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April 4, 2005 columns
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Brooke English is telling her son, Jamie, that this mortality stuff bites. It is hard to lose your loved ones to death, I think we can ALL attest to that fact. She is mourning Edmund's passing and the fact that her Aunt Phoebe is ailing and frail. It appears they are working up to that special tribute to Ruth Warrick by having Phoebe pass away. It will definitely be difficult for Brooke who has lived around her aunt for most of her adult life. I truly loved the scene between Jamie and his mother, it was nice seeing a child on AMC who loves and respects his parents. With Ryan's flashbacks of his abusive father, Tad's memories of the same type, Adam/JR exchanging barbs, and the worst between Zach and Ethan. Sam and Maddie were ready to move out on their mother due to ANGER. Lots of anger, angst, and bad feelings with very little joy in Pine Valley of late. It made me think of a note from a young fan (24 years old) our editor, Dan, shared with me for a possible spotlight. It came from Aspasia who was congratulating Dan on his 10 years online, excellent commentary, and realizing she was in the age group Brian Frons is gearing AMC storylines for. She was very disappointed in OLTL but remains loyal to AMC despite the direction it takes at times. She shared, " Edmund's death could definitely have been handled a lot better but I think the fallout surrounding it will make for good summer watching. That is if the writers don't screw it up.' How very true and a BIG thank you to Dan for covering for me two weeks ago with his thought-provoking column. I am very proud to be part of his awesome site the past six years and appreciate all the hard work he has put into the operation the past ten years. Here's to many, many more for both of us!!!

I have been struggling with the events and happenings involving Jonathan and the ever-elusive Braden Lavery. I really feel Jonathan is dealing with a split personality and has been doing all the crazy things to Greenlee and Ryan. The only hitch is how are Braden's fingerprints on everything? Lily witnessed Edmund's death and his walking, if it was Jonathan she had seen, she would have said something by now. I have been torn that he is truly after Ryan and the one who shot him, but that Jonathan is responsible for drugging and taunting Greenlee. They are all doing a good job of depicting a seriously dysfunctional family, but I am not sure how much longer I can watch the unraveling. The corker now is having Jonathan holding Greenlee and Lily at gunpoint. (The devil made him do it!!!) I thought I was hearing things when he had the audacity to say to an autistic young girl to stop acting like that and be normal. That's like the pot calling the kettle black. It was surprising Greens didn't give her dad some kind of clue they were in danger. Ask him to pick up her dry cleaning, call her mother to let her know she is all right; anything to tip him off she isn't making a normal courtesy call.

Zach is out of jail but doesn't have a welcoming committee. Kendall doesn't want to believe her beloved Ethan is lying to her, so refuses to listen to her family, JR, Simone, Zach, or David. It won't be fun to watch her reaction when the inevitable truth comes out. Ethan did not witness his father kill Edmund and Lily will prove it eventually. Maria forgot how she always believed in Zach and their love. She has been very wishy-washy and Zach firmly told her not to ask again if he lied. I can truly relate to how he feels, one of my pet peeves is being accused of something I didn't or wouldn't do. He has made mistakes but is not afraid to admit them. I think he has good intentions unlike his son at the moment.

David (can't call him Dr Hayward now) goes to visit Krystal in jail and spots Di. He feels he knows her, could it be Dixie? Mary's Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Brenda who wrote, "It would be ridiculous for that Di character to be Dixie. This is such a sad time on AMC; I sure miss Bianca and am sad about Edmund being gone and having become so "dark" before they killed him off. Every family on the soap seems to be miserable now. Let's bring back some of the mature characters and build interesting storylines for them." Yes, Brenda, what a concept. We are all crying out for reverting back to older times when the stories were interesting, fun, and core characters. Edmund would never have gotten so evil. I have no clue what they are thinking of with this new, mysterious Di. It's obvious she is connected somehow to Dixie in that David recognizes her, she sang JR's childhood song, and she listens in on all Krystal's visits/conversations with JR, David, and Tad. She is very curious about all the families but shares nothing about herself except she is being released soon. Why, pray tell, would Dixie be in prison? If it is she, where is Baby Kate? I guess time will tell.

Wow, it is good to see Simone back and as beautiful as ever. She is stronger and more mature now; it will be nice if she can settle down with someone who appreciates her. She handled Jonathan well and made some great points when she shared her true feelings with Tad. Babe and Jamie are taking it slow and she is bonding with her father. She knows where Liza and Colby are but is willing to sacrifice any deal to be with her son more to protect their anonymity. Erica has been planning her wedding and being Super Mom to Lily. Aidan and Tad are sticking close to Ryan to assure his safe return to Greenlee and hopefully to catch Braden. Now with Jonathan at the mineshaft, Braden doesn't show where Ryan is waiting for him, hmmmmmmmm. I would love to hear any theories or thoughts you have on this twisted story.

Thank you for all your good wishes on my new status as GRANDMA. My first grandchild, Ellen Liliane, was born one month early on 3/18 after 30 hours of labor for my beloved daughter. There were complications and it was quite a stressful time for me, my younger daughter (a very proud aunt), son-in-law (new papa), and my daughter's best friend who drove in from Los Angeles. Our prayers were answered when a beautiful 8 lb 7 oz little girl arrived and after much care, both were released to come home within the week. We had a very joyful Easter together and there is no feeling like having such a blessing in our lives. Needless-to-say, we are very busy with the feedings and all that is involved in coordinating infancy, but couldn't be happier!!!


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