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Will is one interesting character. This kid has had so much to fight against, thanks to the stigma of being a murderer. 'Whatever?' seems to be his favorite response, regardless of the situation.

I have been trying to make sense of this week in Oakdale but there are a number of unanswered questions. One thing is that Mike and Jennifer are on quite a bit lately as well as the speed in which Lily and Keith are being thrown together.

Will Munson and his friends
Will Munson is one interesting character; this kid has had so much to fight against with the stigma of being a murderer then the first girl he loves does not love him back. "Whatever?" seems to be his favorite word - no matter the situation. Who will he end up with - Celia or Gwen? He seems to be forming the same type of relationship with Celia that he had with Alison; it seems that Celia understands him and she is giving him the benefit of the doubt. Gwen appears to be using him in order to get to Casey.

I hope Gwen is not using Will but what was her relationship with Casey? I think whatever happened with Casey when it is revealed probably at the prom - will send Celia right into Will's arms. I do have to admit something else: Celia is not as irritating as she was a couple of months ago; either the actress has been spending more time with the acting coach or she is just becoming more comfortable with her job. Now we have four teens that are not too bad to watch. This is the first time in a long time that we have a teen storyline in Oakdale that is bearable.

I have always liked the characters of Mike and Jen and Katie; I especially like Mike and Katie together and felt Jennifer and Mike were temporary until Mike got back with Katie. Do we need to watch ever single moment of Jennifer's pregnancy? Is this just filler until the writers can present us with some real movement to the story? Jennifer is spending a lot of time screeching and yelling - just being almost unbearable to watch.

Katie and Mike's conversation about still being in love will not make his wedding go without a major interruption. Unlike Katie's wedding, Katie just might stop his wedding to Jennifer.

Another thought about Jennifer, does Dusty have feelings for her? Something is strange by the angry way he is treating her. I see something there.

Lily and Keith
What is up with this guy? I just don't know what to make of him: good guy or bad guy. I do know this much - I don't care who killed Julia. This murder mystery is going far too long for a character that was only in Oakdale a short time; the search for her murderer is taking longer than she was in Oakdale. Where is JJ?

I did like the idea of Lily and Keith in the beginning but things always are the same for Lily - she is in danger or some man wants her money. I just hope she does not get kidnapped by whoever this guy is that is after Keith.

The good thing is that Lucinda is front and center throughout all of this and she has gotten Holden to listen to her. Lucinda and Holden have always made a good team since that time they were locked away together. Where is Luke all of a sudden?

Finally, with the recent change of head writers, we are starting to see more of the veterans but the story for a sweeps month has been kind of sluggish. I certainly hope this is not representative of what's to come. I do hope that the show does well on Friday night at the Emmys.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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