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Oakdale justice
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Oakdale may have its own unique justice system, but the scheme to entrap Craig took things to a whole new level. Sure, Craig is a louse, but even he didn't deserve to be evicted from Oakdale in such a manner.

We all know that Oakdale has its own unique justice system, but the scheme to entrap Craig took things to a whole new level. First, Craig's sister - a police officer and the moral compass of the Montgomery clan - decided it was okay to set up her bamboozler brother for a drug bust, so he would leave town and never get a chance to be a father to his unborn child.

Then, his ex-wife Sierra, decided to be a part of the scheme for the same reason and to save her business partner, Jennifer, from having to work with Craig. Dusty, Paul and Barbara planned the treachery, which turned into the equivalent of a modern-day town lynching, all to protect the so-called honor of Jennifer.

I'm having a hard time believing that Margo and Sierra would be on board with such deceit, just to "save" Jennifer. It doesn't mesh with their character's histories. Note to writers: changing character's personalities to prop up a plot point, only results in undermining the character's believability. Sure, Craig is a louse. But, even he didn't deserve to be evicted from Oakdale in such a manner. I'm sorry, but this kind of Oakdale justice is unjustified.

--Remind me never to get in a plane with "flyboy" pilot Keith. First, he allowed non-pilot Lily to take the controls by herself. Then, he proceeded to make out with her, instead of flying the plane. And don't get me started on Lily answering her cell phone during the flight. With all that distraction going on in the cockpit, I hope Keith has parachutes on board.

--So, Barbara shops at Kohls. Who knew? I pictured her as a Nordstrom/Neiman Marcus kind of gal. But that box holding the baby gift she gave Jennifer clearly had the Kohls logo displayed. And how about Margo using Nice ‘n Easy to touch up her roots during her hair emergency? This shameless product placement is getting out of control. There are already enough commercials eating up the hour we're supposed to be getting the show. Please, I'm begging, stop wasting precious plot time plugging products.

--Metro has a new martini menu, according to Keith. Um, did anyone tell Henry? Somehow, I think if he knew, he wouldn't be hanging out at Java.

--Poor Will. How could his family be so selfish as to forget to include him in Jennifer's news? And why is no one monitoring him? Hello, Hal? Will did just recently spend time in the mental ward for murder. You'd think someone would be checking up on him.

--The Stinker of the Week award goes to Sierra for her comments last week. She justified her involvement in the Craig eviction scheme, by boldly stating that Craig was responsible for their son Bryant's death. Huh? As I recall, Bryant died from a car crash. He caught girlfriend Jennifer cheating with his cousin Billy. Then, Bryant proceeded to angrily speed away in his car, without buckling up. How was that Craig's fault? Why doesn't Sierra blame Jennifer for Bryant's death? Now that, I could understand. But, Craig? I'm baffled, Scoopers. Sierra has reason to blame Craig for Alan's death. That is certainly justified. But not Bryant's. Craig loved him.

--I love theme parties, especially ‘50s dances. Margo definitely channeled Sandy from "Grease," and Tom chomping on that gum and snapping his fingers had me howling. Lily looked great too, in a June Cleaver kind of way. Even Casey combed that unruly hair off his face for the occasion. But why when these fun parties go on, do only a few of Oakdale's citizens attend? Imagine how much more interesting things would have been with Nancy, Katie and Henry, Lisa, Susan, and Bob and Kim.

--Is Keith a killer or just a cheapskate who won't pay his debts? I'm not sure. Yes, he had the bee pollen that supposedly did his sister in, but that could have been just to frame Les. It's possible Keith believes Les killed Julia and will get away with it, unless he's framed. Then again, maybe Keith did off her to get his hands on the money.

--How great was that scene between Holden and Lucinda when Holden lamented the difficulties of being separated and having children. His speech about standing outside the door and wondering whether to ring the bell or put the key in the door was riveting. It almost made me forget he was a cheating husband.

--Look out Keith, Lucinda is on the case. And that is one lady you don't want as an enemy. Whoever decided to give Lucinda all this screen time, thumbs up to them. Her behavior is perfectly in character. She'd do anything to protect daughter Lily.

--Can someone please explain to me why Jennifer needs Worldwide to have her own jeans company? She started Street Jeans without Worldwide. And I would think her family name would be enough to get interest in her product. Not to mention, she has yummy country-crooner Scott Reeves on board as a jeans model.

--Thumbs down to the Metro waiter shirts. They look like someone took a brush of white paint and swiped a few strokes across the black shirt. With Dusty and Craig's ties to the fashion world, surely someone could have designed a better work uniform. On second thought, after seeing Dusty in a red tie and a purple shirt, perhaps it's best he not get involved.

--It's too bad actress Jessica Dunphy is leaving. Ali and Will have great chemistry. Although, I think Will could have chemistry with a lamppost.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Tom kisses Margo's neck in front of her co-worker at the Oakdale Police Department.)
Co-worker Elmore: (Joking) "Whoa. I did not see that very serious breach of workplace ethics."
Margo: "Oh, Elmore. When we breech ethics, clothes hit the floor."

(Will fantasizes about a flirtatious poker game with Ali.)
Ali: "Anything wild?"
Will: (Grinning) "Just the ladies."

(Casey and his mother Margo discuss her costume and makeover for the ‘50s dance.)
Margo: "You're not gonna recognize me tomorrow night."
Casey: "Sure I will, you'll be the one checking my friend's sodas for booze."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader Sharon)
"I am so sick of Jennifer. And who knows for sure that Craig is the baby's father? I'm also starting to hate Katie for putting her nose in Mike's business. She's married and Henry is a great guy for her. I hope down the road they find out that poor Mike is FINALLY the father of Jennifer's baby!"

We're trying a new feature this week for Two Scoops where you, Scoopers, get to give your opinions, too. I'd like to know what you think of the plot to kick Craig out of Oakdale. Were Margo, Sierra, Paul, Dusty and Babs justified in setting up Craig? Or was it completely unfair? Did they go too far? Does he have a right to be a father to his child? To share your thoughts, please click here to visit a very special discussion thread on our message board, where you can discuss your ideas with me and other ATWT fans. So, please go and give your Two Scoops about "Oakdale Justice: Justified or Just Unfair."

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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