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by Dawn
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There are so many stories happening at one time, and many of them seem like they are on the verge of reaching their peaks. May should be an exciting month for One Life to Live.

As we enter May Sweeps, I can see the momentum on One Life to Live building. There are so many stories happening at one time, and many of them seem like they are on the verge of reaching their peaks. May should be an exciting month for One Life to Live. If you think about it, soap fans are lucky in at least one way. While the shows in primetime are wrapping up the season and possibly doing so with a cliffhanger, soap operas continue to be new throughout the year. In theory, a lot will happen during May that will lead to good storylines that will keep us entertained through the summer. Let's hope this is true!

The first story that is really gaining momentum in May is Daniel's secrets, including the fact that he murdered Paul Cramer. Up until now, no one has really suspected Daniel of anything. Bo has a gut feeling that something is off with Daniel, and Rex doesn't like him, but other than that, Daniel has been able to stay under the radar with his "mistress" and his crimes. However, Nora is finally starting to wake up and realize that she doesn't know her husband that well. She has walked in on several of his infamous phone calls and can tell he isn't being straightforward with her. As a side note, I wonder why Daniel has answered the phone right where Nora could walk in on him. He isn't very good at trying to hide his secrets, which makes it harder to believe that no one has suspected of anything. Also, I noticed that the lighting in Nora's house has been considerably darker since Daniel moved in with her. It could be a coincidence, but it could also be a symbol of how awful their marriage is! However, I digress. Nora finally questioned him and gave him an ultimatum to tell her the truth or their marriage is over. As expected, Daniel didn't tell her the truth and instead made up some lame story about wanting to advance his political career. Nora said she believed him, but it was obvious she knew there was more to the story or a different story entirely. However, she knew Daniel wasn't going to make any true confessions, so she let it drop but continued to mull it over. This is a sign of the old Nora. She is finally thinking things through and realizing that Daniel isn't the good guy she has proclaimed him to be so many times. The question now is, what will she do about it? Will she try to find out more about Daniel's past? We know she is going to discuss all of this with Bo. Will she listen to his concerns this time? For her sake and ours, I hope she does. I think she is finally starting to see that marrying Daniel in such a haste was a mistake and that she may have to fix it before she or Matthew are in danger. While I would love for Nora to be the first one to realize her husband is a murderer, I have a feeling Rex will actually be the one to find out. He is desperate to clear Jen's name and is already trying to find who has been framing her. With Rex's investigation and Bo's trip to find evidence, Daniel's days as an innocent man are numbered. The fallout from Daniel's secrets and misdeeds will be big, and I am hoping that it leads to the restoration of Nora's character and an end to their abysmal marriage.

Next, I see Jessica's storyline gaining momentum. She knows there is something wrong with her, and she has even gone to see doctors about it. However, no one has even considered the possibility that she has an alter. Her condition got her and Antonio in trouble last week, as "Tess" wanted to get back Antonio through Jamie. I don't know why Antonio let Jessica watch Jamie when he knew she was having blackouts and that she has woken up with injuries she can't explain. While having a blackout ( or having Tess take over) isn't Jessica's fault, she shouldn't be watching Jamie by herself, since she is having trouble accounting for large gaps of time. Antonio finally realized that after the fire, but it could have been too late. Hopefully, Antonio is more careful with who he lets watch Jamie and will accept the fact that Jessica can't help him right now. As a matter of fact, Tess is trying to get revenge on him, and that could end up being dangerous. I have to admit, watching Tess is a little fun. She is feisty, manipulative, and so different from Jessica. Jessica has never been a "bad girl," so it is interesting to watch this new aspect of her. I am still not a fan of Jessica having DID, but at least her alter is fun to watch. It is obvious when Tess has taken over, but yet no one in Llanview has made the connection. I would think that Viki of all people would see the signs and at least consider the possibility. Now that people know about what happened with Jessica and Jamie, they might start catching on to what is wrong with her. If they don't, Tess will really wreak havoc in Llanview. It might be fun to watch, but it is time for people to start dealing with Jessica's problem instead of not noticing that something is off. This story has been slowly (and I mean slowly) unfolding since December. It's time to move on and see how her DID affects the people around her. If this part of the story drags on for much longer, people will lose interest in why Jessica formed an alter or how it will affect her in the future. Hopefully May sweeps will be the cure for this problem.

As I am sure you've heard, Jen Rappaport will be leaving Llanview this week. At first, it was reported that she would be leaving Llanview in a "fun way." However, I don't think this is true. If Jen is murdered by the Killing Club murderer or by someone else, it will be devastating. For months, this character has been in a lull. She started a relationship with Riley, but that was never given the attention it needed to truly captivate viewers. Jen became the nice girl, the hard worker, and the good friend, and then she faded into the background. Now that she is being framed for Paul's murder, her world is falling apart again. This time, however, it looks like she will not recover from it. She feels like the walls are closing on her because she is being framed, and she can't work things out with Riley. Now she is going to leave in Llanview in what seems to be a sad way. Jen has never been my favorite character, When she first arrived in Llanview, she was dull and then she became self destructive. Once Jen calmed down and became a nicer person, the writers ran out of things for her to do. She lacked a purpose on the show, and from what I've read, that is one of the reasons the actress decided to leave. While she has never been my favorite character, I would hate to see her killed off. I don't want to see Lindsay lose her daughter, and I don't want to see another member of the Rappaport family killed. Yes, it's been a couple of years since Sam was killed, but killing off another Rappaport seems excessive. I hope I am wrong about Jen's exit, but I have a feeling I'm not. Please don't tell me one way or the other; I want to find out by watching the show. Sometimes it's better to watch the show without it being spoiled, and I think this is one of those situations. I would, however, love to hear your thoughts in the possibility of Jen being murdered. Do you think it's a good idea?

Finally, the writers seem to be entertaining the idea of reuniting Kevin and Kelly. I still shock myself with the fact that I want them to get back together. When Kevin and Kelly returned to Llanview, they were a mess. They couldn't be in the same room without tension, sadness, or arguing. When Kevin found out about the baby switch, it seemed like there was no chance of a reunion. In fact, some viewers (like me) didn't want them to get back together. It was hard to watch their scenes. Now, a year later, they have the potential of being the strongest and best couple on the show. Right now, they are still trying to figure out how they fit into each other's lives, With Kelly going to work at Buchanan Enterprises, Kevin and Kelly will most likely grow closer and maybe even get back together. I am amazed at how much chemistry these characters have after all the pain they caused each other and all they've been through. I am even more amazed that their current "relationship" is so believable. It doesn't seem contrived or fake; they naturally found their way back to each other. That doesn't always happen on soaps, so it's a nice change of pace. I think things will progress for Kelly and Kevin during May sweeps. They aren't going to get remarried or anything, but I think they will reunite. At least, I hope they do!

Feel free to share your thoughts about the show with me. Have a pleasant week!

Until next time, Dawn

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