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Luis needs to be slapped. He is ticked off because the rest of the Lo-Fitz clan has agreed to try to be a family again, and since he's busy hating Martin, he's not too happy about it. Last week, Pilar basically told him to take it or leave it.

I know Beth is a loon. I know Marty is Sheridan's son. No one in Harmony knows this except Edna. However, Sheridan is starting to realize all this as well. Only problem is, she is the one that sounds crazy. And I guarantee you that Beth is right on the money not wanting her son around Sheridan. Not to mention Sheridan is now walking around accusing Beth of being one of the clowns that kidnapped her. I promise that if another woman was watching my son, and the town's most hated villain kidnaps him, she'd never get near my child again.

And Luis needs to be slapped. He is ticked off because the rest of the Lo-Fitz clan has agreed to try to be a family again, and since that interrupts his hating Martin, he's not too happy with it. But Pilar straight up told him this is how it is and if you don't like it, take a hike. But the fact that he knows Sheridan is talking out of her head and he wants to keep his son around that loon is what gets me upset. If I were Beth, I'd get restraining orders against both Luis and Sheridan.

I'm going to start off giving props to Theresa. There she is, missing her daughter and there Whitney is complaining about what a nuisance her baby is to her, and Theresa didn't bat an eyelash. Even when Chad, who acted a major @!# this week, was trying to get Theresa to side with him over Whitney, Theresa remained calm and said "I am Whitney's friend and I'm here to support her, not judge her" (that may not be an exact quote since that happened Tuesday or Wednesday). Take notes, that's the stuff REAL friendships are made of, and a brat like Whitney doesn't deserve it.

However, Theresa needs to be slapped too. Ethan is off trying to find Fox and there Theresa is to drag along. Knowing how dangerous it may be, knowing she just learned to walk again, knowing EM will be motherless if something happens to her, she tags right along after she's been warned. And is it really to save her baby, or is it a plea to Ethan to choose her over Gwen? I think it's the latter because when Ethan pulled away from Theresa's kiss, it's Gwen's face he saw.

I have to give props to Gwen. She really stood up to Alistair. When he was groping Katherine, Gwen jumped right up and put up a good fight. Sure Alistair knocked her to the ground with the back of his hand, but Gwen, even though she doesn't always like what Katherine has to say to her, really stood up for her. I see a friendship forming here.

I knew Fox was faking. I knew he was trying to outwit Alistair and sneak away. And I knew he'd fail. As far as that pool goes, doesn't it seem like the same pool Fox used in L.A.? And why did Katherine assume Alistair would help her, no strings attached? She was married to the monster, she should've known better.

I actually feel sorry for nit Whit. She decided to give her baby up, and everyone is on her case about her decision. T.C. is the worst one. A parent is supposed to support their child, but all T.C. can do is spew hatred about Eve (thanks to the frog) and blame her for the baby being put up for adoption. Chad railed on nit Whit for days. I really wanted Whitney to just jump up and slap him. He really deserved it. I'm sure giving her baby away was difficult, and it would've been nice to see a few more people support her.

What happened to Jessica was horrible. But I am of the firm belief that if she hasn't learned her lesson by now, she never will. So what comes to her is hers to deal with.

High Point of the Week:: Beth. She's holding all the cards, but she's about to get trumped. And yes, I am rooting for this villain.

Low Point of the Week:: Luis. He claims Martin slept with another woman, so how can Martin and Pilar's relationship work? HELLO, Sheridan and Luis both slept with other people and they are together. It's called LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Random Thoughts:

Anyone else think Martin is only with Pilar because Kathy left with the money? And when Whitney was talking about how not fun a baby is, shouldn't she have thought of this before she had sex? And I can't wait for the day little Marty turns on Luis and says the same things to him that he says to Martin now.

I asked you all to write in your fantasy storylines, and I got many responses. I'm going to keep them, so if it's not posted this week, then keep reading. Odds are, it'll be posted soon. I decided to pick the funniest one this week and post.

"With Sheridan being declared dead on the show every other week, Passions should do a entire week (during sweeps, of course), where Sheridan dies every day, in increasingly ridiculous ways. For instance, on Monday, she falls down the steps of her cottage and breaks her neck. On Tuesday, she electrocutes herself while trying to pry some toast out of the toaster. On Wednesday she drowns while drinking a glass of water, etc. It could be really funny and a nod to just how many times she's died on the show." Thanks Doug!!!!!!

"I liked your column, except that I think that you are jumping ahead if you think Marty and Endora will ever get together. Not to mention the fact that she is evil, but Marty and Endora are first cousins. Julian is Endora's father. Marty is Sheridan's son." Thanks for pointing this out Angie. TorontoGirl also wrote in to inform me of this also.

Katie writes, "It also bugs me that the writers are playing this out like Ethan had a choice in this whole situation. Terror drugged and raped him and got knocked up. He didn't plan to have a child with her she forced herself on him." Sadly this is what the writers want us to think. Very similar to Luke and Laura from General Hospital. Only Passions will never be in the same league as General Hospital and no one can compare to the wonderful Anthony Geary.

"Now Brandi you know how much I want Theresa and Ethan to get back together, so you can only imagine my excitement when I saw them kiss!! I'm rooting for Theresa so bad you'd think it was the 9th inning of the World Series! I hope their love reconnects them." Thanks Steph!!!!

Quote of the week: "Oh my GOSH! Is Luis mentally slow?! I cant believe he told Beth to leave Marty with Sheridan because Sheridan was 'fragile.' Is he serious?! He is a man who is supposed to 'Protect and Serve' and yet, he is willing to leave HIS SON with a woman who is suicidal, fragile, and claiming that boy is hers (even though he is). She left him alone (for just a second, so it's okay) and her own father kidnapped him and has threatened his life if Luis doesn't leave him alone. Does Luis listen? Heck no! Who cares if Alistair threatens his son's life? He leaves him with a madwoman anyways. What's the difference? Could someone PLEASE push Luis off a cliff?" Thanks Chavonn!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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