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David's got a front burner storyline and this makes me happy, unfortunately he's playing God again as he is resurrecting Dixie in the form of Di.

David's got a front burner storyline and this makes me happy, unfortunately he's playing God again as he is resurrecting Dixie in the form of Di. You know I really disliked that horrid black wig Di was wearing, but she actually resembled Dixie more with it on, maybe that's because it covered more of her face. The new color isn't even close to Dixie's color. I noticed Maria commented on the picture of Dixie that Tad had, but the audience wasn't privy to this picture. Obviously, this was intentional for the viewers that have never seen Dixie before. David is determined to make everyone believe Dixie is alive and Di is Dixie. This is truly evil, but I don't feel sorry for Tad as his character has changed for the worst in the last year or two. Now I could mention how a DNA test could be done on Di to prove who she is or isn't or I could bring up the fact that Di should only have 1 kidney and a scar from that surgery when Dixie gave her brother, Del, her kidney. David won't have any answers or explanations for these inconsistencies.

So is Adam going to have another stroke? I remember his last near death experience and how he vowed he'd change his ways. That didn't last long. I honestly don't want Adam to get ill again. It seems that story has been done many times before.

Ryan is seeing Jonathan and feeling guilt over killing his brother even though no body has been found. Will this mean Jonathan can still be alive? I hope not. Could Greenlee have been more insensitive telling Ryan she wanted to start a family right away? Why is it Greenlee wants to rush into a family? Perhaps she's afraid that's the only way she can hold on to her husband.

Why exactly is it Erica nor Jackson bothered to check on Kendall after the cave disaster? Have they forgotten her? Yes, they fussed over Lily rightly so, but Kendall is also family. Instead we have Ethan, JR and Zach tending to Kendall. It's enough to make one's head spin ala "Exorcist" style.

Another marriage made in PV - that would be a loveless one that's for business purposes only. I really dislike the way marriage is portrayed in our soap. If Zach wanted to he could give Miranda half the fortune after he acquires it. Instead we have Kendall considering a man she hardly knows to be her husband. I guess this would follow suit as her marriage to Boyd was annulled since Boyd was just pretending to be Michael Cambias.

Brooke appears to be getting some front and center time. I do like this other than the fact it's to help Krystal as long as Krystal agrees to stay away from Tad. Boy, is this warped. I've heard that Bobbie Eakes (Krystal) is thinking of leaving PV. I can't blame her as the Krystal character is not one I'd enjoy playing. If she leaves, I won't miss Krystal at all. Perhaps she's been watching the ratings as they unfortunately appear to be following the stock market.

Sam and Maddie are just horrid. Why were they aged and turned into devils? They both should be turned over someone's knee and given spankings no matter their age or the pc of it. Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Marina: "When did it become okay to call your mother names (Sam to Maria)....? AMC has been introducing some very surly teenagers and they are extremely unlikable characters. I don't know why Erica gets to get away with being as nasty as JR and Adam are. Does Jack get to find out that Erica made a deal with Adam by trading information on Liza? How would that sit with Tad?" I doubt Jackson or Tad would be very understanding of Erica's deal with Adam.

I've heard they have recast Amanda Dillon and are bringing her back to PV. Yes, she'll be much older and why exactly would she come back without her family? Remember when Tim showed up for Enzo's medical crisis, just to disappear again after insinuating there were problems with Janet from another planet? Miscues by AMC continue.

For those of you wondering about Phoebe's memorial episode, that is set to be broadcast on Thursday, May 12th as of this writing. I'll see you back here in 2 weeks.


Mary Page
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