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Lily's lies
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Lily always manages to do something that is so asinine that it's almost impossible to like her. Sure, she's just covering for Luke, but she should know that confessing to a crime that she didn't commit is a bad idea.

Apparently, Henry Coleman is some kind of lover. I always knew there was more to him than his love for martinis. This week, in a move that shocked longtime fans, and even Henry himself, the Colemans consummated their marriage. The transition from friends to lovers was a little awkward, but endearing. The question now is, where do Henry and Katie go from here?

The basis of the Henry/Katie storyline has always been friendship. Now that they're "walking the dog," will they start to lie to one another? Will jealously make Henry resort to his conniving ways?

Regular readers know I've been a fan of Katie/Simon and Katie/Mike. Watching her with Henry is strangely different. It's not sizzling like Simon or erotic like Mike, but there's still spark. Henry and Katie are perhaps an odd romantic pairing, but hey, so were Luke and Laura. I say, bring on the Colemans. And let's hope their beautiful friendship doesn't come unraveled, now that they've crossed the line.

Meanwhile: :
--Can someone explain to me why Jennifer is acting like such a brat toward Craig? Sure, he's as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny when it comes to trustworthiness, but Jen knew that before she got involved. And no, Craig didn't do the right thing and walk away when she made a move. But realistically, what red-blooded male would? Her tiresome tantrums are making her look like a fool and working my last nerve. I'm sorry, but she was not drunk. She said so herself this week. I agree with Craig, Jennifer needs to grow up.

--Here's a new entry for the "As The World Turns" drinking game: Take a drink every time Casey says "dude." (Trust me, you'll be feeling no pain in record time.)

--Why isn't Carly concerned about Rosanna? She hasn't mentioned her in weeks. I know she's been busy and all cleaning up a crime scene, but c'mon. Her sister leaves her husband, and Carly has nothing to say about it? I don't think so.

--Is there anything better than a miserable Mike? Mark C. Collier is never better than when he's playing a tortured soul. When Jennifer confessed her unfaithfulness this week, he looked as if he'd been punched in the gut. From yelling to vulnerable to hurt and anger, Collier hit every note. I can't believe it, but I actually may be rooting for these two.

--I had to turn on the air conditioning during Carly and Keith's argument. Wow. Sparks were flying as they squared off about Julia's murder. I know that Oakdale is already crowded with men in that age demographic, but please, I'm begging, make Kin Shriner a regular fixture in Oakdale.

--I could fill this entire column with praise for Jesse Soffer's Will Munson. I'll spare you, though, and just say that this kid is so good I forget he's a teenager. I'm glad Will is finally getting a break from all the heavy drama. He's great at it, but it's nice to see him smile. And that torch he's carrying for Ali is just getting brighter all the time. They have great chemistry. Kudos to the casting department for landing Soffer.

--And speaking of talented teens, Jake Weary is doing a fantastic job as Luke. At first, I didn't really see him in the part, but the last couple weeks, he owned it. He doesn't look like the stereotypical teen hunk so often cast on soaps. But he has something most of them don't: acting chops. He's more than holding his own with some powerful veterans. To steal a scene from Martha Byrne and Jon Hensley is impressive.

--Wow people, you apparently dislike the Ortegas even more than I do. I think I received a record number of e-mails in the last two weeks, after my comments on the Latin siblings. Props to all of you for taking time to write. And as much as I'm flattered that you guys think I have power over what happens on screen, I don't. My suggestion is to e-mail or snail mail CBS.

--I'm sorry to see Lily turning on Carly. This duo was fast becoming one of my favorite daytime friendships. For some reason, every time I start to like Lily again, she does something so asinine that it makes it impossible. I know she's just covering for Luke, but she should know that confessing to a crime she didn't commit will only get her locked up.

--Why is no one blaming Jack and Holden, in part, for the Julia murder? If I were Carly and Lily, I'd be putting some of the blame on the two men who brought and kept her in Oakdale. Holden should at least be stepping up to defend Lily, instead of crucifying her. Shame on him.

--Why is Katie wearing her wedding ring on her left hand, but her engagement ring on her right hand? Is this some sort of wedding ring etiquette I'm unfamiliar with? That rock is big enough to be seen from space, but doesn't it belong on her left hand now that they are officially married? I'm just saying, if gorgeous Henry Coleman gave me the Hope Diamond as an engagement ring, I'd be flashing my left hand all over Oakdale.

Best Line of the Week:
(Henry tells Craig that he came clean with Katie about his lie.)
Craig: "If you need a place to stay, you can lose my key."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Alica)
"I am so feeling you on the Ortega's. Somebody needs to put them both in the orange crate and return them to their hometown."

(From Two Scoops reader Doug)
"I'm glad you pointed out the fact that Curtis is not being used on the show. I don't understand why my two favorite shows, "ATWT" and "Guiding Light" find it so difficult to write for African American actors. I also watch "Y&R" and they have many interesting African-American characters with well written, interesting storylines. Also, why are they so afraid of interracial relationships? Come on guys! It's 2005! Not 1955!"

(From Two Scoops reader Denise)
"Hey Jennifer, I gotta say, I completely disagree with you on this Craig/Jennifer thing. I believe she was justified in being furious with him. Craig knew she was upset with her mother and with Mike. He knew she was three sheets to the wind. His mantra has been ‘Truuuust Meeee,' right? A friend and/or a true business partner would've had their colleague's best interests at heart, would've side-stepped the come on and ordered some coffee and aspirin. Plus, he was Bryant's father for God's sake! Craig was sober and completely aware of the fact that what he was doing was taking advantage of someone who was not in control of their faculties. I want Craig to get whupped hard for this one, by Mike, Babs, Hal and Paul."

(From Two Scoops reader Marie)
"AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN to your comment about the Ortegas. I have been watching ATWT for many years, and I have never resorted to the fast forward button as much in the past 40 years as I have in the last three weeks. And can Casey say ANYTHING else except, "Hey, Dude." One more "Dude" and I may use the OFF button instead of the FF."

That's all for now. Happy Easter Scoopers! See ya next time!
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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