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Reva is having a pretty bad month, and her whole year has been pretty rough. Marah and Shayne left town, Jonathan showed up (twice), and now she's tackling menopause, has lost her job, and is looking to kick up her heels.

A Mother's Love (May 7, 2005) For those of you who have forgotten, tomorrow is Mother's Day! And since I'll be spending the day with my own Mom, I thought I'd give all of you GL fans the latest scoop a day early.

It also got me thinking of the Mom's of Springfield. They've been through a lot over the years - and this year is no exception. So let's take a look back at how Springfield Mom's might be spending their big day.

Reva is having a pretty bad month. And her whole year has been pretty up and down as well. Marah and Shayne left town. Jonathan showed up (twice - once it was really Sandy). And now she's tackling menopause, lost her job and looking to kick up her heels. I have to say that Kim Zimmer is really making me laugh with her interactions with Josh. The poor man has not a clue what is the "right" thing to say to his wife these days! It really shows how well Robert and Kim play off of one another - I've really missed them onscreen together.

Now Reva has a new "friend" - the sexy Nate. LOVE the accent (I am such a sucker for accents)!! I sure hope we see more of him - Springfield could use some spice!! Not that I hope Josh and Reva split up, but I do love his chemistry with Reva.

Since Jonathan seems to have "friends" in town, will he leave Reva all alone for Mother's Day? If he does, can Josh survive the day with her bouncing all over the place? I guarantee that would be one celebration that wouldn't be boring!

Reva's sister Cassie is spending her Mother's Day away from her kids - but fighting to keep Will in Springfield. And with Dinah carrying her baby, Cassie really has her hands full these days. Edmund is still pulling all of the strings - but will Cassie wake up and realize that she needs to keep away from him (and Dinah?). Hopefully if her life every calms down, she can get a nice, relaxing dinner away from Edmund and Dinah where her kids can show her how much they love her.

Dinah's own mom Vanessa, will surely spend her Mother's Day worrying. Between her daughter's latest scheme to get Edmund and Bill's marriage to the murdering Olivia, she has her hands full!! While we might not see her for awhile, she'll be working behind the scenes to protect her kids! Hopefully she finds time for baby Maureen, who surely can't be as much trouble as her big sister!!!

Olivia might be spending her last Mother's Day for a while with Emma. Now that we know she killed Phillip, we can imagine how she'll be spending her day. Paranoid, but for very good reason, Olivia knows that Gus is hot on her trail for Phillip's murder. But will he be able to free Harley?

Harley will spend her day (with a huge headache) behind bars for Phillip's murder. More than any other character, I'd say she's been through the worst year. Her failed marriage to Gus, Phillip's murder, and now saying goodbye to her family all made for one really lousy year. How Beth Ehlers didn't get an Emmy nod for all of her great work, I'll never know. But I'll just have to keep tuning in to see how Gus finally clears her name and brings her home to Zach and Jude.

Blake can spend part of her day thankful that Dinah is out of her hair (for now). But how will she be able to break bread with Holly and bring down Alan Spaulding? It appeared that GL might pair Alan and Holly, so would this be yet another wedge between the two? As if taking her fiancé' (Ross) could ever be topped!!

Michelle certainly has the best locale for her Mother's Day! I've always wanted to explore Africa. And after the year she's had (the explosion, Tony dying, etc.) she needs to spend a little quality time with her Dad. Can we dare to hope GL might actually bring him home when Nancy St. Alban returns from maternity leave?

Mel must be taking an extended vacation somewhere with Beth and Lillian (who appear so infrequently these days). I'd say that Beth and Lillian definitely need to help poor Lizzie deal with her family issues. Is she finally realizing that Alan (and Phillip) were not always the "innocent" victims? It's always hard to realize that even your parents aren't perfect. I just hope she turns out relatively normal. I did feel sorry for her at her party with no friends, but then remembered what a brat she had become. Hopefully she won't make the same mistakes as her parents did with her.

I know that many of you have been watching GL for a long time. In honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to get a discussion going of your favorite Springfield Mom Moments. Those little gems that really hit home and reminded you of your own life. It's always nice to see what other GL fans think about the show and how it has affected them over the years.

To share your thoughts, please click here to visit a very special discussion thread on our message board where you can share your thoughts and ideas with me and other Guiding Light fans.

I can't wait to read the thread!!

To all of the Mom's out there - including mine - Happy Mother's Day! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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