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Maria has to come to terms with the fact that Edmund didn't love her. Not only did he not love her, but he was playing her for the fool and making plans which excluded her from his life and their children's lives.

Maria has to come to terms with the fact that Edmund didn't love her. Not only did he not love her, but he was playing her for the fool and making plans which excluded her from his life and their children's lives. Aidan confirms that Edmund paid Bobby to setup Zach while Edmund's will confirms he was through with her. I was really disappointed that Maria's first impulse was to contest the will since Edmund referred to her as his ex-wife. This is the American way to get legal counsel involved whenever one doesn't get what they perceive they deserve. It appears even Zach is through with Maria. This should make her exit from AMC an easy one. Brooke was front and center several times this week and all I can say is good job writers, more of Brooke and while you're at it pair her with Adam again. I've always loved those two together! On another note, Brooke looked fabulous this week. She's always been a beautiful woman but one has to wonder how she doesn't age!

Kendall needs to wake up and realize that Ethan is scamming her. I don't believe he even loves her, but he certainly is lying in every way possible to manipulate her into being under his power. It's a shame that the character is being played out this way. Ethan had potential as he is certainly eye candy and could have been very likable. He's being written into a corner and one wonders if he'll be written out before year end.

It was great to see Erica and Adam's bantering and deal making. I LOVED when Adam jokingly said he wouldn't marry her again. Great line! One line that wasn't great was when Erica said she had so much knowledge of marriage. What a joke, being married 10 times proves Erica knows nothing about marriage. Why is it Erica wants a reality show? Oh, I forgot she hasn't been in the spotlight enough --- not since Vegas. Adam makes that deal and will it be one that they both regret or enjoy? I wouldn't think Jackson would approve.

David was certainly right on when he made the statement about JR biting the hand that feeds him. It's never good to betray Adam and I relish seeing Adam getting even. It won't matter that JR is his son as Adam knows how to play hardball. Now I have to comment on David's community service. I highly doubt it would be as a janitor in the hospital. This is really lame. And speaking of community service what's Babe doing? I've yet to see any punishment there.

Lily blurts out that Jonathan did indeed kill Edmund. Was anyone surprised? I don't see how AMC is going to keep Jeff Branson on. After all, they sent Trey away for much less. I miss Trey. Jonathan is a psycho and there's no getting around that. He's had ample opportunity to turn Braden in to the police and try to be a little bit normal, but no he has to hold Kendall, Greenlee and Lily captive. Ryan should have gone to the police too.

Ryan continues to investigate those clues and it seems to me he was rather dense in figuring out the 3 brother equals 1 clue. It takes him a while. Also, everyone is able to find him as Zach showed up to offer assistance. I thought this was some secret place, guess the writers have forgotten that.

David's at the prison talking with Di and deciding he wants Di to be Dixie. Obviously he plans on paying Di to pretend to be Dixie. I DEPISE this storyline. It's the worst even worse than that horrid wig Di is wearing. If they can't get Cady back as Dixie, then leave Dixie dead. This plot needs to be aborted and quickly. It appears now that Di has finished her prison term she'll be out and about in PV. Why would this be and exactly what was she in prison for? Do away with all of this please.

Suellen has two AMC Fan Spotlights of the Week this time. One From Gayle: "Last week's Two Scoops, by Mary, referred to Krystal's cell mate as Diana Cole. This got me thinking the woman could be Leslie Coulson. She had a thing with David and Tad. She was obsessed with Tad. Who remembers or cares what Leslie looked liked? She could be the woman in prison. I say that it's her!!!" Yes, I've heard from others with the same speculation. The actress is too young for Dixie or Leslie, but better to be Leslie than Dixie. Next from Jenn: "I'm really hoping that Di is NOT Dixie! Could it be Dixie's sister? Can't remember if her name was Melanie or Melody? Anyway, didn't Dixie go to stay with her sister? Could it be that she was in the car with Dixie when she was in the accident and needed some plastic surgery and that's why no one recognizes her? That would be why she told David she was in an accident and why she looks like Dixie to David." Yes, it could be Lanie too but the actress that played Lanie was just beautiful --- too much so to recast in my opinion. I just don't want Di to be Dixie at all.

Greenlee and Kendall certainly bungled the escape attempt. Why exactly didn't one of them get the gun? It's really stupid. Perhaps they should have tried the Ashley Smith approach and read from the Bible & The Purpose Driven Life to Jonathan. I guess the writers would never think of something that brilliant.

Zach has the surveillance discs which appear to prove there is a Braden. Will this be the case or not? Do we care anymore? I noticed Tad's cell phone's battery was dead, yet he could call Liza about Adam on it. Inconsistency!

Notice how cell phones only work when it's convenient as Kendall's was of no use in an emergency. I really dislike the way TV portrays this in almost any show where there are emergencies. No I don't work for a phone company or own stock in them, just don't care for that portrayal. So many deaths of famous people lately - the Pope and Prince Rainier. Keep those affected in your prayers and our soldiers in combat too. I'll see you back here in 2 weeks.


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