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May 2, 2005 columns
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Kendall Hart is sure if she accepts Zach Slater's marriage proposal she will have found the ultimate match. No one trusts the man but she feels he is the only one who has been honest with her and can now offer her everything she really needs. Yet another business deal like Ryan and Greenlee's, I agree with Mary from last week's column......whatever happened to love, romance, and the sanctity of marriage? ABC used to advertise LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON, where did it go? Just this past week we witnessed Ryan withdrawing and playing Macho Man, HE has decided there will be no children and when Greenlee tried to trick him into getting pregnant, he said his way or no way. He then jumped on his motorcycle and pulled an all-nighter without even a courtesy call to his wife. A big no-no. When he does return and apologies have been made, he gets angry about the thought of counseling. Withdrawal and denial, wonderful combination. Granted he just experienced real trauma with his two brothers, but to inflict pain on the one person who really loves you is inexcusable. Secondly, Jack and Erica had a falling-out over their daughters. Each needed help but wouldn't compromise. Meanwhile, Maria is to accept an award for her departed husband after feeling he doesn't quite deserve such an honor. Ryan coped with frustration and anger by putting lots of miles on his bike; Maria decided to partake of the champagne. By time Brooke made the acceptance speech in her behalf, she was under the influence and voiced her real feelings for all to hear.

Like Maria, I wasn't quite ready for Erica to reach out and be compassionate and caring with decent advice and empathy. Not that she isn't capable of being so, but not with people she has openly belittled, disliked, or judged. She's the type of woman you do want for a friend (like Opal), as she will be loyal or for a mother (like a mother bear with her cubs), but not as an enemy. Ouch! I did mention in my last column about the Jackson Posse and for those of you who aren't familiar with them, they are a group of long-term AMC viewers and Walt Willey fans devoted to Jack and Erica being together. They love these characters and especially TOGETHER. So needless-to-say, they are seriously celebrating now that there is a wedding for this couple in the near future. They started a website with lots of photos, stories, and information and continue to grow the past six years. For all of you Jack/Erica fans, check it out!!!

JR continues to be sarcastic, name-call, and resort to violence to get his point across. It scares me that he would even consider pinning his brother under a heavy motorcycle, let alone when he was ready to bash his brains in back in Florida. Jonathan attempted to kill one brother and succeeded with another. Yes, they have a lot of emotional baggage and issues to deal with, but when does common sense and decency come into play? Edmund left this world with vengeance as priority. Zach and Ethan can't get past their hatred and bad blood. The list is endless and my patience is wearing thin. I can't stress enough how I want to see moments where I can smile, laugh, and be happy for a character. I remember years ago when both my daughters watched AMC, it would be a family affair. We would go to soap events on the East Coast and enjoy meeting the actors. We had our favorite characters (theirs being Uncle Pork Chop and Brian Bodine respectively) and we could discuss how we loved this or that scene, laugh ourselves silly, or root for the good guys. They always seemed to win out. Slowly when storylines started getting weirder and they lost interest, it was just I hanging in there relishing the small moments of grandeur. Sigh.

Di Cole does get hired by JR to be Adam III's nanny and is settling into the Chandler Mansion quite nicely. JR loves her, Adam doesn't trust her, and now Babe realizes she is someone who is being chased. Meanwhile, Tad is being set up to believe Dixie COULD BE alive, he doesn't want to believe it, but how could he not hope it is true? It appears David's master plan could work as he plays on Tad and JR's love/weakness for Dixie. I am sure there is a twist to all of this as all the clues are in place, but who is this woman really? Imagine if and when Krystal finds out about her old cellmate being near her grandson, although she was her only friend in prison.

It was very disturbing to see how Lily's classmates, especially Autumn, terrorized her. Imagine posting a sign reading, AUTISTIC TERMINATOR. I have heard horror stories similar to this from my brother and sister-in-law who both teach in middle and high schools. It still never ceases to amaze me how cruel kids are to each other. The friendship blooming between Lily and Sam is refreshing and keeps him less angry. His sister has enough attitude and anger for the both of them!!! I am now curious how they will write Maria out of the story; will this affect the whole Santos clan? Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Judy who shares, "Thought I would write to say I am furious they killed off Edmund and now Maria is leaving. I have never been a Maria fan; they should have killed her off and put Edmund in an Adam/Brooke/Edmund triangle. I love these characters and wouldn't have to watch newbie's try to act. Just venting about my favorite show!!!" Possibly Judy, they didn't know about Eva La Rue leaving when they were working on John Callahan's exit. If so, they could have considered having them ride off into the sunset together. It would have been a lot easier to swallow then the about face for Edmund, and Maria having to deal with the aftermath. Did anyone get to see John's interview on Soap Talk recently? I missed it and would love to know what he had to say about his reel and real life changes. Also for you OLTL viewers, WHO KILLED PAUL???? I would think that murder was solved by now. So much for a crossover story when they don't show it on both sides!!!

Simone tried to play matchmaker, but it was a bomb. Ethan could not accept the terms of Kendall's deal, give up Cambias Industries and she will marry him. They love each other but are at a stalemate. By time the committee is honoring Mr. Grey, Kendall is in her cocky mood and ready to accept Zach's ring and proposal. She even tells Simone she can have the Englishman for herself. JR is not quite ready to hear what she proposes to do, as he has been interested in her for himself. Our Ms. Hart has never wanted for male attention, that's for sure.

Do you think Jonathan is really dead? It was pretty eerie having him in Ryan's head, but we knew it wasn't going to be the last we saw of this unstable brother. Zach and Maria were both thinking back at things that were said and feeling melancholy. It was a very good scene when Anita apologized to Zach and comical when Erica threatened him with a knife followed by his "mother-in-law" comment. The latter two definitely have good chemistry and act well off each other.

Be sure to honor your mother, mother of your children, or grandmother next weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all. It is my first one as a grandma and we plan to spend it at the beach as a family, life is good!!! Back in two weeks.........


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