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It's unclear why, but Casey clearly does not want Gwen around. This would be interesting to explore, especially if she got involved with his friend, the troubled Will.

I thought that this was an entertaining week in Oakdale with lots of story movement and the performances were really good. There is, however, still a weak link in the mix that is not going away - CELIA!

The Teen Group
I am not usually a fan of teen storylines because they take away from the veterans. I like this group of teens because most of them are from established families like Alison Stewart, Aaron Snyder, Will Munson and Casey Hughes - each of these are good actors and are interesting to watch. Then they throw in two more that cannot cut it on this show; well, they have cut their losses in half by letting the new Rafi go but we still have to listen to Celia. She has not gotten any better and this makes it hard to watch the others. A reader Jennifer K agrees, "Celia is a pretty girl, but very irritating to watch. Her acting skills leave much to be desired. What are the casting people at ATWT thinking?"

This new girl, Gwen that was introduced this week is good. I liked her right off and she can act. She obviously has a history with Casey. Did you see the look on his face when he first saw her? Whatever happened between them, Casey does not want her around. This would be interesting to explore especially if she got involved with his friend, the troubled Will. Poor Will is so messed up because of his mother though I must say again that I like his friendship with Alison. Alison always runs to his rescue and I believe she really likes him too.

Mike/ Jen/ Craig/Barbara
Speaking of Barbara, why would she give Craig money? Hasn't he taken enough from her? Just when she thinks she is doing something good for her children she is making a colossal error in judgment. Craig knew where to go to get himself out of his latest mess with Jennifer. Craig had an brutally honest encounter with Sierra as he told her what he thought of their past life together - excellent drama.

What about those scenes with Jennifer and Katie? It's true that neither one of them has ever had a girlfriend. So what would they talk about - Mike? I hope that they do become friends because these two could very helpful to each other. I wonder what was going through Mike's mind when he walked in to find the two ladies in his life in an embrace.

Lily/ Carly
Lily is dragging Carly down with her just to save her son. Right now, I don't believe the police would go after Luke even if Lily told the truth. Lily did not kill Julia. I see a new suspect since Les just reappeared. How did know that Julia was dead? The thing he said about Keith is probably his motivation as well - JJ's inheritance.

There was a time that I wanted JJ to be gone right along with Julia. I have to agree with Parker and that I want him to stay in Oakdale with Jack and Carly.

It was so nice to see Lucinda as her overprotective self this week as she tries to save Lily form herself. As I was watching I just wanted to hear her call Lily "Pussycat" - just once.

Finally, where are the veterans like Dr. Bob, Nancy, Lisa, Ben and Susan - some have been missing longer than others. I must also say Happy 49th Anniversary to ATWT!

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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