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Last week, Ethan finally made the decision to stand by his vows and stay with Gwen. However, he added the stipulation that the fighting between Gwen and Theresa must cease, which basically means that there will be no show left to watch.

Ethan's done it; he's made his decision. He's chosen to stand by his vows and stay with Gwen. Only now he's added the stipulation that the fighting between Gwen and Theresa must cease. So basically there would be no show, because other than Sheridan and Luis (which a lot of viewers are getting sick of based on the emails I receive) the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa triangle is all Passions has going for it.

In order for all this fighting to cease, the charges against Gwen have been dropped and Ethan and Gwen won't press charges against Theresa. Now the slate is clean and we can all start over. Had Theresa been willing to be the bigger person, take her children and go home, perhaps one day after lots and lots of therapy, Gwen and Theresa could even be friends. But instead of trying a new way of life, Theresa is determined to make Ethan be with her and intends to do so by pressing charges once she gets to Harmony. So as one chapter ends, a new one is beginning.

I say this a lot, and I'll say it again. T.C. is a moron. How on earth is it Eve's fault Whitney gave up her baby? The way he ranted and raved at Eve yet again proves he needs to be Rick James slapped. I can't understand why he's upset. I would think now that Whitney, who has gotten her stick figure back already, could focus entirely on her tennis career now that she doesn't have a baby to tie her down. And how is Eve, who accused of trying to murder three people going to adopt a baby? Like Jerin asked, "Does the agency not check criminal records or do they just assume that in Harmony, 'murderers' are the perfect adoptive parents?" How is T.C. going to adopt this baby when he has no means of income? The mysterious third party does indeed end up with the baby (and for those of you who don't enjoy spoilers I won't reveal the identity) but I really think it is the best choice for the baby.

After much stalling and arguing, Beth relents to the DNA test and now is waiting for her fate to be sealed. Sheridan meanwhile has developed a brain with her DNA swab, and is finally standing up to Luis. I understand where he is coming from. He doesn't think his childhood friend is capable of murder and kidnapping. But Sheridan is so passionate about this, how can he accuse her of being crazy? I want Beth to realize Luis is an idiot, give Sheridan her kid back, Sheridan to realize Luis is an idiot, and Luis to leave town and never come back.

Jessica's story is coming along nicely. But does she honestly think that a man named Spike is interested in dinner and a movie? HELLO, of course not. Then after she reluctantly sleeps with her pimp, she wants to cuddle. Of course Spike doesn't have time for cuddling, he's got to get his next girl in. But what I love is she hands it off to Ivy so well. After years of watching Ivy blackmail Eve to get with Sam, now it's coming back to bite her on the butt. And no one deserves it more.

High Point of the Week:: Sheridan stands up for herself.

Low Point of the Week:: Theresa's never ending scheming.

Fantasy Storyline of the week:

Thanks Rachael K for this weeks fantasy storyline. Please feel free to send me yours.

The Teresa-Ethan-Gwen triangle: It has to go, big time! It blows like a hooker with a quota! What I would like to see, is, Gwen and Teresa become trapped somewhere, with a bottle of tequila and sit down and discover that Ethan has played both these girls right from the start. They discover a new found respect for each other( after all, they are both very similar creatures). They discuss their hopes and dreams, the end result of which, is that Gwen and Teresa kick Ethan out of their lives and they open a modeling agency together. This leads to what I want for Becky......She is one of the agencies CEOs and her job is to check out aspiring male hotties who and wanting to enter the competitive field of male modeling (I think this would be particularly fun to watch). Because all this beef cake needs to stay buff, Harmony will open a new gym and spa. The gym will offer kick boxing classes. All the women of Harmony find out how to defend them selves and all rapists run for the hills. Sheridan, in particular is a star pupil and saves Luis butt for a change. Our darling Miguel returns from his travels a much wiser man, declaring his undying love for Kay, and baby Maria. He has actually become very wealthy( I haven't figured out how, yet). He gets down on one knee, pulls out the biggest diamond ever seen and begs Kay to do him the honor of becoming his wife, because he realized that Charity would bore any human to tears in a very short amount of time, and that Kay was after all his first true love.

Some Random Thoughts:

Time was of the essence, yet both Gwen and Katherine changed clothes and Theresa and Fox stalled so Theresa could tell Fox her latest plan to get Ethan back. Obviously they know nothing about being kidnapped and Days of Our Lives doesn't air in Harmony.

Why is it all of the homeless children of Harmony (Kay and now Whitney) end up at Tabitha's?

"Whitney and Theresa have the best bestfriendship on this show. And it's nice to see Theresa having Whitney's back for a change. IMO Whitney DESERVES it, she's earned it for years of standing by Theresa even though she had her own problems, even though she may have disagreed with Theresa's action she was still there." Thanks Anika!!!

"It is emotional abuse, since he [Luis] never believes her [Sheridan] and he is always telling her that she is wrong and doesn't know what she is talking about." Thanks Jeannie!!!

"He [Luis] loves her [Sheridan] and yet when she has thoughts of her mother she somehow betrays him? What a load of horse poo. Here she finally told him to get on board or take a hike and I loved it. Thanks Emily!!!!!!!!!!

"As much as I hate Ethan I was happy to see him stand up (somewhat) to Terror. Once again she uses her child as bait to snag the doofus. Why does Terror think they are a family? They're not married. She is his rapist! How many times do we need to watch this bimbo beg her true love to be with her." Thanks Katie!!!

"I don't know which is worse. The show or your comments. ZZZZZZZZ." Thanks Bored by this show!!!

Quote of the week: "Here, you have two grown women trying to knock the daylights out of one another, and there's Katherine, doing nothing! Unless you count 'Gwen stop! Theresa stop it! Think of the baby!' I was expecting to be bedpans in this fight. You know how Alistair is. You would expect him to have bedpans hidden for Gwen in the most unexpected Ashley's toy box or something." Thanks Alex!!!

Until next week friends,

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