney and raise Fox's child. Fox and Chad get into another argument and Fox attacks Chad. Ethan breaks up the fight, and Fox tells Chad he will never allow him to raise Fox's baby. Ethan tells them that Theresa is talking to Whitney now and hopefully she will be able to get Whitney to open up about what the real problem is. He says once they have all the facts, they can decide how to help her.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

At the hospital, Luis took Marty to Sheridan to hold. It brightened her spirits considerably. Edna insisted to Beth that Marty should go be with his real mommy. He asked one of the nurses to take Marty to watch a video in the playroom while he and Sheridan talked to Beth about him sharing custody of Marty. Beth assured him that he was welcome at their home as often as he wanted and he made the point that he didn't want to spend time with her but he wanted to spend time with Marty and Sheridan at their house.

Meanwhile, Sam looked in on Jessica and then came to the conclusion that he would call Grace to come home from Europe. Sam told Ivy he was going to call Grace and she exploded with "you can't!" He was taken aback but told Ivy that Jessica wasn't her responsibility and that he'd bitten off more than he could chew trying to be both father and mother. Ivy continued to stammer and stutter. He asked Eve when she arrived, if it was possible to tell whether or not Jessica had been raped. She said it wasn't conclusive. Eve had overheard that Sam was going to call Grace and poked at Ivy with that news. She told her that it would be a good thing if Sam and Grace got back together and since she had nothing to lose, she just might come clean and tell them that Ivy had tricked Grace into leaving by procuring a fake first husband. Ivy told Eve not to be so sure. She'd lose the only two friends she has left.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whitney explained to Theresa that she decided to give her baby up for adoption. Theresa wasn't convinced this was the right thing to do and encouraged Whitney to talk to Fox. Fox knocked on the door and Theresa jumped up saying, "maybe it's news about Jane." He started to talk to Whitney and little Ethan woke up so Whitney went to take care of him. He asked Theresa what was up and he could tell by her silence that she'd never divulge what Whitney had told her in confidence. Ethan knocked on the door and Theresa jumped up saying, "maybe it's news about Jane." He came in with an overnight bag. And when Theresa started to fall apart emotionally, they embraced. Fox and Ethan told Theresa and Whitney about Jessica's overdose and possible rape. Whitney asked about Simone and was reassured that Simone was with Kay all night. Theresa didn't ask about Paloma. The guys didn't mention that she too was in the ER for an overdose. They then related that they had demolished the underground club. Fox took Ethan aside and told him to watch what he was doing with Theresa. He reminded him that someday Gwen could come home and he'd have to make the hard decision between the two women. The phone rang and Theresa jumped up saying, "maybe it's news about Jane." While she was on the phone telling the phone salesman off, Whitney asked Fox to go find Jane for Theresa.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sam isn't having any luck getting through to Grace. Ivy thinks she knows who can stop Grace from coming back to Harmony, and goes in to see Jessica. She wakes Jessica up and Jessica tells her what happened at the club. Ivy tells Jessica about Grace coming home, and says Grace will probably never let Jessica out of her sight again. Sam comes to talk to Jessica and tell her about Grace, and Jessica says that if he lets Grace come home, she'll run away and never come back. Sam figures out that Ivy scared Jessica intentionally and warns her never to come between him and his daughters again.

Martin breaks the news to Paloma about Katherine. Paloma is devastated and blames Pilar for Katherine's departure. Pilar insists that she had absolutely nothing to do with it and Martin defends Pilar. He tells Paloma that one of the main reasons Katherine left was so that they could reconcile and become a family again, and if Paloma loves Katherine, she'll respect that. He says that she shouldn't be mad at Pilar, she should be mad at him because his cowardly actions are what caused Pilar to have to send Paloma away. Paloma goes to bed, and Pilar and Martin reminisce about happier times together. He goes to the store for lemon soda and sherbet, something that always made the Lopez-Fitzgerald kids feel better when they were sick, and runs into Alistair on the pier. Alistair taunts him about Katherine until Martin attacks him. One of Alistair's goons pulls Martin off of Alistair and Martin returns home after telling Alistair this isn't over.

Whitney tells Fox that it would make her feel better if he found Theresa's baby, because she can't stand seeing Theresa in so much pain. Theresa thinks that Alistair knows exactly where Katherine and Gwen are, but she knows that if Alistair doesn't want her to see her baby again, he'll arrange it so she doesn't. Fox says he has to go take care of something and leaves, followed a few minutes later by Ethan. Fox goes to Alistair's office and bugs his phone so if Alistair calls Katherine, Fox will know and be able to trace the call to where Gwen, Jane and Katherine are. Ethan finds him there but at first won't help him because he says wiretapping is illegal, and if he gets caught, he'll be disbarred. Fox asks him if that's really the only reason, and says everyone knows Ethan loves Theresa and if Gwen returns home, Ethan will have a royal mess on his hands. Ethan eventually agrees to help him, and they go back to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home.

