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April 18, 2005 columns
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After weeks, or was it an eternity, of bizarre behavior and twists......Lily solved the case. Jonathan Lavery stabbed Steve to death, entrapped three innocent girls in a mineshaft, and revealed his darkest secrets. He was truly the man behind all the mystery, even Braden was a victim. Ryan realized where his wife was and rushed to save her only to find Greenlee, Kendall, and Lily being held at gunpoint in a cave (and a convenient gate to lock them in) and later with a dead corpse. Braden went totally undetected until Jonny Boy had unraveled and revealed all his indiscretions and psycho behavior. Lucy shared with Mary from one of two Fan Spotlights of the Week she chose, "Kendall, Greenlee, and Lily have been in that cave for days and say it's only one day in soap time....they looked all over for a way out and then they just found Braden's dead body at that convenient moment? All I can say is that at least it's over!!!" My sentiments exactly, Lucy. Her second choice, Bill, was wondering when Aidan and crew looked into Jonathan's past and found a past incident of abusing a woman, why didn't they happen upon his supposed stay in a psychiatric hospital? Was it selective findings? Good question, Bill..........Aidan is usually a very thorough guy.

It was pretty heart wrenching for Ryan to find out how disturbed his youngest brother was after many years of abuse, a dysfunctional existence, and being committed to a mental facility. I found it hard to watch the dark scenes and scary moments, and was relieved to see the rescue team on site. No wonder Lily ran off with all the trauma, drama, and RED LIGHTS and loud noises to endure. Sam discovered Zach didn't kill Edmund, Jonathan did.......and convinced Lily to come back to safety. Reggie took Lily to Erica's for comfort and safety. Ms Kane was able to revive her and bond as a new mother/daughter team. This made Jack happy for the first time in a long time, LOL. Now they are all busy planning the upcoming nuptials. What a wonderful day that will be when we can smile, see true love conquering all, and marital bliss for hopefully more than a day/week/month!!! There will be a lot of celebrating by the Jackson Posse when this union is consummated as they have waited for Jack and Erica to marry for many years. It definitely is nice to have a couple who you love to watch, feel the attraction between the actors, and have a lot invested in their history and story. That's what watching a soap opera for so long is all about. I am sure we all have our favorites and we keep hanging in there despite the way writers throw in monkey wrenches including not using characters we have grown to love/admire.

Jonathan is dead physically but will continue to taunt Ryan who survived the bomb explosion. Ryan is in shock and not responding well to Greenlee or anyone as he replays the past few hours in his head. Ryan sees him in the hospital room and is wracked with guilt over how it all turned out. He saved everyone from disaster EXCEPT his brothers. Now everyone in his family is gone, except the elusive sister. Will she come to Pine Valley when she hears about this tragedy? I am not sure how much we can endure of this dark past after doing it with Michael Cambias and now possibly will have Ethan spiraling out of control. I do feel he truly loves Kendall but does not have the guts to be totally honest in his part of this huge lie. She was wise to his connection in it all and turned down his romantic marriage proposal flat. Greenlee has her back and will be there for her friend and vice versa. They will both need that special bond and comfort as they deal with the men in their lives. As an added note, wasn't Cameron Mathison amazing with his scenes the past few weeks? You could feel his pain, guilt, and sadness. He has come a long way!!!

Sam Grey is still lashing out at his mother and even stayed out all night with the car he is not of age to drive. It has to be hard for Maria to deal with her loss, all she has learned, and her children's anger. Now that word is out Eva La Rue will be leaving AMC also, how will they write her out and what about ZACH? They were/are so good together. It will also create a lot of voids with the Santos Family being non-existent except for Anita, Zach only having a connection to Ethan who isn't the son-of-the-year, and the loss of another doctor at the hospital. Boo Hoo.

We have received lots of rants and opinions on the new Dixie storyline. As we all know, Dixie Cooney-Martin was a VERY popular character. Cady McClain is an amazing actress and made Dixie her own. There is no way true fans could accept this faux direction.......we can only hope that she is not Dixie, first of all, and that they won't do anything to tarnish her memory. There are various theories as to who the woman really is, besides just an ex-con who resembles the Southern belle. Jenn shares she feels it could be Dixie's sister, Melanie, who she joined in Europe. Maybe she was in the car accident and had plastic surgery. True Jenn, Melanie has been gone many, many years so there wouldn't be as much outrage over that theory. Yet, when she left Pine Valley, she was married to a great guy. This Di woman has someone after her that David feels can get off the radar if she complies to his Master Plan. It is obvious she is wearing a bad wig, so what do they plan to do when her true look is revealed? We ( I know I am not standing alone on this one) are not happy campers, for sure. It was like Grand Central Station at David's cabin this past week, actually all within 30 minutes one day.......Tad on the warpath over the situation with Liza, JR upset that a rag magazine would imply that he pushed Bianca off the balcony, Adam found Liza and Colby gone from the address provided, and Babe was unable to see her mother at the prison. Di C (please not short for Dixie Cooney) heard it all and found herself parked in the middle of a hornet's nest. She has to decide if this would truly be the right plan/path for her to take. Identity theft at its best and working closely with Dr Evil, ouch. If there is any lining in this cloud, it would be to see Tad happy again, JR soften up, and Adam get his. JR's sarcasm was getting on my last nerve this past week. I mentioned last time one of my pet peeves is being accused of something I haven't done, and another one is SARCASM. I hate hurtful, unnecessary sarcasm. So listening to JR talk like he does to EVERYONE, drives me nuts. He belittles the mother of his son at every turn, he can't forgive and forget even when Tad or Jamie talks to him from the heart, and he is always mean to everyone except Kendall. He does have a soft spot for her, but if she did get involved with him, it would be like jumping from the frying pan to the fire. Not that I condone Babe's actions and past but this is one time revenge would be sweet if she could win Adam Jr back or even it all out.

Many thanks for all the wonderful congratulatory notes on my new status as a grandma. Soap fans never cease to amaze me with their special warmth and thoughtfulness. That is why I love to meet you in person when opportunities arise; we are a special breed with a unique bond. My little darling is 4 weeks old now and such a joy. Her smiles and cuddling sure makes up for what we are missing in that department on OUR FAVORITE SHOW lately. Maybe they need a clue, fans also like to laugh, smile, and cheer!!! Keep the faith........


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