Jennifer is Barbara's daughter

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Jennifer is Barbara's daughter
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The main attraction right now is the baby that Jennifer is carrying, how to keep the truth from Craig, and how Barbara is right in the middle of everything.

The main attraction right now is the baby that Jennifer is carrying, how to keep the truth from Craig and how Barbara is right in the middle of everything. The second big deal is trying to find out who really killed Julia while keeping Les from JJ.

Jennifer and the baby
This baby saga is getting quite a few people involved in this cover-up - everyone has an opinion of what she should do. The one thing that this show can do right sometimes is include historical events into a story. I was so happy to hear Barbara tell Jennifer that when she was pregnant with her that her biological father (Darryl Crawford) was not going to be the man that raised her. Now Jennifer has a similar dilemma by not telling Craig that he is the father of her baby so Mike can raise the baby as his own. I don't know how this is going to work out because more and more people are finding out the truth. I also like the fact that Barbara mentioned that Jennifer is carrying the baby of her deceased ex-boyfriend, Bryant's father.

Craig wants to be a father again as he remembered Bryant on his birthday. When he found out that Jennifer was pregnant, he went snooping to find out if he is going to get another chance at fatherhood. As despicable as Craig can be, it is difficult not to feel sorry for him when like this week at Bryant's grave.

The wildcard in all of this is going to be Katie because she doesn't want Mike to be hurt by this and she is Craig's sister. Her true motives are not clear as she says she is happy with Henry but her feelings for Mike are never far behind.

The Murder Investigation Continues
Now that Lily has been freed, she is teaming up with Keith to find out who really killed Julia. Keith is more likable than his sister so I hope he stays around Oakdale for awhile with JJ. If he and Lily start to like each other, they will have two strikes against them - Lucinda and Holden. Lucinda is vocal of Keith's motives and Holden now wants to come back home. How adult of Lily to tell him that it was best that he not come back home just yet - she is no longer desperate to keep trying for a potentially lost cause.

It is nice to see JJ warming up to Carly. Carly never had anything against the child; it was the kid's mother that was the problem. Please hurry and find out that Les is the murderer before anyone else gets hurt.

Aaron is Gone
Those scenes of Aaron leaving were very touching. It took him and Alison so long to get together now he has to leave. What is Alison going to do now that Aaron is gone like finally give Will a chance?
Did anyone notice that every time Aaron's mother (Julie) was mentioned, no one mentioned her name?
Finally, we have a change in the head writerso what does this mean? I hope it means even though Ms. Passanante worked under Mr. Sheffer that she has some ideas for using the veterans in real stories as opposed to afterthoughts and background scenery.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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