Alistair calls the pilot who flew Katherine, Gwen and Jane to the compound and tells him he better forget where he flew them because it is imperative that they never be found. Later he calls Katherine at the compound and tells her to open the gift he sent. She opens the box and finds a negligee. He says the next time he sees her, she should be wearing it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sheridan, Luis and Eve entered Sheridan's cottage. Luis offered to fuss over Sheridan. He asked Sheridan about Marty and she agreed that she'll have to get over thinking that Marty is her son. She told him it wouldn't be easy to be around him, but she wanted to spend time with him. Sheridan left the room to freshen up and Luis sought counsel from Eve. They discussed the issues of Marty, having another baby. Eve asked him if Beth was going to have any problems with the custody. Luis assumed that there won't be any problems because he's the boy's father. Eve told him it could also be a risk for Sheridan. She might not get over thinking Marty is her son. Eve told him to give Sheridan the space she needed. While she was in the bathroom freshening up, Sheridan became more resolute that Marty is her baby. Then she tried to let go of it. Then she was sure Marty is her son. When Sheridan came back out, Luis apologized to her and Sheridan said she had to talk to him.

At the Wallace house, Beth got upset that Sheridan wants to spend more time with Marty. Edna told her that she was going to have to go along with Luis's custody request or he'd get suspicious and maybe even take her to court. Beth declared that Sheridan could get her own damn baby, whereupon her mother reminded her that Marty is Sheridan's baby. Edna implored her to give Marty back to Sheridan and Luis. Beth said it isn't going to happen. She said Luis couldn't have Marty if it meant Marty being with Sheridan. Edna recommended Beth go confess to Father Lonigan before she burns in Hell forever. Beth said she'd stall to keep Sheridan away from Marty. She went to a lot of hard work to make Marty her son and she wasn't going to give him up. Edna told her that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Beth decided that if she kept Marty away from Sheridan long enough, Sheridan could go bonkers.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Whitney asked Fox how he was going to find baby Jane and he assured her he had a plan. She wanted to tell Theresa, but he warned her that they could get their hopes up, so keep it secret. He told her he'd do anything to prove to her how much he loves her. Then he asked if there was still a chance for them since she'd turned down his proposal. She put him off asking him to focus on Theresa's baby now. Then the phone tracer started picking up the call Alistair was making to Katherine at the island compound. Whitney went out to the kitchen to be with Theresa who had made her soup to eat. Whitney didn't want to eat. She wanted to search the internet for adoptive parents for her baby. She insisted that it was the only way to give her child a clean start in life without stigma. Theresa told her that she'd feel so much different as soon as the baby is born. Whitney assured her that she didn't want the baby and it would be best for the baby to not be with her. Theresa tried to talk her out of it because she is her best friend. Whitney felt guilty for Chad being the father, for keeping silent, and she couldn't possibly saddle Fox with this lie. Theresa talked to her about the mother and baby bond. We flashed back to Whitney and Theresa playing with dolls as little girls. Theresa kept hounding Whitney by bringing up the examples of Sheridan and Eve losing their sons when they were babies. Whitney told her that it was different for her because she was choosing to give up her baby. Theresa told her she was going to find a way to stop her. Whitney told her not to tell Fox and Chad. Theresa promised not to tell Fox, but she pointed to something on the computer and told Whitney she'd never be able to get beyond "that." Ethan joined Fox in the living room and Fox showed him how it all worked. Fox reminded Ethan that soon he'd find them and Ethan would have to decide between Theresa and Gwen. Even though the call ended before the trace was finished, Fox kept it working. Fox kept needling Ethan about Gwen coming home. He said he was doing this for Whitney. Ethan asked him if he was willing to lose his inheritance. The tracing program beeped that it was done and now they know where Gwen and the baby are.

At the Crane compound, Katherine talked to Alistair on the phone and he told her to get ready because he'd be there soon. She told him she was going to hang up and he prodded at her, taunting her by saying she was his property. She told him she didn't want to see him. She said she thought the deal was that she could go away and he'd leave her alone. He enlightened her that she wouldn't see anymore of that dirty Martin, but she'd see him because she was still his wife and he intended to visit her frequently. He told her that they didn't have an agreement, they had an understanding. He did her a favor and he expected her to pay back her debt to him as long as he lived. He told her she'd have to do everything he told her to because she's his property, his slave. Katherine begged him not to come. She said she wanted to go back to Harmony if this was what he intended. When Alistair hung up, Katherine realized she was in for more physical and emotional abuse and despaired.

At Alistair's office, a pilot arrived and told him the Crane jet was ready to go and that flight plans wouldn't be filed with the Air Traffic Control and that nobody would be able to track them down at his secret location. Alistair told him to keep these flight plans handy because he would be using them often at a moment's notice.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Sheridan tells Luis that she lied to him -- she's positive Marty is her son and that the feeling will never go away.

While researching how to put her child up for adoption, Whitney runs into a legal complication; both parents' signatures are needed!

After successfully pinpointing their location, Fox is determined to free Katherine, Gwen and Jane from the Crane compound. He is willing to risk his fate at the hands of Alistair to satisfy Whitney's wish. Fox warns Ethan he will have to make a choice between Theresa and Gwen once Fox brings Gwen and the baby home.

Upon learning of the sexual compensation Alistair demands from Katherine, Gwen fears her own reparation and urges Katherine to run away with her and the baby before Alistair arrives.

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