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Pain and grief....
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Brooke has more than her share of pain and grief as first she witnesses Adam with an obvious medical emergency and then she finds her beloved Aunt Phoebe has died.

Brooke has more than her share of pain and grief as first she witnesses Adam with an obvious medical emergency and then she finds her beloved Aunt Phoebe has died. I felt that pain with her as I've always been a big fan of Phoebe's and could only wish for a similar Aunt. In a way it's even sadder as we know Ruth Warrick can never grace any of our presence again ---- at least not on this earth. The one thing AMC did that was truly bush league was having the mention of Langley waiting for Phoebe. The show had never addressed his death in the past and to gloss over the actor's death was truly an injustice. They could have had the 2 of them going together, but chose to ignore Langley once again. With that said, it is great to see Brooke front and center. She tells Adam she will not mourn him if he chooses to ignore his health issues. She's had to deal with Edmund's death and now Aunt Phoebe's and doesn't want to lose another person that she holds dear. I can relate. It's too hard to sit back and watch someone ignore obvious warning signs. Adam, please get to the hospital and have take care of these warning signs.

Maria also has grief and is unable to address that pain. Unfortunately, she chose to deaden the pain with alcohol. This she will find doesn't fix anything and leaves one empty and lost after the affects wear off. Not only that, she caused herself pain by making a fool of herself and having her actions front page in the newspaper the next day. This is the excuse that causes Sam and Maddie to run away and try to hide themselves in another country. This had been in the works I believe and was just the thing to push them into that direction. Interestingly enough Zach was also in the airport and alerted the airlines to the situation so Sam and Maddie could be detained until Maria's approval was verified. I wonder exactly how Sam was able to get out of the airport so easily considering the amount of security in airports today, but this is obviously a ploy to pair Sam with Lily at least for the time being. Maddie on the other hand is caught and decides to lie and accuse Zach with the crime of kidnapping. Maddie should not just have her hand slapped for making a false criminal charge, but should have some real punishment handed down. Perhaps this would wake others up that think there are no consequences to answer to ---- similar to what happened with the Atlanta runaway bride. Seems Atlanta is the crime laughing stock what with the bungled courthouse shooting and the runaway bride that wasn't. I can say this as I live in GA not far from Atlanta and am ashamed of these situations.

Erica and Jackson are causing pain for their family as their wedding rehearsal starts late, is missing members of the wedding party and unfortunately doesn't have much love and respect involved. I'm a long time Erica and Jackson fan and never wanted Erica to marry Travis. I saw the wonderful chemistry between Erica and Jackson long ago. Unfortunately, AMC is turning what should be a huge celebration into a convoluted and mixed up storyline. Yes, we all know that Erica and Jackson do walk down the aisle in less than a month, yet instead of happiness, romance and love we are going to see doubt, confusion and dissention before this event. I am very disappointed.

Ryan has had more than his share of pain and now is intent on sharing that pain with others that do care for him. As I've made it absolutely clear in the past, I don't like Ryan and Greenlee together, however, Ryan does not have to behave so obnoxiously to the woman he professes has his heart. Of course, I remember when his heart belonged to the wonderful Princess Gillian and then so passionately to Kendall. When it comes to matters of the heart with Ryan, it appears he's extremely fickle.

It appears Kendall is headed for pain as she's about to embark on a marriage for business conveniences and hops into JR's bed for some sex. There's no love there and I find it rather disgusting she doesn't have anymore self respect or self esteem than that. Ethan has caused Kendall pain and won't give up his fortune to prove his love for Kendall. Obviously, Ethan will lose that fortune anyway, ending up with nothing and no one. We saw Kendall try to bait Ryan to prove that Ryan really loves Greenlee but Greenlee didn't find that interaction entertaining. Suellen's AMC Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Barbara who writes: "Bring back Carlos or Juan Pablo so Greenlee and Kendall can have something else to fight over. Brooke with Adam is lame and Tad should be with the real Dixie and their daughter. Possibly Ted Orsini kidnapped them both and held them captive. Ethan's mother should come in now because he's rich yet lose everything to Zach in the battle. Personally, I don't think Erica will be happy with any man, she's Erica Kane!!" Well, I for one don't find Brooke and Adam lame at all. I've always liked that pairing and the actors are superb together. I think everyone wonders how long Erica and Jackson's marriage will make it.

Di is insinuating herself into JR's life and will do much damage and cause pain for the Chandlers if this keeps up. I'm shocked with the Chandler's wealth they don't do background checks on any nanny which includes fingerprint IDing. This is lame as is Di trying to be Dixie.

Speaking of lame, bringing Amanda back by initiating her first scene as being in JR's bed was just too much. We can only hope the writers actually will have a purpose for this character.

Julia (Sydney Penny) is set to come back to PV. Now I was a huge fan of Julia and Noah, but to bring her back is totally out of line. Once a person is in the witness protection program it's pretty much for life. If she were to come out of hiding, one would assume she'd be dead almost immediately as those mob folks have relatives and hold grudges forever.... Ever hear of Donnie Brasco ---- forget about it???? AMC should get Cady McClain back as Dixie and put a stop to the Di storyline.

Mary is now with Palmer, but still after Adam. This woman is a barracuda always on the prowl. She should be happy she has anyone.

I know AMC hopes Phoebe's funeral will pump up those ratings and I do look forward to seeing Chuck, Benny, Linc and many of the old gang back for the funeral. I wonder if Ruth will make an appearance. They should really utilize Lee Meriwether and have Joe and Ruth part of more plots. I'll see you back here in 2 weeks.


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